Michael Truth
When I was still a young boy, interacting with girls was very difficult for me. I am a shy type. Marriage didn’t make much sense to me, and I felt time spent on relationship could be used developing yourself one way or the other.

As a kid, I had already planned my entire life on a sheet of paper inside my head. And I had to grow to add marriage to the list. Gradually, I began to see the importance of marriage; as relationship with my immediate family is keen. The love our parents demonstrated each day towards us, how my 3 siblings embrace me and the way we treat each other made family so important and valuable.

I started treasuring family. I decided I would have a very intimate one just as what we have home. No doubt, there are couple of challenges in our nuclear family, but it’s the most reliable, friendly and caring one I know. Even though I want this, I don’t want to have a family I cannot cater for. I want to be established before getting married. Things aren’t so in real life. I got wrong idea about most things in real life.

Later, I would stay virgin until my early 30 where I would have my virginity broken by almost a strange girl. Making my first and last sexual intercourse for years to come. My single life has not changed my interest in relationship. I wanted to understand why people treasure love, sex and romance the way they do.

Our world model relationship. And the priority is high. I wanted to understand more about it. My inquisitiveness carried me far. Asking questions here and there. Falling in love with every beautiful girl but those never translates into relationship because I was scared of commitment and also waiting on my success to have a happy family.

I interviewed young lovers, adult lovers, middle age and old experienced lovers. People have different opinions about these things. But somewhat, there are certain things that will remain common. I went on to write romantic poems for girls I admired. Their responses are at times mix feelings. Some of them are excited, others are furious for receiving sexual arousing messages from me while there was nothing sexual between us.

These replies meant much to me. Now, friends seek my opinion on matters of the heart, my ideas sometimes solve delicate issues. That’s good!

Its about time to put all the ideas together in one place where those that seek my opinion could easily locate. This is what gave birth to Beginners Dateguide. Relationship is a never-ending education. And the challenges are best solved by experts and professionals. Also, individuals in the relationship must be willing to repair the damages or try hard not to get to island of no return in their relationship.

I am not an expert nor a professional, but I spoke to few people and experience few things to be able to share an opinion. I also write for the fun and pleasure in talking about love, sex and romance. To make things a lot more fun, I decided to add my technology background to spice things up by providing tutorials like using graphic designing software to create designs for your loved ones and also, teaching how to use your phone, other devices and applications to enjoy your relationship.

Love is where you find it. If you do keep it. Protect it. It’s hard to find.