Five Tested Strategic Tips for a Successful First Date

Five Tested Strategic Tips for a Successful First Date
  • Pick A Comfortable Place for Your First Date
  • If you are on budget, which many of us will be, select less expensive but suitable memorable location.
  • You don’t want anything above your fund, whereby you look uncomfortable around the table. This is a real thing in my part of the world where guys show themselves beyond their financial capacity to influence a lady.
  • They borrow or snatch their life savings and pick fancy shirt, trouser and pair of show and off to SkyPlus.
  • Hold it, your first date needs to be special and memorable but when your date doesn’t experience similar treatments afterwards then you are losing her anyway.
  • So, beware of what suits you.
  • Well if you are a big brother like some of us, then no shady deal. Go spend at the finest location.
  • Ok! Relax…… my comfortable place means a place you both can relax, talk over, have a nice time, perhaps break a few bottles without interference, go home and not forget in an hour or two.

Plan Your Conversation

Interestingly, things you say, will be used to judge you this day forth. Whether there will be a second date depends how you organize your Barrack Obama Presidential speech.

How to plan your conversation

Let’s look at how have effective conversation that day.

Verbal or Oral Communication

You definitely will speak. Which basically will constitute to the greater percentage of communication on your first date.

  • Rehearse for the big day: If you are a quiet type, then, you should do some rehearsal home aforehand. Speak back some few phrases to yourself until they get natural for the big day.
  • Be yourself: Though everything you say is equally important, don’t panic and pack yourself with fear. There’s no greater thing to do to convince someone who doesn’t want you. You don’t want to be silly, but flow natural.
  • Voice control: If you have a habit of speaking out loud, try to avoid it in the public place. You don’t want to make your date feel uncomfortable. Neither make your date stress to hear you.
  • Two Way Verification Method: This moment shouldn’t be a news reader moment. Rather, more of questions and answers and opinions. Get to know their favorite TV show, radio program, favorite music genre and alma mater.
  • Compliment: Now and then, in between conversation, try to make your date feel you are present with him or her. Tell your date how his or her voice makes you pay attention, talk about her hairstyle and dress.
  • Don’t Say It All: On your first date, don’t spill everything about you or all you know. And avoid sharing too much details about your ex. If your he or she wants to know more, they should stay for more dates.

Written Communication

If you are wondering what place this has here don’t worry. Not many people will incorporate this style.

But if you love writing like I do, or little or art work, it wouldn’t be bad to romantically craft her name on a piece of paper or put some “I love you” in a bit of design or jokingly text her a line.

Body-body Communication

Be on point. Body language can save you a lot of trouble. While you don’t know what to say or how to communicate it verbally accurate without getting into trouble, let the gesture do the work.

  • Be nice with action. Long speech doesn’t position the sit, you can do that without a word.
  • Look your date in the eyes while they talk, blink your eye in acknowledgement.
  • Smile and laugh gently.
  • Face her toe to toe.
  • Should things cook faster than expected, chef, try reaching their hand. Hold it softly, but leave it before they could notice but not hasty. The point here is, don’t hold the hand too long, go gradually.

Play From the Book of Experience

If you are a regular, capitalize on your early good fate and utilize them here. Look at things that worked for you previously and demonstrate them.

Leave a Memorable Event on Her Mind

First date isn’t supposed to be a whole day stuff. Just an hour or few hours, pass a cup or coffee or a bottle of soda.

A little talk, few gestures, and perhaps to be continued.

Though it may not last, it should be a force to reckon with. Make sure sitting with you and chatting is something they will be eager to do again.

Create a Strong First Impression

What you left on a person’s mind at first sight last longer than what they later see you do repeatedly.

Subsequent actions are mainly judged base on previous encounter. My day always say “If you are going to eat a toad, eat the fattest toad.” By that he means, whatever you do, throw your whole self at it.

Again, I’m not asking you empty your account. Just choose the right location, choose the right words, and figure out the right gestures.

Too many young people spend to regret later.

How Do You Flirt On First Date?

How Do You Flirt On First Date?

Flirting comes handy in romantic journey. Even in matured relationships, the act still revamps the partners and kindle their emotions.

When you go on first date, you want almost everything to be perfect.

So, you hand picked a perfect meeting place, got all other things on point, but you feel there’s a need for casting hex on your date to have that heart melting under your command.

Not a problem. If you have no idea where we heading till now, make a quick turn to understand how to flirt with your girlfriend: guide to flirting.

Ok, let’s dive right in.

  • Offer him or her the platform. Ask your date their opinion on a subject. Do not ask of subjects that will end up messing up the date. If it seems hard to do, just ask them to tell you something about how to handle an aspect of their job. This completely makes you a good listener, while they feel comfortable gaining your trust.
  • Say it like you mean it. I am really impressed. You make your job sound easy. I guess we will try it out later together. I’m not scared because you are here to guide me.
  • Use this killer skill. If you can sing, fix your dates name somewhere in a mix. It’s magic. Or as you communicate, call him by his name.
  • Look your date closely in the face. And drop your voice, it should be natural not kind of rehearse scene.
  • Play with your accessories. For example; earing, necklace or flip your finger through your hair.
  • “How you eat can turn someone on”. A lady passed this remark few years ago. Don’t get at the food with anger. No need to be angry.


  1. Don’t spend to regret
  2. Avoid emptying your account to go on date
  3. Don’t pick a date to impress your friends
  4. Don’t curse yourself for not winning over a guy or girl you admire
  5. Getting a loved one is not that easy
  6. First dates shouldn’t be too involving.
  7. Spend few hours to communicate
  8. You can drink soda in front of a store or sit under a tree
  9. Follow up after date with text or call
  10. Avoid visiting unknown people home or directing them to your address
  11. Hearts are not meant to race
  12. Hold off sex for now
  13. Successful date does not guarantee relationship

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