How Can I Be More Romantic to My Girlfriend?

Life’s too short to stay tense. Do a few things you can remember and laugh about before kids start sprawling around and school and hospital bills piling your dining table. After the honeymoon, all of your time together may be a math class.

Take her for a mountain ride – do you own a motorbike or a bicycle? Good for you!

Take sis Janet Jackson on a free ride to feel the breeze. Ride through the mountains like nobody’s business.

Take a mountain walk – for the sake of the brothers who are still leg-ridding, there’s nothing wrong with walking the mountains together.

Personally, I’m not a bike fan, I prefer walking through those mountains or on the railway together.

Besides I do tickle her now and then as we walk. Too much chocolate to describe online! Try it!

Buy her chocolate – if you don’t have an idea how chocolate tastes, you won’t figure out the previous point.

To understand the second point, I want you to buy her chocolate. Don’t hide it for her to magically locate.

Feed her, by that, you can also have a taste and know what it is to take a mountain walk.

Ask about what she learned at lectures – if she is still in college call her on the phone or if she is home ask her to brief you on the topic she studied at lectures.

This is beyond romance. This makes you her right life partner. It shows your support for her.

Buy her airtime – there’s nothing wrong with sending her airtime.

It doesn’t matter if she can buy a thousand scratch cards. “Things we do for love”

Letter writing – Long before the internet and its social media cholesterol, including smartphone apps, letter writing was the best approach.

Go old school, pick a pen, get an official paper, and express your emotions and how you feel about her on paper.

Parcel it in that old romantic letter envelope. Hand it over in person. I bet she won’t forget this.

For me, I couldn’t stand any girl. With no courage to look anyone in the eyes and speak love, I resorted to letter and note writing.

Gone were the days! Hihihi!

Grab the microphone – don’t want to become John Legend? “figuratively”.

I do not mean you should become a songwriter or professional singer.

But if you do have musical skills, sing her favorite song when you are together.

Compose a song with simple words.

Watch the moon at night – sound like another old-school technique?

Yes! If there’s any location which is void of electrical energy and the only form of light is the moon, find a log of wood, sit, and watch the moon together.

No wonder our fathers and mothers felt what is called “true love”. It’s why Shakespeare always had it right.

Sing the national anthem of your country – when was the last time you sang your nation’s anthem?

Find a day to do it. I bet you going to get into trouble.

You can’t sing that anthem perfectly, can you?

Get creative – are you good at drawing? Draw your girlfriend. Get together and make decorations with paper, especially during the Christmas holidays.

Or create your own Halloween scary shapes. Do It Yourself (DIY).

Storytelling – what we missing out on in love and family today is putting ourselves in the story or telling our own stories.

Television stole all from us. And we are stranded looking for how to be satisfied in our homes.

TV gives us the impression that life’s rosy. We watch beautiful love-at-first-sight relationships and try to imitate them.

What they fail to tell us is life, isn’t that lollipop. Life is a wedding cake. Bitter and sweet side.

Write her name in style – when I happen to admire a lady, I unintentionally design her name.

But this always weighs. You wouldn’t usually line art people’s names unless they mean a lot to you.

Remember her birthday – honor her birthday. Always make her birthday special and tell her something special or send her a birthday gift card.

Take her to your office – in case she is on leave, you can let her accompany you to your office and teach her the work you do.

Notice her – don’t stop telling her how beautiful she is.

When men fight to woo a woman, they spill every nice word they can find in romantic novels, once they get what they want, the novels are shelved.

Let her know you still value what you saw from the onset.

Consider gardening – own a garden? Work together in your garden. Plant, hoe, and harvest together.

What Are Some Creative and Romantic Ways to Express Love to My Girl in A Long Distance Relationship?

I know I’ve been pretty hard on the internet and smartphone in the previous list.

In a long-distance relationship, you definitely need the internet and a smartphone.

Here are tips to stay active and romantic in a long-distance relationship.

There are a few things to consider when starting a distance relationship.

  • People move on quickly without you – when engaging someone in a long-distance relationship; you should have in mind that people easily replace you and get going with their lives when you are not available.
  • Distance relationship is a condition – apparently, nobody wants to be in a long-distance relationship. Why choose love from that distance if you can have someone close?
  • The purpose of a relationship is not to stay apart
  • Your partner may be cheating
  • If there are kids involved it may affect their upbringing

Read now: 8 harsh facts about long-distance relationships.

7 Reasons People Engage in Distance Relationship

1. Because of technology today, you can reach others from afar. This makes it possible to find love from a distance.
2. Your wife, husband, girl, or boy is in college or works in a different location.
3. You met in a seminar but leaves in a different city or country
4. You traveled for business and fell in love
5. You went on an excursion and became friends with someone, later developing a relationship over a distance
6. Your family has to move to another city because your dad is on a transfer.
7. Work condition

How Can I Be Romantic in A Long-Distance Relationship?

