How to Talk Intimately with Your Boyfriend Over Text

How to Ask Your Boyfriend for Sex on Phone

Women frequently find it difficult to strike up an intimate conversation with their man. They wait for the man to initiate contact to avoid appearing needy and cheap. Here are subtle personal conversation starters that will improve your romantic game permanently if you want to take charge of starting the first intimate text.

Would you hold my hand in public? Tell me, hard it ever crossed your mind to kiss me? Can you make me cry tonight? What makes you want to hold to our friendship? Which romantic place will you love to take your girlfriend?

What to text to your boyfriendYour boyfriend’s Reply
1. Something dirty is on my mind.Tell me about it.
2. Oooops just scratched my nipple in the bath house, it hurts.On my way with my first aid box/let me see it
3. Bought a new detergent, it’s making my pants look cleaner and smell great. I will come for an inspection
4. Cleaning dishes right now, guess what? Splash water in my dress. Now I have to be in my underwear to wash. Ouch! It’s wet but too busy to change.Am already imagining a figure in wet underwear in front of me. My heart is racing.
5. It is light out here, the room is too hot I have to take off my cloth and place ice on my chest to cool off.I’m thirsty and your ice will be of help.
6. My colleague’s fiancé visits her at work, looking at them at the cafeteria, is reminding me of someone.Just as I saw two lovers kissing, all I can think of is your lips.
7. I got something on my mind. That goodbye kiss left me crying for more.Didn’t know am such a good kisser. Now my temperature is rising.
8. When are you coming home? Can’t wait for another shower together.Come join me. About to shower.
9. Am suffering from love addiction.Work sucks, friends suck, and family sucks without you.
10. All the channels am flipping through right now on TV, the women are on top of the men in the movies. Do you mind watching with me?Am in dear.
11. Am wearing your favorite nightie.Am in your favorite pajamas.
12. They’re playing our song on the radio. The song we played the night of our first anniversary.Why wouldn’t we sing along.
13. The love bite isn’t healing, my doctor said I need another to heal quickly. Should I ask our neighbor?Am gonna kill somebody’s neighbor.
14. Just sent you a tape, a man and a woman are in a dark room sounding like our last night together.In the middle of watching it and feeling the edge of being home.
15. Can I get a dawn massage?If you promise to be nice. lol
16. Am feeling lonely, seems am missing someone.That someone is missing someone.
17. Guess what, I’m twerking.Please send me a tape.
18. I am in the kitchen preparing a hot meal. And naked because it is hot meal day.Let’s celebrate. Pants down.
19. So exhausted today, can you unzip my dress please?Wish my arms were long.
20. Tell me about your best moment with me.With you, every moment is my best moment.
21. I had a dream about you, we were lonely in a flower garden.And what were we doing……
How to talk to your boyfriend intimately over text table

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Are you having a hard time getting your boyfriend to start romantic conversation? Or are you looking for ways to disguise your intimate questions yet arriving at the same result as extroverts?

The following questions will help you.

Key Romantic Questions

  • If there’s a chance to touch me, which part of my body will you touch most?
  • Do you think of me late night?
  • What would you do if I came and strip naked before you?
  • What is your wildest fantasy?
  • When we first met, what was going through your mind?

Some call them dirty questions to ask your boyfriend or partner. Whichever caption it is, an unavoidable part of every relationship is communication.

To have a lasting relationship, one must learn to communicate, either employing fun questions, discussing personal matters which result to understanding future plans of your partner, or talking about family issues etc.

In this topic, we will be looking at a list of simple questions which can raise your partner’s sensual antenna.
These items can help increase intimacy in your newly or well-established relationship.

Sexually Intimate Questions to Ask A Guy

The inquiries in the tables below were posed to more than 70 respondents. The questions were created to identify subjects that would probably result in a close conversation between people of different sexes. Their responses are as follows.

