How to Use Waist Beads in Bed in Love Making

In this article, I revealed the effects of waist beads on your romantic life and how to use them in bed for pleasure with your partner. To get all the benefits of waist beads, take your time to read the instructions and follow them as stated. Put on more waist beads in bed to adorn […]

How Much is Waist Bead – New Price this Year

Waist beads are beautiful jewelry pieces put around the waist of a woman to adorn her body. Waist beads are very important in love making, they also have cultural values and social uses. Prices of waist beads ranges from low to high. Unit price of waist beads at $7.46, $8.99, $9.99, $21.99 and wholesale price […]

11 Disadvantages of Waist Beads and Remedies

Waist beads are jewelry pieces that a woman puts around her waist under her clothe to ornament her body. It almost left the wearer with no challenge except the few disadvantages we are about to discuss. Waist beads interfere with exercise at the gym and daily activities, serves as habitat and breeding area for bacteria […]

7 Reasons Women Put Beads Around their Waist

In West Africa, beads are very important accessories to both high status and middle class people and almost everyone for adorning their bodies at their private times, public gatherings, and worship places. Women put beads around their waist to attract their partners, increase their hips, to protect themselves from evil eyes, appreciate their culture, and […]

8 Advantages and Benefits of Beads

1. Used for body development Beads are worn mostly around the neck, waist, wrist and ankle. It is believed that, they help develop and shape the part of the body they are worn. In some West African countries, waist beads are worn around the waist to develop the hip in shape. 2. Beads are offered […]

Meaning of African Bead Colors – Check the Symbols Before You Wear

Color Meaning/Symbolism Images Red Evil, anger, aggression, war, blood, violence, danger, sadness, calamity, death, fire, heat Yellow/Gold Light, ripe, warmth, sunshine, wealth, gold, royalty, first in the rank, higher in position Green Growth, life, hope, fresh, fertility, young, environment, youthfulness, health, vitality, newness, safety, agriculture Blue Peace, love, rule of queen, early down, female tenderness, […]

17 Importance of Jewelry [waist beads, neck beads, anklet]

Jewelry provides social, economic, religious and cultural, socio-cultural and relationship values. 1. Used for Body Adornment People use jewelry to adorn their bodies whenever they go for functions. Different colors and types of beads are handpicked to match the costume for various functions. In West Africa, such adornment brings out their heritage because most of […]

21 Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making-top secrets

A year ago, I decided to know more about waist beads because everyone else except me was excited about them. I couldn’t understand their reason for the admiration. So, I talked to people to find out more about waist beads and their romantic essence. I was amazed at their comments. My first few days with […]