7 Reasons Women Put Beads Around their Waist

Why women wear waist beads

In West Africa, beads are very important accessories to both high status and middle class people and almost everyone for adorning their bodies at their private times, public gatherings, and worship places.

Women put beads around their waist to attract their partners, increase their hips, to protect themselves from evil eyes, appreciate their culture, and to feel gorgeous. Beads mean different things to different people.

1. Waist beads increase hips

It is believed that, beads develop the areas of the body where they are worn. So, parents put beads around their girl’s waist at early days to help shape their hips to make them look attractive to potential mates when they come of full age.

Beads are worn throughout a woman’s life to maintain the shape of the hip and also increase it.

2. To acknowledge culture

Many women who put beads around their waist started way back at their early age, the time they have little control over what to wear.

This gradually becomes part of their costumes as they grow to understand the cultural significance and other importance of waist beads.

3. Waist beads are for protection

As said, people wear beads for different reasons. Some ladies put beads around their waist because they believe it will protect them from evil people. Not all women wear beads for protection, but for others, waist beads are for spiritual protection.

4. Waist beads are for body awareness

Beads are gorgeous ornaments, it makes women become aware of their own body. How beautiful they look. This gives them confidence in themselves and they are likely to feel secured getting naked in front of their colleagues and husband.

5. Because their partner request it

If you ever come across a women in waist beads, you will want her to keep those jewelries on for her whole life. Waist beads generate sensation in males, hence, the request to see them on their partner’s waist especially during love making.

Here are 11 tips on how to use waist beads to improve love making. This article details everything you need to know about beads and waist beads.

6. To attract men

Women are aware of the magic powers of waist beads on men. Those women who tapped into these secrets always have at least 1 to 5 beads minimum on their waist to make them look honey to their men.

If you are not sure what waist beads can accomplish for you in the bedroom, read my article on importance of waist beads in love making and you will always have them on.

7. Because they understand the power they will

Waist beads come in different colors, that is one thing that makes them beautiful. But the colors have significant meanings.

These colors add additional powers to the beads. The women who understand the colors keep different beads for different occasions to draw the kind of energy they wish at a specific time.

For example; violet means love, wealth, romance while brown symbolize sadness.

I have taken my time to prepare a table, an image, a quiz and a simple match exercise in this blog post, meaning of African bead colors to inform you on the type of beads to put around your waist.


In a nutshell, women put beads around their waist for different reasons. The common reason is to adorn themselves because beads are beautiful and they look attractive. You should try one today and see how gorgeous they look on you.

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