Intimate Questions Asked MenAnswers to Questions
1. What is your wildest fantasy?1. My wildest fantasy is to have a woman who will be open, fun, active, and jovial and to have a love that is very wild and romantic.
2. Taking you as one of my wives
2. What do you intend to do with me at this moment?To create a remarkable moment with you. Hugging you and feel the warmth of you.
3. When we first met, what was going through your mind?1. It was my wish to marry you.
2. How to make you the woman of my world.
4. If we are in the same room and you notice am without lingerie, what will you do?1. This one it depends, if I realize that you have feelings I won’t spare you but you if don’t have feelings, we will be in the room like brother and sister.
2. I will romance you and likely have sex with you.
5. If I tell you the last time I paid visit I wasn’t wearing underwear would you be shocked?Yes, because I can’t imagine that.
6. Does it bother you when I get naughty?No not at all / No.
7. Do you watch ‘do the do’ movie?No, it will tempt /  No.
8. Have you ever been touched by a girl?Yes, countless times /   Yes.
9. Do you play hide and seek?Yes, it’s fun /   Yes.
10. Are you a good kisser?Yes, girls always tell me  /  Yes.
11. Do you like virgin?Yes, they taste sweet / Yes.
12. If I drop ice on my chest will you help remove it?Yes, with my tongue / Yes.
13. Do you like a woman on top?Sometimes / Yes.
14. Between night and dawn which is your favorite?Both / Night.
15. Which do you enjoy most, back or front?Both but enjoy the back more / Front.
16. Imagine us getting wet in a heavy rain fall.1. Wow sex party then…. 😍
2. Will start kissing you in the middle of the rain and when we enter the room the romance still continues and we have sex.
17. Would you be comfortable when toy with my body in front of you?No.
18. I miss you, do you miss me too?I miss you more
19. My friend is sitting on my lap, are you jealous?Same sex cool but opposite sex, Yes! 😡 / No only if there’s no feelings attached.
20. What positions would you rather try on our first day?1. Front and back 🤫 2. Missionary.
21. Have you ever had intercourse?Yes.
22. How many lips have you kissed?2
23. Do you prefer foreplay?Yes, it gingers me more
24. If I dress down in front of you, will I be spared?Yes, because there is no agreement.
25. Have you ever had phone sex?No, I have never kept a distant relationship we are always close.
26. Does your tongue fill in the gap?Have never tried.
27. Do you play with your fingers when you are alone or with your girl?No
28. Are you had to satisfy?Yes and no sometimes.
29. What do you think of when taking bath?1. Nothing 2. Wish to bath with my partner.
30. When did you lose control watching a girl next door?2. Can’t remember 2. Never did.
Intimate questions to ask your boyfriend table I
31. Who broke your virginity?Sonia.
32. Have you ever been seduced at work?No
33. When I send you nude images or clip, what will you think of me?1. Nothing. I’ll only think you love me 2. Nothing bad.
34. Why will you love to be oral?1. Oral sex, like sucking pussy? 2. I don’t like it.
35. Did she call you the next day?Yes.
36. How did you make her want more?1. Nobody wants me more 2. I explored her very well.
37. How many times have you ever been in the act?1. Countless times 2. 3x
38. Do you discuss it afterwards?1. I do but discuss it only with my partner 2. Yes.
39. If I enter your bed room without knocking and find you naked, what would you do?1. Will quickly cover myself and caution you for bashing in 2. Stand upright for you to see me.
40. Do you kiss when doing it?1. At times 2. Was when I was introduced to doggy style.
41. What was your most cherished moment on bed like?

Amazing and memorable.

