How to be Happy Alone at Home

How Can I be Happy Alone?

Many people think moving with the crowd through the streets, all the way to drinking spot, all the way to blah blah blah, dah dah dah, will make them happy. Actually, it only finds you more problems to deal with. Being alone can become devastating at times but making good use of your time alone can help you discover yourself and achieve your dreams.

1. Read books in your alone time

If you haven’t started this yet, after reading this article, please just start today. Ideas are hidden in books. Books contain smart people’s years of dreams and researches. Their struggle, effort, failure and success.

When you read, you get ideas for free. A ten-year research is handed over to you for absolutely free. That’s the benefit of reading. If you are religious and don’t have access to any other book, read your bible or religious manual.

Reading doesn’t only give ideas, it’s fun. Instead of having your mind hovering over dead end; you focus on the pages of a book and enjoy the text of smart, brilliant folks.

2. Spend time writing

When you are not reading other people’s work, write your own. Write about your daily activities, things you like to do and those you find difficult doing. Take record of your everyday life. Write poems.

3. Listening to music and dance

When alone, to reduce feeling isolated, put on your favorite record. Learn the lyrics and sing along. Dance on the music. You can play songs as you also read books or engage in other indoor activities.

4. Learn new songs and sing by yourself

If you are not listening to a record, you can reduce boredom by singing. Make your own songs up, tap the table to create sounds, spend some time learning new songs, discover new artists and also do vocal training.

5. Use time alone as dreaming time

I spent most of my teen life indoor. What was I doing? Creating dreams. Thinking of what I want to become in the future. Planning my life.

Thinking of what most of my colleagues will call impossible. I have not changed much. I still spend hours by myself.

6. Watch music movies to entertain yourself

Well, I am not a movie type. But I do watch movies. When I watch movies alone, it is mostly music movies. For example; I watched “Love for Sale” uncountable times. It is a kind of movie which releases stress and makes you laugh all day long by yourself.

7. Acquire IT skills to start a job

Technology has provided several means to learn and practice without any thorough supervision.

When you are alone, instead of watching pornographic movies or playing video games, read blogs to learn something new in IT.

There are range of things you can learn in technology, coding, graphic design, creating PowerPoint presentations, typing, web design among others.

8. Surf the internet

There are so many interesting activities on the internet which can help you build a career like: creating a free WordPress blog and post your ideas, completing survey forms which could give you some small dollar at the end of the day and watching online tutorials.

9. Take a walk to reduce boredom

Once a while I take a stroll. Talk back to yourself things you wish to accomplish. Your plans and dreams. Encourage yourself while you walk streets.

Inspire yourself with things you see, and create future books and blog posts from things you hear and see. All these things will give you energy and help you to stop feeling lonely.

10. Start a backyard garden

Start tilling your backyard to grow garden eggs, okra, lettuce, watermelon, carrot and the vegetables which are suitable for your land.

Don’t put pressure on yourself. Just start small, water your crops in the morning and evening, weed around them, apply manure, these activities will occupy you and take your mind off your worries.

11. Make pastries and sell

If farming is not your thing, you can go into recipes or combine both. When you sell, you will meet new people, making it possible to make new friends and also spend sometime talking to people.

At the end, you will earn some few dollars which could buy you a book, ice cream, and a dress.

12. Start a business home

There are many things you can do on your own to generate income. But first, set the money part aside and look at just starting anything you enjoy which can help keep you busy and prevent loneliness.

In this article, I have taken my time to list a number of simple but effective tools that will help you as an individual start a life on your own without a college degree and with little money, how to be productive at home. This is a step by step guide to make you happy alone and also build a career.

13. Talk to Family and Friends

I know this article was supposed to teach you how to live by yourself and be happy. Of course, you can. As I said during introduction, staying alone can become a lot more frustrating at times.
Join your immediate family and close friends to watch TV together, discuss different topics together, tease one another, eat together and have fun.

Don’t stay away from people all week if you feel isolated. Find a friend or family to talk to.

20 Ways to be Happy Alone

  1. See your time alone as an opportunity to develop
  2. Think positive
  3. Stop comparing yourself with others
  4. Repair damaged electronic gadgets
  5. Celebrate the progress of others
  6. Do regular cleaning in your house
  7. Start online marketing e.g., YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Ad Manager, Blogging
  8. Start extra class and vacation class for students in your neighborhood
  9. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly target for yourself to accomplish your goals
  10. Paint your house and room and rearrange your room
  11. Start drawing
  12. Go to the movies
  13. Play football by yourself
  14. Ride bicycle or motorcycle
  15. Exercise
  16. Play Guitar or Any Percussion
  17. Play Video Games
  18. Engage in Art
  19. Backyard Gardening
  20. Eat balanced diet


These tips can help you stay alone to develop yourself instead of running after gangs and inviting troubles on yourself. There’s no special time to dream or plan for the future. The future begins now!

Do your best to not be a spectator.

Failure to manage loneliness caused many young people to rush into early marriage, unplanned pregnancy or take to drug.

  • Don’t be afraid to be alone.
  • It’s all fun and interesting.
  • It is your creative place.
  • This is your decision-making state.
  • Being alone is medicine to young people.
  • You can marry or have the crowd and be lonely.
  • If you can make yourself happy, you can make others happy.

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