How to Make Bread Beads at Home

Materials needed: baked bread, lime or lemon, color, brushes, lacquer.
Tools needed: broom-stick, art knife.


  • Make preliminary sketches and idea development of the bead to be produced
  • Remove the outer hard brown cover of the bread
  • Crush or break the inner soft portion of the bread into smaller bits and put it into a fine container
  • Add some amount of white glue and lemon to the bread dough and knead
  • Roll and cut the kneaded bread dough into the expected sizes
  • Mold into the expected shapes and sizes
  • Use broom stick to create or perforate hole in the bread dough
  • Allow it to dry
  • Decorate it using color and brushes
  • Apply lacquer to it to make it shinny and attractive
  • Allow it to dry and string

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