How to Avoid Sex in a Relationship

How Do You Tell Your Boyfriend You Don't Want to Have Sex?

Sit him down and go straight to the point. Explain why you are not ready for sex if he demands reason or he insists. While both could be resolved with simple approach; if not handled well may become deal-breaker.

How to Say No to Your Boyfriend Nicely

Telling your boyfriend, you are not in the mood for sex without offending him, can be a hard nut to crack for some girls.

In this face, I assume you do participate in sexual activity with your boyfriend.

Today, at the moment you happen not to be in the mood. If you are wondering how to play nice, these are few tips to go about it.

  • Tell him you are not in the mood. Darling, not now
  • Explain the reason you don’t want to e.g.; I don’t feel for it, I am tired now, I’m ill
  • Ask him to get busy with something else e.g.; read book, get ready for work
  • Don’t throw off his hand from you
  • Speak to him soberly
  • Tell him you will be at same spot, same time waiting for him next day
  • Tell him he is a good boy
  • Thank him for reasoning with you
  • Ask about how he feels e.g.; are you ok baby?

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Are Not Ready to Have Sex

Earlier the better. Don’t wait and keep playing confident tricks or hide and seek with your boyfriend for long.

Be bold, face reality, let him understand your decision. Make it clear how you will like sexual matters to be handled in the relationship.

There is absolutely nothing wrong staying without sex in a relationship until you are joined together in a lawful manner.

If you decide waiting on that moment to break the seal, I don’t think it is a bad calling.

But relationship isn’t built by one, rather two, so therefore, it will be extremely necessary to inform your partner as soon as possible about your stand.

It is your body, your life. You then decide who to share it with, how to handle it and where to give it out.

To not wait and waist your boyfriend’s time and resources, whenever he attempts or speak of sexual engagement, tell him you are preserving yourself for that sacred day.

If he prefers to stay and wait, it will be his decision.

  • Have a meeting with boyfriend
  • Make him feel relax and safe
  • Do not act timid
  • Speak your mind boldly
  • State your reasons
  • Ask him to be patient
  • Thank him for his time and also for paying attention

8 Things You Can Tell Your Boyfriend When You Are Not Ready for Sex

Whenever you are not ready to get intimate in a relationship, you must understand your partner may feel awkward about it.

Your partner may take it personal.

He may think your decision is driven by a hidden agenda. Your partner may think because he is not physically attractive or you are seeing another guy.

This therefore should be addressed properly. Make sure you list your reasons before your boyfriend, if he values the relationship and respects you, he will stay.

  1. Tell him you are not ready for sex
  2. Ask him to give it some time to know the direction of the relationship
  3. Tell him you want both of you to be tested for STIs first (Sexual Transmitted Infections)
  4. Tell him you want some time to heal from your past relationship
  5. Ask your boyfriend to wait till you graduate from school or trade
  6. Explain to him you are not ready for babies yet
  7. Explain your religious believes regarding sex before marriage
  8. Give your boyfriend a definite time frame to expert sexual relationship

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Be Intimate

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Be Intimate

First of all, dating isn’t marriage whereby one will insist on sexual intercourse.

Sex should be practiced when both sides are comfortable, willing and ready. If a partner needs time to think through, she should be given the chance.

Sex before marriage is illegal. And many religions frown upon it.

  1. Communicate – if your girlfriend says no to you, talk over it
  2. Be polite – avoid abusive language and be gentle
  3. Exercise patience – give her ample time to make her decision
  4. Respect her view – try as much as you can to reason with her. Understand her to wish and play along
  5. Learn a new set of skills to be more romantic to your girlfriend
  6. Grow her affection for you by writing her love letters
  7. Ask your girlfriend romantic questions to fortify emotional and physical attraction between you
  8. Do the following when you get aroused
  • Play video game
  • Read books
  • Talk to friends
  • Go to the kitchen to cook your favorite food
  • Meditate
  • Sing or play music
  • Watch none romantic movies
  • Go out to watch your favorite sport
  • Go for a walk
  • Ride bicycle
  • Launch a graphic software to design anything that comes to mind e.g.; use CorelDraw to design flyers or crop images or manipulate graphics with Photoshop
  • Watch news

There are no limits to things to do when you are sexually aroused but can’t have sex.

Find a balance between activities that help control your sex drive and rely on them whenever you are aroused.

Learn how to be happy alone. This helps give each other enough room to grow individually and also respect your boundaries.

If your girlfriend used to be intimate with you before the sudden change, check yourself.

Perhaps you have developed a certain attitude she is not comfortable with but finding difficulty to voice out.

How Do Men Feel When Their Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Discuss Romance?

How Do Men Feel When Their Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Discuss Romance?

Are you trying to get your girlfriend in the mood and she kinda shuts you out?

How did you feel in that situation? Was it embarrassing? How did you handle it?

When you are trying to have an intimate conversation with your girlfriend and she seem not to be in the right mood for it, it sometimes gets heavy on your neck.

Did you experience any of the following?

  • Not everybody may feel same about it but first timers may get embarrassed
  • You may think you offended her
  • Men at times begin to read meaning into it
  • You may feel ignored
  • Some men feel angry
  • Revenge – you feel to pay her back
  • You want to talk to your ex or another girl
  • Feel lonely and sad

Why Is My Girlfriend Not Feeling Like Having Sex Anymore?

Why Is My Girlfriend Not Feeling Like Having Sex Anymore?

There are many reasons your girlfriend may decide to lock down.

17 Common Causes – My Girlfriend Is Not Intimate

  1. Lack of sex drive – having low libido can be a contributing factor
  2. Lack of desire in the relationship – nourishing intimacy and neglecting desire or passion
  3. Facing psychological and social problems – untreated anxiety, depression and sexual abuse in childhood or past relationship may result to low sexual desire
  4. Financial difficulties – hardship in a relationship, job situations
  5. No longer in love with you – a woman ceases being intimate when initial chemistry diminishes
  6. She is seeing another person – because she is having affair
  7. Having no or little communication on sexual needs
  8. Culture and religion – belief system can change how a person relates with sex – conflict over sex style or how to have sex, when, where and who to have sex with
  9. Failure to attain orgasm –failure to reach orgasm depletes the desire to try again over time – try adopting foreplay and know your girlfriend’s body to enhance quality sex
  10. Painful sex – experiencing pain during and after sex – consult a physician for assistance
  11. Pregnancy – hormone changes during pregnancy can cause low libido
  12. Lack of trust – if your partner suspects or knows you are cheating
  13. Longstanding conflicts in relationship – failure to resolve conflicts can deplete sexual responsiveness
  14. Stress – lots of pressure from home and work
  15. Ailment – she is not healthy
  16. Suffering from body image – when a woman is having doubt about her physical appearance, she becomes reluctant to engage in sex
  17. Birth control – taking birth control pill may affect a woman’s sex drive – Dr. Lynae Brayboy, chief medical officer at Clue. Note: its not same for everyone.

When A Woman Loses Interest in A Man

When A Woman Loses Interest in A Man

Lack of sexual drive can be daunting in relationship.

Sex plays great role in relationship, losing the ability to demonstrate intimacy towards your husband is disturbing to married women.

According to Dr. J. Kyle Mathews the persistent lack of interest in sex that causes distress is low sexual desire or female sexual dysfunction.

How A Woman Knows She Has Sexual Dysfunction

  • Lack of interest in sex continues or returns and causes personal distress
  • Difficulty in maintaining libido during sexual intercourse
  • Failure to reach organism
  • Pain during sex

When you get overwhelm in your relationship, consult a marriage counselor. Seek professional sexual advice from health experts as early as possible.

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