Meaning of African Bead Colors – Check the Symbols Before You Wear

Bead colors diagram
RedEvil, anger, aggression, war, blood, violence, danger, sadness, calamity, death, fire, heat
Yellow/GoldLight, ripe, warmth, sunshine, wealth, gold, royalty, first in the rank, higher in position
GreenGrowth, life, hope, fresh, fertility, young, environment, youthfulness, health, vitality, newness, safety, agriculture
BluePeace, love, rule of queen, early down, female tenderness, calmness, depressed, melancholy
VioletWealth, love, affection, romance, rich, imperial, royal, nobility, enlightenment
OrangeWarmth, energy, vibrancy, festive
SilverSecond in position
BrownDecay, rotten, passed away, disaster, death, sadness
BlackBad luck, evil, grief, mourning, unhappiness, death, anger, fear,sadness, disaster, belonging to history
GreyOld age, pity, shame, degradation
WhitePurity, neatness, victory, cleanliness, truth, innocence, and light
meaning of the colors of beads table 1.1

Use of Color

  • Colors are used for decoration
  • They draw attention. For example, violet to signify love
  • To show feeling or to express mood. e.g., warmth, coldness, happiness, sadness
  • To identify a group of individuals, institution, and things
  • They are used to define relationship between objects
  • To show emphasis
Meaning of African Bead Colors – Check the Symbols Before You Wear