How to Kiss Your Girlfriend and Make Her Want More

Weekend kissing tips

Weekends are the best times to go wild with kissing. Friday, party just started. Saturday is event full. Plus, you get leisure hours to try anything golden wherever and however. Adventurous kissing tips step by step guide is pack full with amazing plans for your weekend kisses.

Adventurous kissing makes couples go extra mile with their romantic life. Being it, lawn mowing kiss, lawn watering kiss, and gardening kiss. Dinner table kiss will just make you fall in love more. Rhythm kiss can occur during jogging, listening to music or dancing at night club. Not another boring weekend or regular kisses after having to deal with annoying customers 5 days.

8 Ways to Have Adventurous Kiss on Weekend

This weekend, make a plan to have fun to the fullest. Don’t report to work on Monday with the mood swings you left with. You shouldn’t. That is why I am giving you all the available guides to make your weekend amazing.
Adventurous kiss on Saturday

1. Lawn watering kiss

Playing with sprinkler

Lawn watering kiss is the kiss you and your couple engage in during watering your flowers. This type of weekend kiss is perfect because you have time to play together with your water hose, water, and grass.


  1. Playfully push your partner against the lawn
  2. While lying in there, walk closer and take his/her hand
  3. Looking in his eyes, smile for 35 seconds. Kiss his hand
  4. Now, reach the hose to water the lawn, pretend to miss the direction & point the nostril to her face
  5. Drop the sprinkler & rush to help wipe the water
  6. Place your palm on the forehead, move hand downwards
  7. Getting to the lips, slow the movement & press finger tips against lips tenderly
  8. Forgetfully draw your body closer
  9. Finally, move palm to his/her cheek to make way for your lips
  10. Then, make it happen

2. Lawn Mowing Kiss

lawn mowing vehicle

A lawn mowing kiss is the type of weekend kiss where couples trim their landscape and kiss. You can both hold each part of the lawnmower while mowing or sit on it together as one partner drives.


  1. If you use the handheld mower, hold one handle while your partner holds the other. Mow slower and reminisce about how you first met or talk about something romantic
  2. Then, look into each other’s eyes
  3. Break the eye contact and concentrate on the mowing
  4. Move closer to your partner and kiss him or her

Alternative 1

  1. Instead of holding the other handle, let one partner hold both handles while the other do same but stays behind the first partner
  2. Then you can turn as you mow to kiss your partner behind or the partner behind can kiss the person at the front

Alternative 2

  1. When using the vehicle mower, you can ride with your partner
  2. Ride around and let your partner fall back on your

3. Gardening Kiss

Spend time together in the garden

Gardening kiss is the type of weekend kiss where partners kiss as they walk through the garden, or plant seeds or prune plants.

If you have a yard, this is good for you.


  1. Go to the garden to weed or plant or water your crops
  2. If you are planting crops, do it together – you can both hold a plant before burying in the soil
  3. When a flower or plant is growing well, you can compare it with your love for each other
  4. Tell your partner how you will keep your relationship evergreen as the plant, take care of him or her as you do the plant
  5. As you speak those words, you can pause, when you partner looks into your eyes, get closer and kiss her or hold his or her hand and kiss it

4. Kitchen kiss

husband and wife in kitchen

Kitchen kiss is when partners prepare dish together or wash the plates and kiss as they do these activities. This type of kiss creates bond and makes the woman feel loved and cared for.

To show kindness to your wife, you can join her in the kitchen on Saturday to help prepare food or clean the bowls. The kitchen kiss can also lead to resolving a conflict without having to talk about it.


  1. Join your wife in the kitchen to cook
  2. Instead of watching her do the cooking alone, help chop vegetables or blend or wash the bowl
  3. Doing so will make your wife pay close attention to you because she will be relieved and relaxed
  4. Whisper in her ear how much you appreciate her for taking good care of you and neatly keeping the kitchen
  5. Keep your eye on her after ever 5 minutes and smile
  6. When she asks what the matter is, tell her you are admiring
  7. Do not stop playing your role in the kitchen
  8. When you notice she is excited having you around, get closer and give her a peg
  9. Move back to your position
  10. Repeat same thing
  11. The next time, hold her close and kiss her on the lips for a minute or two then continue working
  12. This energy will lead you both to the dining hall making dinner table kiss a lot easy and fun.

5. Dinner table kiss

Spend quality time together during dinner

A dinner table kiss is the type of weekend kiss where partners kiss each other to affirm their love and show appreciation during dinner time.


  1. After the food is served and you said your prayers, before you eat, you can kiss the check of your partner – this is a sign you are happy they served you
  2. After eating, you can also kiss your partner for the delicious food served
  3. While you both eat, you can feed each other, play with your spoon if you are using spoon, tease your partner and end it with a kiss

6. Rhythm kiss

Husband and wife dancing

This is called rhythm kiss because it occurs when there is a movement or you are listening to music. For example, when partners are exercising, listening to music or dancing at night club or nodding to a tune home.

You don’t have to plan rhythm kiss, and any partner can initiate it. During jogging or you are at the gym, when you enter the room and one partner is dancing to a song showing the partner is in good mood etc.


Let’s use jogging for our example.

  1. You got your sneakers ready and hit the road
  2. You seem to get tired but have some miles to cover
  3. Slow down a little
  4. Get closer to your wife or husband
  5. Maintain the same pace
  6. When the distance is close enough to reach him or her, kiss them on the cheek
  7. You can also hold their hand and kiss it
  8. Make sure you slow down before attempting this that you don’t end up stepping on your partner’s foot.

7. Bathhouse kiss

having happy weekend in bathhouse

Bathhouse kiss is a kiss that happens when couples kiss when they bath together.

Bathing together as couples is a good way to get to know each other’s body and it fosters good relationship between couples. It creates bond.


Perhaps after exercising you want to take a shower. Bathhouse kiss will be a perfect weekend romantic gesture to show your partner.

  1. You can make bathing together fun by splashing water on each other
  2. If you are too shy to start, pretend to slip on your feet
  3. As you sit on the floor, as your partner to give you a hand
  4. Stand and get closer to him or her as if they pushed you closer
  5. Fix your gaze on your partner
  6. Touch his or her lips
  7. Increase the flow of the slower and then start kissing your spouse on the neck and move to the chest and finally you kiss his or her lips

8. Library kiss

Library kissing

This is a type of weekend kiss when partners spend their leisure time reading their favorite book or studying together in their apartment.


  1. Plan to read a book together – preferably a romantic story you both enjoy
  2. Sit close to your partner
  3. As you read and you feel like kissing your spouse, try to distract them by closing the book, opening to next page, or covering the text with hand
  4. This will trigger your wife or husband to look your way
  5. Smile gently and then kiss him or her


You can plan with your spouse to have a beautiful weekend. If you wish, list the type of kisses you would want to have during the weekend that you both know how it will go.

These kisses are not only meant for the weekend even though I classified them under weekend. This is because, many people do not spend time together during week days as the nature of their work do not allow them.

When you spend less time with your spouse, scheduling weekend kiss can cause a spike in your romantic relationship.

Your partner does not have to know about this, just go ahead follow the tutorial and play it out naturally.

Do not act like you are acting a rehearsed role. Lest, it feels boring and unemotional. Always keep in mind that first gentle kiss. If you are new to kissing, I have a beginner’s guide on kissing that will help give you a solid foundation.

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