Adaklu Ahunda Welcomes a Fire Post

Through the hard work and determination of the chief and residents of Adaklu Ahunda, a fire post has been built in Adaklu Ahunda.

Adaklu Ahunda Fire Post

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, the Regional Fire Commander commissioned a fire post in Adaklu Ahunda, aiming to combat fire outbreaks and safeguard lives and properties within the Adaklu Ahunda community.

Regional Fire Commander, ACFO1 Joy Ameyibor Ayim, remarked that in 2022, Adaklu Ahunda inaugurated Fire Volunteers to bolster fire prevention efforts in the district. The commissioning of the new fire post was celebrated by the chief, Queen Mother, District Chief Executive (DCE), and fire officers.

Listen to the speech of the Regional Fire Commander at the inauguration of Adaklu Ahunda Fire Post in the audio below.

Torgbe Asamoah IV, Divisional Chief of Adaklu Ahunda, highlighted the necessity of the fire post due to the community’s location along a trunk road frequented by fuel tankers and other hazardous materials.

He thanked the community for their tireless efforts in turning this vision into reality and extended appreciation to the regional fire commander for deploying three fire officers to the new post.

The Divisional Chief encouraged the community to maintain their spirit of development.

Listen to the speech of Torgbe Asamoah IV, Divisional Chief of Adaklu, Ahunda below.

Regional Fire Commander, ACFO1 Joy Ameyibor Ayim, commended the people of Adaklu Ahunda for their determination in bringing the project to fruition.

She recalled proposing the establishment of a fire post alongside the inauguration of Fire Volunteers in 2022, noting that this vision had now materialized. ACFO1 Ayim thanked Mr. Denis Dzah for his instrumental role in organizing the fire volunteers and ensuring the initiative’s success.

She urged the newly appointed officers and volunteers to collaborate closely with the community and appealed to the District Chief Executive, Honorable Walter Wogbemase Zuh, to facilitate the renovation of the fire station at Adaklu Waya, citing its current dilapidated condition.

The District Chief Executive of Adaklu, Honorable Walter Wogbemase Zuh, also provided two street lights to be installed on the premises of the fire post.

Apart from the fire station at Adaklu Waya, the one commissioned yesterday at Ahunda is the second post. Adaklu is the only district in the region with two fire posts within its boundaries.

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