How Do Men Erect?

Men experience erection in their life cycle than they can keep track of. The question of how men erect is what remains mystery to many men.

While erection may occur deliberately; others may not be under conscious control. Understanding the physiological phenomenon of erection can help men have a broad idea of what robs them of erection. This therefore, may assist men to stay away from activities which impacts their various body parts responsible for erection negatively.

5 Advantages of Understanding How Men Erect

  1. It helps learn how to activate erection
  2. It helps learn how to maintain erection
  3. Knowing the right type of food to eat to boost testosterone levels and sperm count
  4. Taking care of the organs responsible for erection
  5. Understanding the type of drug or food supplement to take to prevent erectile dysfunction

What is Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone produced by the human body in males. It helps develop the male reproductive tissues. For example, testes and prostate.

Testosterone is produced in men by the testicles and it stimulates sperm production. It also boosts a male’s sex drive and aid in building muscle and bone mass as well as the growth of body hair.

Factors That Affect Erection

A number of things can influence erection.

Even though, every man is entitled to engorged penis from time to time, consciously and unconsciously; there are factors which may influence a male’s body to either experience erection or not.

Why Do I Get Flaccid Penis?

As mentioned earlier; all men have access to erection. But conditions could deprive some people from this normality or help others get better erections.

A penis is said to be flaccid when it is soft and in its normal state. This is not a problem until you notice your penis never gets hard or rigid enough for penetration.

Again, every penis is flaccid unless there’s a trigger by the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system as a result of sexual stimuli.

Waking up three to five times at night to notice the front of your pant rising to touch your ceiling is absolutely normal.

So is walking around with soft penis. Because it is the regular position of every penis.

5 Reasons You Experience Erection When Your Partner Is Not Available

Have you ever wondered why your penis gets rigid when you are alone but not with your partner?

  1. Physiological stimulation
  2. Psychological stimulation
  3. Relaxed environment
  4. Feelings of self-consciousness
  5. Watching sex tap

5 Reasons Your Penis Is Flaccid When You Are with Your Partner

  1. Fatigue
  2. Alcohol
  3. Distractions
  4. Tension
  5. Being uncomfortable with a partner

8 Conditions that Activate Erection

  1. Stimulating flaccid genital organ
  2. Tickling yourself or have your partner smooching you
  3. Watching sex images or clip
  4. Being naked
  5. Imaging erotic event
  6. Discussing sex with your partner
  7. Caressing your partner
  8. Using aphrodisiac

How Does an Erection Occur?

Erection occurs when a male’s flaccid genital organ becomes engorged, swollen by accumulation of blood in the erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa).

This is usually associated with sexual arousal or attraction (sight, thought, touch or smile).

Corpora cavernosa is a spongy connective tissue with lots of blood vessel.
Erection is caused by parasympathetic system.

Is There A Typical Penis Size?

Absolutely, every man comes with different shape, color and size of penis. There is therefore no definite size.

Usually, many men are comfortable with their gifted penis size. They are concerned when their sex partners demand for a length and size they do not have.

This pushes some young men to go seeking for penis enlargement drugs or techniques available on the internet.

If not all, many of these may not really deliver what they promise, rather lead to permanent damage or waist of resources.

If your wife or girlfriend has a challenge with your penis size; it is advisable talking it over or developing methods of satisfying your partner with same organ than chasing after medications which may fail.

There are men with bigger size when their penis is soft, this does not guarantee any bigger increment during erection. Others may have smaller flaccid penis but grow longer and bigger during erection.

How to Control Ejaculation

7 Steps to Control Ejaculation

  1. Start and stop method
  2. Breathing
  3. Contracting the pelvic floor (PC) muscle
  4. Squeeze the penis
  5. Pressing the million-dollar point
  6. Scrotal tugging
  7. Drawing away sexual energy

For more intuitive information on how to control ejaculation and become a multi-orgasmic man read “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava.