5 Ways to Impress a Guy on WhatsApp

Your chances of getting to the heart of a man shouldn’t be limited to meeting in person or just sending static messages through SMS and wondering if the recipient did view the message or not. WhatsApp speeds up your flirting process by allowing you to set custom attractive display photo, send audiovisual, add text, photo … Read more

25 Ways to Improve Relationship with Your Boyfriend

We all want a lasting relationship with our partner. Here are 25 research-based ways to improve relationship with your boyfriend and have satisfying relationship. Make friendship centerpiece of the relationship. Engage in sympathetic dialogue with your boyfriend by sharing experiences, thoughts, feelings, and desires in a friendly, uninterrupted context. 1. Build Intentional Friendship with Your … Read more

How to Make A Girl Want You More

Catch me if you can

One quality conversation with a girl is enough to build the chemistry you need. The problem is, we have done the wrong thing for too long to notice what is pulling our legs. If you are reading this post, I assume you need that one key to unlock her heart to want you more. Practice … Read more

How to Make A Girl Fall in Love with You

Make her want more

Love is reciprocity, but when you are on the quest for making a girl fall in love with you, lift that burden off you and just help her without expecting anything in return. If you want her in a certain way, be bold. Don’t offer help because you have a hidden agenda. This will make … Read more

How to Make A Girl Fall Madly Over Text

Using text to woo

There is a way to make a girl fall madly over text and it is simple. Sending overly romantic text at the beginning of your friendship is no way to go about it. To make a girl fall for you, do what you say you will do. Don’t be creepy, stay away from lies and … Read more