7 Things You Should Write Your Crush to Land a Date

We all want to land a date as quick as possible. But failure to connect with our crush prolongs our expectations. These texts will make you impress your crush and get their attention.

  1. Tell me something about you not more than 2 people know. Something you’d only share with someone special.
  2. I have a joint I have never taken anyone to, today, I want you to be the first person to accompany me there. It will be fun ……
  3. When the curtain falls, and the theater is empty, all the spectators paired home, the only one I will miss is you, so, lets stay behind and have a cup of coffee.
  4. If you have someone who loves you now, you should keep him, at least for a few months because I am unavailable for the coming 3 months – smh.
  5. I’m done playing kid, I am writing you to let you know I want something between us than just friendship.
  6. If you hand me your hand, I will hold it forever, if you give me your heart, I will love you forever.
  7. Lets play daddy and mama for this week, pretend to have 2 kids we have to take care of, and a business to manage. A parenthood test I guess….hahaha!

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