How to Prepare Sobolo Step by Step

Image source: The Vaultz News Ingredients 3 cups Hibiscus leaves 1 1/2 medium-sized ripped pineapple 1 cup sugar (any quantity of choice to taste) 3 grains of Hwentia, cloves prekese (optional) 2 teaspoons of Pineapple syrup (optional) Equipment  Saucepan Knife Blender Chopping board Fine mesh strainer Glasses to serve Directions Pour in Hibiscus leaves into […]

Preparing Pineapple Ginger Smoothie for Your Family

And if you are thinking of some light drink with your delicious okro stew and akple with your partner, pineapple ginger smoothie is the best choice. Image source: Ventray Here is another drink to think of. Soon it will be Christmas, it is time saving to just get to a grocery and pick a pineapple […]

How to Make Coconut Rice

Ingredients 2 cups any perfume (Jasmine) or local rice 1 cup water/ coconut water 1/4 canned unsweetened coconut milk (optional) 1 tbsp salt Instructions Pour water or Coconut water into sauce pan Set it on fire Rinse rice in cold water Drain it Pour in rice into boiling water Add coconut milk (optional) and salt […]

Easy Steps to Prepare Banku with [Cassava and Corn Dough]

Banku is a Ghanaian cuisine served with palm nut soup, groundnut soup, okra soup/stew, pepper sauce with fish and at times with light soup. Banku is served in homes, bars and restaurants. A well cooked banku can last for at least three days, a reason for being families’ favorite. Also, it is cost effective, and […]

How to Prepare Tiger Nut Pudding and Milk

Tiger nuts scientifically known as cyperus esculentus, also called earth almond, nutsedge and efio among Ewes in Ghana is a widespread crop of the sedge family. The tubers are either eaten raw or cooked. If you decide to get more creative with the tubers than eating them raw, the following recipes will kickstart things for […]

What You can Cook for Your Boyfriend

How to entice a man with food. I heard this more than I can count. While men love the thought of being in bed with women, it is repeatedly proven that, the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. In Africa, a woman with good sex skill is wanted but a woman with […]