Why Girls are Attracted to Older Men

Do Girls Sleep with Older Guys for Attention?

As you age; you understand life, you begin to put your acts together, you become responsible for your own actions, learn to take care of others around you. This attracts others towards you. Girls younger than you then comes under your care and protection, making them leave their unstable, I’m still young and stupid colleagues.

Girls need attention which mostly their age mates lack because they are too busy making same mistakes older guys made when they were their age. So therefore, girls tend to sleep with older guys for the attention they crave, which men of their age or a little older than them cannot give because they are busy testing the waters. 

1. Gold Digging

Gold Digging

Obviously, many girls who prefer going out with men twice their age have one thing at the back of their mind.

“The Cash”. Girls love money, and the old men or those guys twice their age has a pocket full than their age mate.

Goal diggers chase after the sugar daddies to wear longer nails, clean clothes, expensive shoes or drive luxurious cars.
Some enrich themselves and live beyond waiting on another older man.

2. For Pleasure

If this is for pleasure, the younger dudes are ever willing. What type of pleasure pushes these young girls to older men then?

Since some of these old folks are through with giving birth, taking care of their family, thinking of making a living and just looking forward to having fun, the young girls do have immense satisfaction both financially and intimately.

3. Looking for Daddy

There are young girls who lack parental care or did not have father.

So, they go around looking for the fatherly love they couldn’t get. This is the reason most girls who go for older men call their lover “uncle”.

Older men are called uncle for two reasons.

For disguise: Since others are too quick to judge people’s way of life, young girls with men whose age are above theirs turn to call and treat their men as their uncle.

Search for fatherly care: Those young girls who have little or no relationship with their dads prefer drawing the lost energy from such men.

4. Experience

A married woman at age 30 reveals the reason she cheats with an old man.

She admits her husband is not as caring as the man. The old man runs to her aid whenever she needs attention. He sacrifices his last resources for her.

And he knows how to treat a woman. When it comes to sex; she believes the old man has more experience and satisfies her thrice her husband.

According to her, she fights from time to time to break free from the man. But the old man demonstrates the kind of love the husband never shows.

5. Maturity

Girls who date men older than them believe they are more matured, responsible and more organized than their mates.

After all, they were once simple, they’ve outgrown such kid manifestations. Now they know what they actually want. And if she is the one, he wants, then it’s a real deal.

6. Older Men are Plain

Others think older men are more straight forward and speak of their emotional demands as young ones kinda choose to shrink away without conversation when things seem not going their way or style.

7. They Respect Women

People above their age are assumed to have respect for them which plays well with them.
They respect their wish and their body.

8. Older Guys are Patient

When we talk experience, we looking at patience as well. And that is what is believed to be exercised by many old men.

Not just outside but in the bedroom too. Young men want things quick and fast. Just as we live in instant world. But old folks take their time to satisfy them.

9. Care and Concern in The Bedroom

Not only are these people concerned about clothing, they do care how they get to you in the bedroom. This is where many young people fail and have flat curves.

10. Ready to Learn and Explore

Maybe older men are more experienced in sex and other relationship stuffs because they are willing to learn new things and explore.

While young people are in a hurry to satisfy themselves and walk away without you in mind, the older men want to learn more about your body and how to please you.

Young people learn and explore, but they are more concerned about their own pleasure needs.

According to a young lady, the men she dates around 40 – 50 takes time to handle her body and see to it she gets safe landing.

11. Deep Sentiment from Old Men

Younger people seem not to have all figured out when dealing with your body. They lack what to say and when to say it.

With the older people, they majestically adore your entire body before having a chance to get in. They lose control when I toss them here and there. And they voice how gorgeous I am in bed without hesitation.

Even their eyes speak a lot about it before they could say a word. They sound they produce shows I am doing a good job.

I was with a man older than I am, far older recently, and he could not but scream the Savior’s name when I zoom in on him.

I like it so.

A young lady speaking about her experience with old men.


Love is where you find it. We are all searching for where our hearts will be at peace and for who will treat us with respect.

If you find love in older man than a young person, why not embrace it.

As the world evolve, women fight tirelessly for equality. Proving to men they are capable of feeding themselves and providing their day to day needs.

Because of this, some women find it old school to cling to older men for the sake of their resources.

As we already discussed, not all women go for men twice their age or men who could be the age of their father because of financial empowerment.

In all, some females sleep with men twice their age, for attention, since some young people don’t equally offer same.


  • Whatever reason it may be, remember to take good care of yourself.
  • Beware of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s).
  • Be true to yourself and your partner.
  • Protect yourself when having intercourse in uncommitted relationship.
  • Remember young people need time and resources to grow themselves, therefore may not give equal attention financially and emotionally.
  • Older men are some times already established.
  • With some older people, you may only be their pleasure tool. They have a wife and children they cannot discard.

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