Author : Michael Truth

How to Use Shape Tool in CorelDRAW

In our previous lesson, we learned about the Pen tool. We used the Pen tool tool to draw the image we want to crop. Here, we will use the Shape tool to finetune the picture we’ve cropped to make the edges smooth. Unlike Pen tool, Shape tool has couple of additional tools you need to […]

How to Use Pen Tool in CorelDRAW

Pen tool was used in our previous tutorial to sketch the portion of the photo where the person shows, while Shape tool is used to smooth the edges before dropping it on our new background. Enjoy your lesson! Drawing Straight Line with Pen Tool To draw a straight line without it looking bumpy: How to […]

11 Ways to Get a Girl to Like you Over Text

Getting hard time confessing your love to a girl in her presence? Texting can be a better alternative and effective process. Send simple texts to introduce yourself after getting her contact “Lively lady, thanks for the joyous moment yesterday. Michael from the office you did the ID card copy.” To get a girl to like […]

How to Use Waist Beads in Bed in Love Making

In this article, I revealed the effects of waist beads on your romantic life and how to use them in bed for pleasure with your partner. To get all the benefits of waist beads, take your time to read the instructions and follow them as stated. Put on more waist beads in bed to adorn […]

How Much is Waist Bead – New Price this Year

Waist beads are beautiful jewelry pieces put around the waist of a woman to adorn her body. Waist beads are very important in love making, they also have cultural values and social uses. Prices of waist beads ranges from low to high. Unit price of waist beads at $7.46, $8.99, $9.99, $21.99 and wholesale price […]

How to Make Wooden Beads with Hand

Materials needed: wood, color, and lacquer.Tools needed: saw, scorching iron, file, chisel, brushes, sand paper, awl, bodkin, hand drill, art knife. Steps Cut wood into size and shape desired with a suitable woodworking tool Use file and sand paper to smoothen the shapes Create threading hole in the wood pieces with either a drill or […]

How to Make Bread Beads at Home

Materials needed: baked bread, lime or lemon, color, brushes, lacquer.Tools needed: broom-stick, art knife. Steps Make preliminary sketches and idea development of the bead to be produced Remove the outer hard brown cover of the bread Crush or break the inner soft portion of the bread into smaller bits and put it into a fine […]