15 Characteristics of Cheating Husband and Wife

Cheating Partner Signs

Are you hearing rumors about your partner seeing someone else? I will say, ignore the rumors, keep an eye. Are you are having strange feelings about your partner and want to be sure? Then, here are few cheating partner signs to consider.

Number one: Working overtime. Number two: Lipstick or strange hair on car seat or shirt. Number three: Opposite sex body spray scent. Number four: spouse acting strange around you. Number five: being disrespectful. Number six: birth control irregularities. Number seven: change in costume. Number eight: mindful of look.

Staying late At Work or In Town

Per how you know your partner from the start, if things seem to change, or look awkward, then, he may be in something dicey.

Though this cannot place a final verdict on your spouse; but if your partner now stays at work or go out to pay visit to friends on irregular basis and return home late, the person may be involved in outside affair.

Before you say, “I gotcha” remember your spouse might truly be attending to important matters at work or having business discussions with friends.

Lipstick or Strange Hair on Car Seat or Shirt


For this, I don’t know what other excuse one may give to escape though, but for the sake of your children and the long-term investment, relax and find more adequate proves before taking any action.

Anyways, anything can happen. “the lady is falling and he’s trynna catch her, they hugged, she forced herself on him, etc.”.

Opposite Sex Body Spray Scent

Another glaring instance is opposite sex’s body spray smelling all over your spouse’s shirt or dress.

Well, it wouldn’t necessarily mean your partner is up with something. At work, people hug, your partner could give the other sex lift.

Spouse Acting Strange Around You

Know your spouse well. Was your partner chatty? Does your partner keep your company and engage you often in his or her daily activities?

If your partner all of the sudden becomes secretive with his or her personal life, start ignoring you, then your partner may be up to something.

Disrespecting or Complaining About You

If your partner all of the sudden start nagging at every given moment over little things or speaks to you in hash manner; your partner may be seeing another person.

When you meet someone who fulfills your desire, your partner might not mean so much to you.

If your spouse is having affair with someone that happen to buy her gifts, gives her attention than you do, your presence becomes irritating, so is anything you do or say.

Birth Control Irregularities

Birth Control

Did you find hormonal pills in your date’s purse or left-over condom?

One piece of condom in your partner’s car or pocket creates negative impression.

If your partner is going out with another person, they may slip off one day, coming home with a piece of condom. 

When this happens often, it should signal you that your love is screwing another person.

A married woman narrated how her husband returns home with a piece of condom whenever he travels.

When confronted on one occasion, he said, it was a friend who gave him the piece of condom. 

As his wife insisted, he finally admitted he was with other person. 

If you have sex in a relationship, you might want to guard against unplanned pregnancy. Even though this is true, finding unsealed birth control pill in your darling’s car, purse, jacket or office is alarming.

Change in Costume

Looks matter. In early relationship, you want to carry positive energy around you. Speak volume of words with your dress code.

Keeping your shoe lace neatly knotted, polishing shoe regularly, brushing your hair, ironing clothes, taking bath perhaps than usual and applying perfume.

These comes natural in both men and women when found new love.

Gradually, when you are both together, things change a bit, the tension reduces.

Now, if your partner jumped off to this abandoned skill one more time, especially when going out without you, you should be suspicious. The change in behavior could mean more.

Isolating Oneself During Phone Call

Phone Call

When your partner hides to talk on phone, hides their text message and become extra strict on touching their phone or apps you don’t have the right to access; then he or she might be involved with somebody else.

Also, when there is sudden rise in phone bill, it shows one of you is having more time with the phone. If this is done secretly, then, the other person may be having affair.

Credit card Receipt

They seem to spend more, there are receipts on items purchased which never landed home, or transport fees to places you weren’t aware your spouse visited.

Needing Unusual Space

Becoming boundary freek is not a good sign. Of course, in relationship, everyone needs that privacy, and we must respect it.

But when your husband or wife turned this to absolute restricted area, out of bounds kinda thing, something shady is happening.

Going to bed late, staying long on the computer, line busy when you try reaching them.

Sneaking out, sharing space alone, unconcerned about your feelings and things you say. Laughing with others on phone which you don’t seem to get anymore, and getting intense with chat.

