4 Steps to Make Glass Beads

Materials needed: scrap glass, clay, cassava leave stalk, suede (color), fuel for grease/oil
Tools needed: metal mortar, metal pestle, grinding stone, file, sieve, bricks, and mold

Stage 1: Designing and making clay mold


Prepare clay slab
Make holes of the desired shape and size in the slab
Allow to dry

Stage 2: Designing and building a brick kiln


  • Make a design of the kiln
  • Make a dimension of the kiln to be made
  • Prepare bricks
  • Construction of kiln according to the design

Stage 3: Preparing glass powder


  • Break glasses into pieces
  • Pound or grind broken glasses into fine particles
  • Sieve pounded glasses into fine powder
  • Store for use

Stage 4: Making beads from glass


  • Paint the holes of the mold with kaolin or oil
  • Fix a cassava leaf-stalk into each hole
  • Fill the holes with powdered glass
  • Add colored powder to the glass powder for decoration
  • Pack mold in the kiln for firing
  • Allow to fire
  • Remove from the kiln and allow to dry
  • Smooth beads by filling the rough edges and polish
  • Design if necessary

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