Body Language for Kiss – Kissing Tips

Body sign for kiss

Things to notice your partner wants a kiss. How do I know I am not rushing things? Is there a way to identify she is ready for the moment I have being waiting for? I need to act at the right time, not to mess up my hard work.

Number 1: Twirl hair. Number 2: Remove overcoat. Number 3: Make eye contact. Number 4: Leaning on opposite sex. Number 5: Touching. Number 6: Drawing hips closer. Number 7: Flared nostril. Number 8: Staring at opposite sex’ lips.

9 Tips to Know Your Partner is Ready to Kiss

Twirl hair

When your partner passes her hand through her hair, twisting the hair as she talks, stares quietly or acting shy, it is a good sign she is in the mood to lock horns with big brother.

Although, I do not recommend jumping to it straight away, which may paint you differently to her, you should also start attempting to draw closer than before.

When you keep your distance closer and she moves to fill in the gap, it may just be the right time to strike.

The word strike sounds too harsh. You shouldn’t go forcefully. Remember to be a gentleman. Don’t act too hungry.

Remove overcoat

Well, this one depends where you are. I will make it simple. Many people will never have this opportunity come their way, but the few brothers that will should not hesitate to grab it quicker than magnet.

When you are alone in the rain and she removes her jacket instead of having the overcoat on, there’s nothing on her mind other than what I am thinking.

Anyways, something else might be happening to her. Do not associate everything to romance because you are on heat.

She doesn’t have to remove her coat in the rain, it could be in the room or you are on date facing each other and the tension seem high.

Help her with the overcoat. Be a gentleman, take it from her, place it at your end or hold it. Ask if she is not comfortable with it, you don’t need to ask though. Depending on the atmosphere.

Get closer, relax your muscle, and move slowly. If she gets closer, then you have the right signal from the goddess.

Kiss once, and pretend to move your lips back. ”Is it not how they do it in the movies?” Pause and wait for another confirmatory signal. Should she persist, then, you are in the right place.

Make eye contact

Eye contact

Actions speak louder than words they say. Sign language speak a thousand words in a second. Watch out for the eye gate. If she is giving you that kind of wet look, she may be speaking a kissing language.

Second thing you should look out for is the direction of the eyes. If they point to your lips than any other place, she wants that kiss son. Don’t be scared of giving it a try. Your effort might be worth it.

Leaning on opposite sex

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s office and he showed me a selfie of him and a girl. Honestly, this girl would never do a thing like this with my friend.

When I saw the photo, I knew this was a moment for my friend. Good to know he didn’t take advantage of the lady anyway. Perhaps he was waiting for another time.

What was in the photo. Not two kissing young people but two young energetic folks leaning against each other.

The lady’s head was so relaxed on my friends well built arm. And she felt as if she was lying on her cushion chair in her living room.

This is a clear sign and you taking a shot at this very moment will not end up messy.



Dear brother, I write to tell you that when she is busy playing with your body, she is warming up for better days ahead. One of the things in the better days package is a kiss. One good kiss perhaps.

This is nothing but a perfect moment to give it a try. I am of the view that, you will not fail. All you need do is to play nice. Remember to always be a gentleman when it is your first attempt.

I will tell you something a friend told me right last night. She said she is a pro, but when she first meets a guy, until they have about 3 to 4 moments together, she remains a novice.

Because she doesn’t want the guy to think otherwise. She was referring to that kind of judgmental attitude people declare on you when you seem to know too much.

It is same thing that applies here, play it safe. There’s nothing wrong going first time clean as cotton.

There’s time enough to prove your professionalism if you get things right.

Drawing hips closer

Sitting close

And that is jaw blowing! When she gets closer and closer, you know its about to rain. All you need to do is move closer too.

A step at a time. Keep closing the gap until it is possible to reach each other right on the lips. The lip is the stopping point. I don’t need to tell you how easy your first move should go.

If you’ve been following, I said that a thousand times I guess.

Flared nostril

You see that dog move where the dog widens the nostril to smell meat over the stall? It’s a hidden and hard to get sign.

I read this couple of months ago on a blog I forgot. Then, it turns out the dude was nothing but right!

Pay close attention, when you spot that dog snippet, you are good to go.

Make a move, give her signals that you want her lips. If she accepts your intention, advance further and reach her warm and inviting lips.

Make every stroke count. Keep eye contact if you are comfortable. Follow her lead as well. If she is not comfortable with what is going on, switch between styles.

But if her problem isn’t the style, it just happens she is not ok with you kissing her, withdraw and give it another time.

Staring at opposite sex’ lips

Stare at lips

There we go again. When she’s got her attention and focus on your lips, that’s where she wants to be.

Try acting on your instinct when you see this sign. Push forward. Be slow to hunger.

How she talks

If she pays rapt attention to you, flip to jerky laugh when you talk, eager to know you on deeper level, and contributing to the conversation effectivelye, it may be a sign she wants a kiss.

Now that you know when your girlfriend may be ready for kiss, you should learn how to kiss her to make her want more.

I have taken my time to prepare a step by step guide to show you how to kiss your girlfriend for the first time to avoid mistakes first timers make.

These two lessons together should make you invincible when it comes to kissing skills.


Getting rejected while attempting to kiss can be embarrassing. So, I understand why you would want a perfect time to act.

Although, I cannot give you a guarantee that these signs will ultimately land you a kiss tonight, watching out for them and following your instinct can be life changing.

Again, I want to run you through these signs quickly for the last time.

  1. Making her laugh
  2. She’s touching you a lot
  3. Asking questions on deeper level
  4. Directly looking into your eyes
  5. Kissing you back after trying once
  6. Touching your face and lips
  7. Touching her lips frequently as she speaks
  8. Raising erotic subjects
  9. Talking about your mouth

6 Mistakes to Avoid

You took long to get here. Don’t let anything ruin the moment. Look at these 6 common mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Kissing with your tongue: avoid kissing with your tongue at a go or going all the way to the throat
  2. Being edgy: wait for solid signal – even though I wouldn’t say for sure any of these would be your solid sign, try as much as you can to be sure you’ve seen one of the aforementioned signs
  3. Going hungry: one at a time – as you kiss first, do it only one or two times – draw back and wait on her next line of action
  4. Too much attention on lips: don’t put all your effort into the lips – bit the lips a little – stroke the back gently
  5. Going dry: moisturize your lips before it all begins
  6. Anxiousness: you are unrest for this one event – relax

Importance of Hugs and Kisses in a Relationship

According to Penn Medicine, science shows that kissing, hugging, snuggling, and holding hands produce more than just magical moments.

What else do they produce then?

Beyond the fantasy and goosebumps moments that couples experience as they kiss, hug and cuddle, science reveals another exciting benefits.

  • Boost overall health
  • Helping you lose weight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fight off sickness

Also; it reduces:

  • Stress
  • Allergic response
  • Soothe headaches
  • Boosts your sex drive



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