Fun Things to do with Your Girlfriend

having fun with my girlfriend
  • Ride bicycle together: hit the road with a bicycle. If there are two bicycles, you can use the two, if there’s only one, no problem; ride her at the back. Play with the bell as you ride and sing “I cross my heart” by George Strait.
  • Try teasing: it works just fine. The idea is to have fun, not abuse. That is why it should be cheerful and easy going.
  • Tag of war: absolutely something worth testing. While it will be fun and crazy, it will serve as exercise. Find a spacious area on your compound or go to a field where there will be little or no crowd, this can be practiced in your living or bed room as well; get a rope which both of you can hold each end with reasonable amount of space between you. Play a lively song for motivation, pull rope until one person yields. You can set a prize, winner gets 10 kisses or anything funny.
  • Turn exercise into fun: while you want to take your exercise seriously, it doesn’t have to be so all the time. Just as what you can do with the tag of war, you could apply same method to any form of exercise to create fun and reduce stress.
  • Don’t let arguments get out of hand: like seriously? Yes! Whenever you argue and you notice its veering off road; steer back with a funny comment or craft a voluntary laughter to cool things down. If she seems turn off, explain it’s a joke.
  • Play my betway: find something similar if you are not fun of my betway. Now this is what you will do, if you both have account, login on your phones or separate PC. You can also use same account if you desire. Locate Casino, choose either Roulette or Soccer Striker or any other game you are familiar with and start the free session. Have a little competition. If you don’t mind, you can deposit a few cents and load the paid session. Please, note that betting money on games can become addictive. So, take this recommendation sparingly.
  • Exercise the mind: this time, find a hard card, cut into pieces, write numbers ranging from 1 to 50. Place them face down to hide numbers and pick randomly by tasking each other to choose a specific number. It is not to find a winner, but just to have fun and this builds up your brain muscle as well.
  • Spelling B: remember Akeelah and the Bee? My favorite movie of all time. Challenge your spelling ability if you love word games.
  • Reciting times table: if fact, I still can’t recite 2x table. Very bad, you know? Working out your brain once a while with task like this only help open your mind at the same time creating entertainment. When you get married and your kids need mathematical assistance on home works, it may help.
  • Book titles and authors: I read only few books by far. But I do love reading a lot. If you happen to be a book freak, try to remember the books you read and the authors and possibly summaries of the books.
  • Typing: set a goal. 10 words per minute. Or install Mavis Beacon or similar typing tutor and play typing games. If you are both in this space of work, you will notice while having fun, you are learning new things and polishing your skill.
  • Pick and act: write different stuffs on pieces of paper. Pick them in random and act what is written on the paper.
  • Get together: invite your friends and organize a simple get together home. Cook and provide your guest with snacks. These few hours together will revitalize you.

Fun, Flirty, and Romantic Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

having fun with my girlfriend

  • Pillow fight: doing my best to avoid things that may lead to bed time!!! But if you can promise me of being a good boy and girl; then, I’ll talk about it. Ok, good boy and girl, enough with the competition now lets see how strong your pillows really are. Throw pillows at each other, or hold the pillow and hit each other with laughter all over the room. You can also throw items which are not hard to cause physical damage.
  • Blind touch: something you will never forget. Close your eyes, let your part mention a particular part of his or her body, then you will guess that part and touch only once without moving your hand on your partner’s body to guess. For example, left hand index finger’s nail, the darkest part of the skin, longest hair on the head or arm etc.
  • Light massage: don’t want to take your girl to a spa? Become her masseur this weekend. What spas can do, Joe can do and do better. Massage gently and tame your feelings please. You can take turn, while you massage her she massages you as well.
  • Love in the kitchen: don’t take your mind elsewhere. What I want you to do this weekend is to invite your girlfriend over and take over the kitchen. Borrow your mom’s skills and prepare a hot meal for her. If you want to make things a lot more fun, you should both join hands in cooking.
  • Pickup lines: tell your partner the hottest pickup line and let him or her judge how romantic it sounds.

Places to go with Your Girlfriend

amusement park

  • Go to a park: if you live in a city where there’s an amusement park; don’t let anything prevent you from taking your girlfriend there. Instead of stressing out to create your own style, the park may have almost anything that can get the best fun out of you with little or no effort at your end. Well, it will involve spending couple of dimes.
  • Swim: if you have a swimming pool home, great, you can swim in your court. Or you can take the fun to a hotel outskirt to swim and have fun.
  • Visit construction site: if you bored home and there’s an ongoing building project at your neighborhood, take your girlfriend there to watch how things are done. That is if you’ll be allowed in. Follow all safety regulations at the site.
  • Go to the theater: go to the movie theatre to watch your favorite movie or stay home to watch a movie which you both like.
    Take a walk: walk the road holding hands, chatting, giggling and throwing hands at each other. Pause under trees, look at each other romantically, talk a little, chase after her, hold her close and break apart to continue the walk.
  • Zoo: this one, I think you should plan it. Set a day aside and go to the zoo to watch wild animals.



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