Texting Skills

11 Ways to Get a Girl to Like you Over Text

Getting hard time confessing your love to a girl in her presence? Texting can be a better alternative and effective process. Send simple texts to introduce yourself after getting her contact “Lively lady, thanks for the joyous moment yesterday. Michael from the office you did the ID card copy.” To get a girl to like […]

Romantic Texts After Hooking Up with a Friend

I’d give anything to have you forever These few minutes were intriguing Just can’t stop thinking of you or should I say your thing If loving you is a crime then I’m guilty Lie beside me, I’m not tired of you – spend your special moment with me – I want you more than ever […]

My Favorite Texts After a Night Together

You look perfect with your clothes down on my floor. Ya awesome. I want another night together. Can I spend the night with you? Sorry for waking you up, can’t stop thinking of you. Had a dream we were about making up and my mom called me. Ya one in a million. Tell me am […]

Steps to Text A Girl If She Doesn’t Have Your Number

Remove the mentality of fear of rejection. Do not sub-communicate anything that shows eagerness. Use texting as a way of making a simple connection, asking quick questions, and arranging dates. 1. Stop Being Scared of Rejection Your nonverbal signals will betray you, miles away before you approach the girl of your dream. If you are […]