8 Advantages and Benefits of Beads

1. Used for body development

Beads are worn mostly around the neck, waist, wrist, and ankle. It is believed that they help develop and shape the part of the body they are worn. In some West African countries, waist beads are worn around the waist to develop the hip in shape.

2. Beads are offered as gifts

People buy beads for their friends, family, and loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, naming ceremonies, and weddings to show gratitude, demonstrate love, and show appreciation.

3. It serves as an object of worship

Beads are used for religious purposes. Priests use beads for prayers and incantations in traditional religion. Christians especially Catholics use beads (rosary) for prayers and Muslims use the taskbar during prayers.

4. They are kept as property

Beads like Koli, Zagba, Bota, Merede, and Ahenepa Nkasa are kept and stored as property.

5. For business purposes

People keep beads for hiring during important occasions such as puberty rites, birthdays, naming ceremonies, festivals, and funerals.

6. Beads are used for communication

Just like other jewelry, beads tell a lot about the wearer. They convey messages of wealth, occasion, emotion, environment, type of people, festivals, and culture of the people.

7. It serves as an object of wealth and power

The royal family, extended family, nuclear family, and other important people in some West African countries use beads as precious and valuable items during festivals and special occasions to show their wealth and power.

8. Beads are used for body adornment

Women, men, and children use beads to adorn their bodies when they go to functions. Different colors of beads are worn to match the attire for various occasions and ceremonies. Women also wear waist beads to attract their partners.

Disadvantages of Waist Beads

1. Beads are nonadjustable

Traditionally, beads are fixed on nonadjustable stands, so when the owner increases or decreases in weight, they have to untie it and fix it again. During this process, the beads may fall off the strand.

2. Glass beads are breakable

When you use glass beads, they can easily break when you hit a solid surface.

3. You need help to wear waist beads

Mostly, women would need help in order to put on their waist beads. Somebody has to fix it for them.

4. It may slip when you lose weight

When you lose weight, you must readjust your strand, else, your beads will be slipping off your waist and that can become embarrassing.


Beads play a spiritual and physical role. They add beauty to a woman in various dimensions. Beads add sensation to a woman, if a man places his hand on the waist of a woman wearing beads, it generates sensual feelings.

The sound produced by the beads tickles a man’s heart. You notice in your inner man you are with a woman. A bead is a serious protection for the woman. It was produced from that perspective. It was the main perspective and dimension of beads.

  • It adds beauty to whoever wears it.
  • Beads have spiritual understanding.
  • Promoting culture.
  • Beautifying the body.
  • Attracting your partner.
  • Connecting to lineage.
  • Weight awareness.
  • Spiritual protection.

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