11 Ways to Get a Girl to Like you Over Text

Getting hard time confessing your love to a girl in her presence? Texting can be a better alternative and effective process. Send simple texts to introduce yourself after getting her contact “Lively lady, thanks for the joyous moment yesterday. Michael from the office you did the ID card copy.”

To get a girl to like you over text; stay positive and make each text interesting, discuss topics that interest her and create engaging texts. Be lively, package your emotions with emojis, also, discuss business.

1. Keep your messages short and simple

At the beginning of things, you don’t want to turn her inbox into Wikipedia. Play by the principle of simplicity.

Even as simple as it would be, it should be informative. Avoid long messages, and do not send messages too often.

Refer to how to text a girl whose number you got from someone else to learn how to text for the first time you have a girl’s contact.

2. Stay positive and make each text interesting

You don’t want to introduce yourself by creating bad impression. No matter your condition, do avoid complains. This is not to say you should advertise what you don’t have or go about lying.

Sound confident and hopeful. “I just woke up so hopeful this morning, how’s your day going?” Do not approach your text from a needy man standpoint even if you are.

3. Create engaging texts

One way to keep things exciting and interesting is talking about things you’d like to accomplish in the next two years or few months to come.

Involving her in such chat creates room for both of you to exchange opinions and ideas about life and career. This will build a solid connection and she will begin to see you as a responsible man.

For example, “I am planning on opening a boutique in front of my house this year, what do you think of it?” Such conversations keep you chatting for long.

4. Show her your sense of humor

Instead of playing the book of lamentation, decide to maintain atmosphere of joy, laughter and happiness in your text.

Teasing her once a while, saying something funny, sending a funny video or emoji, can keep you both on a deeper connection.

You don’t have to be serious all of the time. Play with her as you text. “Your hair style is nice, had I taken you to the saloon in my neighborhood; it’ll be perfect.”

While you don’t want to look too serious with your texts all the time, you neither want to be known as the funny guy. So, keep your texts in a balance and you are good to go.

If you are funny all the time, when you get serious, she over looks it.

5. Invite her into your life

Involve her in your life as the friendship grows. Suggest things you can both do together to generate money. This shows you trust her and value her skills.

If you already have a business you think you can both work on and increase productivity, ask her to join you.

Exchanging such text message increases your chances of texting for long to keep the connection growing.

You don’t need to ask her to run a business together, but you may seek her idea for expanding your business or starting a new one.

6. Let her lead the conversation

When you lead the chat, it means you have to be in the position of always thinking of what to say, questions to ask and you are always on the alert to keep her on.

What of flipping the coin, where she thinks on her feet to keep your company?

Instead of doing the thinking, you wait, instead of worrying about types of questions to as to engage her; you do the answering.

At the end she chases you, and you determine how often you reply. In her quest to get even, she gets addicted.

7. Don’t be eager to hear from her

The point to this is not to show you are not cheap. But being available all the time makes her your only target. A girl wants a man who is about something.

Spending every moment starting a conversation and replying her doesn’t seem like you have anything else in your life that deserves your attention except her.

While you translate it as a caring boyfriend, she translates it as a guy who needs a job. And she is not ready for another jobless guy.

So, she starts looking for emergency exit before you get the chance to start.

8. Stop making friends with her, date her

If your intention is not to stay regular friends rather be in relationship, ask her out as soon as possible.

Failure to do so will only kill her zeal if she has same feelings. When you fail to act, she thinks you are not serious and she moves on.

9. Don’t propose over text

Instead of proposing love over text, rather use text message as a medium to arrange a date. Spending time doing back and forth texting will simply keep you in the friend zone.

10. It is too early saying I love you

One mistake some men make is, as soon as they have a girl’s number, their first text is ‘I love you.’ No girl will take you seriously. She either sees you as an opportunist or thinks you are not serious.

When you have her number, it is a chance to ask for a date. Don’t stay on the phone to keep exchanging messages with meeting her in person after first meeting.

11. Craft romantic and captivating messages

Craft romantic and captivating messages that will make her desire you. These messages can start coming after your first successful date.

When your first date did not end with any form of sexual interaction, then, you want to stay away from sensitive messages. This on the other hand does not stop you from sending romantic texts.

As you both get to know each other, it is fine to horn in slowly on romantic chats. This can keep the passion if done well.

When you happen to have sex on your first date which you shouldn’t push for, you need to keep that atmosphere saturated before seeing each other again.

And with that, I have 141 and more things to say to your partner after sex to make your partner want more sex, this will serve you right that you keep the energy flowing until you meet again.

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