42. Have you got your fingers dirty with your workmate?No
43. If we watch sex tape together on bed would your hand stay put?No
44. Do you think of caressing me?Yes
45. Would you want me to get loud or silent?Just be you.
46. Do you love me enough to walk away from my naked friend?Yes
47. Trying to put on my pant it seems tight can you help?Yes
48. How do you feel when I call you dear?Loved
49. Do you prefer one-night stands or longer-term sexual partners?Long term
50. Can you date two girls at the same time?Yes
51. Would you pay for sex?No
52. Have you ever used a sex toy?No
53. Have you ever bathed with a lady?Yes
54. Do you sleep without boxer at times?Yes, for easy movement / No.
55. Have you ever read an erotic novel?Yes
56. Do you masturbate?Yes / No
57. Where did you first commit?……. can’t remember || With my ex.
58. Can you share your naked photo with a girl?No / Yes
59. How do you feel when a woman walks by half naked?Feel nothing / Bad
Intimate questions to ask your boyfriend table II
60. Would you pay for sex?No.
61. Have you ever used a sex toy?No.
62. Have you ever bathed with a lady?Yes.
63. Do you sleep without boxer at times?Yes, for easy movement / No.
64. Have you ever read an erotic novel?Yes / Yes.
65. Do you masturbate?Naa / Yes.
66. Where did you first commit?……. can’t remember / With my ex.
67. Can you share your naked photo with a girl?Naa / Yes.
68. How do you feel when a woman walks by half naked?Feel nothing / Bad.
69. If I pay visit would you like me naked as I prepare food?Naa / I will love it if you want to.
70. Condom or raw?Raw / Raw.
71. Who do you prefer to wear condom?None / No one.
72. Who fixes your condom?No one I do it myself / I never used it.
73. How long does it take you to wear a condom?No time to waste I go raw / Never used it.
74. When you take sex pills and your partner isn’t around what would you do?I don’t take sex pills / Nothing.
75. Do you suck breast?Yes, every man is a breast sucker / Yes.
76. Will you kiss a girl on first date?Yes, why not / Yes.
77. Will you allow me to shave you?Yes, I will / Yes.
78. If there’s a chance to touch me, which part of my body will you touch most?Nipple / Your breast.
79. Do you think of me late night?Yes, especially the moment we shared and the kisses / Yes.
80. What would you do if I came and strip naked before you?I will worship your body.
Intimate questions to ask your boyfriend table III

The following charts reveal the scores and number of questions that fall within each range.

Eighteen Questions Scored 10-19 marks which is the lowest conversation rating

Three questions scored from 20-29 and 3 scored 30-39 

Seven Questions scored 40-49 and four scored 50-59

One question scored 60-69 marks and seven scored 70-79

Twenty-eight questions scored 80-90 marks showing the highest number and indicating most effective questions

Twenty-eight questions scored 80-90 marks showing the highest number and indicating most effective questions

How to Please a Man Over the Phone

Is there any easy way to ask my partner for sex while he is not around? I love him too much to start drinking tequila with our next door neighbor. But to be honest, I am getting impatient.

When it comes to self-gratification, there are many ways out there to settle the case. Perhaps, doing it on the phone isn’t one of the many ways you thought of or feel good about.

The best solution we all know, is to wait around until your partner returns from the long long trip.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that. If for some reason you are highly agitated and getting itchy; I do know another route around to drive you without breaking a bone.

This is the exact moment where I introduce you to phone sex. If you are a shy type and thinking of how to go down this path, remember, the possibility of asking for something on phone, is hiding behind the phone.

1. Know What Triggers His Sexual Appetite

I am not going to ask you to discuss it with him though it will be the appropriate thing to do. If you barely know what turns him on, set some time aside and find out from him. It will help you know what exactly to say when you are ready.

2. Know Where He Loves to be Touched

Are you wondering if this is needed? You will need it when your agenda begins to work for you. You can tell him about how you are imagining holding him and touching him where he gets sexually active by mentioning those spots.

This will make him relax and imagine the things you say. It is a great method to seduce him and make your partner ready.

3. Which Hour of the Day does He Love Sex

You need his full attention for both of you to enjoy this and make him ask for more and be the one demanding for it next time. When you know when he happens to find appropriate to engage in sex, you can easily turn him on and set the ball rolling in few minutes.

4. Approach Him at His Free Hour

Just as your divided attention self cannot cause your body and emotion to surrender to sex, his won’t neither grant him the permission to. This is why you need him at the time he’s less busy and ready to have enough time with you.

5. Surrender Your Emotion

If you don’t seem ready, give it another time. In case you mess things up first time, you may feel uncomfortable approaching him with this again. Set your self ready for this. Be in the right mood. Read how to have phone sex to take things even to the next level.

6. Be Bold

If you are feeling timid and passive, you cannot be in charge and control the game as you should. You need to act as the master of the game.

7. Send Him Erotic Text

Take things a step further. Tune him to the right direction and make it happen fast. Activate your romantic vocabulary. Send him sensual images or text to wake him up. Get his 5 senses ready for action.

If you are confused about what to say, check this list: sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text. You can personalize them to suit your need.

8. Call Him and Get Sensitive With Your Talk

Here is where you ultimately execute your idea. Don’t misunderstand me. If you want, you can still perform the magic using text. But I’d much rather hear you speak. You can be more honey by doing that. Give him a sense of your voice.

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