Date very often – if you are having high-speed internet, arrange a virtual date from time to time.

Should it be via video, make sure you put everything necessary for a date together.

Perhaps, you can both go to a spot, turn your cameras on live, order some drink, and sip as you chat over.

If you prefer staying indoors, you can set up your room, get some candles burning, dim the light, get dressed, turn on the camera, and exchange words and laugh together.

You can even go to a theatre or watch your favorite sport. You don’t need a camera to get this work and it doesn’t have to be a video.

You don’t actually need any setup, just relax, have it at the back of your mind this is a date and talk on the phone or chat.

Say things you would on a normal date.

Don’t always talk on the phone – you can both be on the phone without exchanging words.

Very often when we are on the phone, because we can’t see each other, we want to always say something to inform the other person we are available.

With your partner, at times you have to try to impersonate regular life where you can be around your spouse without discussion.

Video chores – what is a video chore? A video chore is footage of your daily errands in the house intended to impress your partner in a distance relationship.

For example, washing the dishes, arranging furniture in the living room, sweeping the compound, cooking, bathing your child, gardening, etc.

It could also be a live broadcast.

Visit family – if your partner has a family in your city, visit them, especially on weekends e.g. his/her parents, siblings, or a family she was close to before relocating.

You shouldn’t do this very often but it creates a bond.

How to Do A Video Chore

Step #1: Plan your activity. Mostly, a video chore should be about house chores. But it can be almost anything you find interesting.

For instance, Anthony Lincoln took a video of himself in his vegetable garden to send to his girlfriend Gloria who works in a different city.

Step #2: inform your spouse, if it’s a live recording.

Step #3: Set up your camera. You don’t need to order a professional camera.

It could be your phone camera. If you want the video in HDD format, you can use a professional camera.

Step #4: Press Go on your camera to start recording.

Step #5: Start by saying hello to your partner.

Introduce her to what you are about to do or what you are doing e.g. if you preparing food, tell her the kind of food you preparing.

If it is a live recording, provide space so that she can as well communicate.

Step #6: Say something nice to wrap up e.g. so, that brings us to the end of this video chore, stay tuned for more, I can stop loving you, can’t wait to meet you, etc.

Step #7: press the stop button to end the recording.

Step #8: Send him or her a copy.

You can decide to edit your video chore with a video editor before forwarding. Get a free video editor for simple work if you are on a budget.

You can also go for pro software if you want to.

Remember, a video chore should be done during weekends or when you are both free if it’s a live broadcast.

How to Become Romantic at Home

  • Wash plates with your wife
  • Clean the compound with your wife
  • Bath with your husband
  • Prepare food together
  • Eat together
  • Incorporate eye contact into your relationship
  • More foreplay indoors or wherever you prepare on the compound
  • Why not pick the kids from today?
  • Go to the farm
  • Read your bible together
  • Share same drink
  • Play with the children
  • Bring friends over to spend a weekend with you
  • Play computer games
  • Play Ludo or chess
  • Feed your partner
  • Tickle her in the kitchen
  • Put off the fan and get to fan each other
  • Share fun memories. Discuss regular things couples talk about
  • Create jokes
  • Music for your dancing feet. Do some smooth criminal, break dance. Ok just kidding. I mean something easy
  • What if you pomade her after shower
  • Or some hot massage after a hard day’s work
  • Put on your sports shoe and kickstart dawn trotting


  • There are no limits to what you can do to impress your partner. It’s up to you to figure out what keeps the relationship alive
  • Do adjust your expectations in distance relationship. There’s a difference between sharing the same roof with a person and loving them from a distance. Love from afar can be juicy
  • Doing the right thing does not guarantee a long-lasting relationship. Just do you and your best
  • No one needs a nagging, complaining wife or husband
  • Do not forget to nurture your children together in a long-distance relationship. They need equal attention
  • Be happy now, do not wait for wealth to start celebrating your relationship
  • Brothers fight but they are always brothers. As couples, you will always fight, but you are always couples
  • If you happen to split tomorrow, do it knowing you have enjoyed each day you spent together
  • Remember life is too short to be tense

Every Day Is My Birthday

Every Day Is My Birthday
The very moment you walked through that door; I knew I found my soulmate
You blessed me with love, thought my heart the strength in partnership

Brought me under your shade as hen gathers chicken in harmattan
Laid me on bed of roses, encouraged my night weapon, armored me for the journey of lovers
Breathe ice on my flesh, and warm my heart with your hands

Lady, you soaked my body into your blood of oneness
Tiled my life with sweetness

Prepared me my favorite diet, fed me with the spoon in your mouth
Covered me in your well-endowed, pleasing curves

When I had no one, you purchased me with your father’s treasure
Tattooed your pleasure against my neck

Cannot remember those dried, lonely nights
Every day is my birthday

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