More or Less Interested in Romance

If your partner becomes sexually aggressive suddenly, it might be a sign he is using sex pills to stay active to impress the new person.

And if he or she doesn’t have the other partner around you face the wrath.

Keep an eye on what boosts his or her sexual desire, is it that anytime your spouse is off the phone, they become sexually aggressive, or when they are from town?

While they may get sexually wild, it is more likely your partner’s sex drive will decline. Since they spend time with others, they are exhausted. Also, their passion for you decreases.

As this may be true about a cheating partner; there are other contributing factors to this. So, don’t rush into judging your partner.

Abusive Spouse

When some people cheat, they feel guilty. Instead of controlling their sexual appetite, they rather blame the other person in disguise for causing them to cheat.

They become violent and less tolerant. As their conscience weighs them down, these partners tend to victimize others and look for who to blame.

Your Call Has Been Put on Hold

I have a friend, initially, we could talk for hours uninterrupted.

It went on for months. 

Recently, no matter the hour of the day we speak, someone else is also pushing on, on the other side. 

Even 12 PM – 1 PM, my call is put on hold to attend to other people whom she admitted are males.

At times, you hear keypad sound. She dials numbers she has off head or in her diary I guess. 

In less than a minute, she asks you to hold on. 

Then, she returns in less than a minute if the call wasn’t through or spends a little while talking. 

Sometimes, you could be on hold for 5 minutes or more. 

This is repeated 3 to 5 times in a row until you guys call it a day. 

In your case, your partner may be a business owner or his or her work may demand speaking with customers often on the phone. 

But you should take note of this, because it is a determining factor that your partner is getting to know someone else on the level she relates with you. 


Looking for excuses, making things up, stammering and getting angry when you become inquisitive.

Desperately looking for coverups for inaccurate information. Lying about why they go to work early and come home late, why they don’t eat home.

Pointing Accusing Fingers

One annoying thing a cheater can do as coverup is shifting blame. Cheats quickly suspects you for doing what they do.

Anything which looks similar to their secret plans raises eyebrow. They become increasingly jealous and suspicious of everyone around you.

Because this is what they do, they believe you are into the same thing. At times they put on this show to divert attention.

Types of Infidelity

Types of Infidelity

This is as a result of a partner involving with another person outside the marriage physically or emotionally.

There are different types of infidelity which occurs in a relationship.

These are categorized into two main sections namely: physical and emotional infidelity.

In many relationships, before there is an issue of physical infidelity, it starts with emotional one.

Emotional Infidelity

Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is where a spouse gives their emotional attention to something or someone else outside the relationship, leading to emotional starving of the other partner.

For example:

  • Object affair – becoming obsessed with interest outside the relationship causing decrease in attention given the other party. It makes the other party feel abandoned and neglected. This type of infidelity can trigger infidelity among both parties. Since the neglected party may also seek attention elsewhere.
  • Cyber affair – it is when a spouse resort to the internet for self-gratification. For example, engaging in video calls with opposite sex, exchanging sensual texts, sexting, watching pornographic images and videos with outside party or alone. This emotional infidelity will lead to physical infidelity: sex.
  • Emotional affair – when a partner dedicates all or more of their time, resources to someone outside the marriage, it eventually pushes them to think more often about them. They become highly attached and connected to the other person. The partner having emotional affair discusses his or her family affair with the other person, shares their passion, dream, future plans and aspiration. Such practice cuts the amount of time and resource invested in the main relationship.

Physical Infidelity

Physical Infidelity

When speaking of infidelity, what comes to mind first is physical infidelity. In the bible, sexual affair is the only holistic ground to divorce your husband or wife.

It doesn’t mean, one must let go of the relationship when there is infidelity. If there’s a chance to save the marriage, you should give it a shot.

Sexual affair – this is where a spouse engages in sexual intercourse with a person outside the marriage.

Effects of Infidelity in a Relationship

Mental Health Matters

  • Loss of confidence
  • Mental health challenges
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Lack of trust for the opposite sex
  • Loss of interest in marriage
  • Victim turning into victimizer
  • Suicide
  • Loss of self-esteem

Infidelity can be disheartening and disturbing.

Instead of taking radical step instantly, it is advisable to relax, see a pastor of your local church, or a marriage counselor.

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