How to Attract a Guy Without Looking Desperate

how to get a man without being desperate

Chasing after a man is not a thing any parent or relative teaches their daughter growing up. Traditionally, you are to lay low as a female while waiting on a man you desire to approach and steal your heart. While this makes the girl look descent and non-desperate; it can make her wait and wait, at the end watching her dream man in another girl’s arms.

To avoid this disappointment, I have prepared a guide that will help attract your dream mate while maintaining your tradition.

1. You Should Socialize

If you are an introvert, socialization may be hard. You don’t need a large crowd, start with neighbors or workmates. If getting a partner is very important for you, you should at least avoid hanging out with yourself all the time.

Make a few casual friends that you can spend a moment or two with. If you don’t mind the crowd; then, go out there and mix up.

2. Make Yourself Available

It is important to be available for your dream man to communicate with you.

This is not about following him home. If you are a college student, or work in same company or live in the same neighborhood; you shouldn’t always look busy or act like you are on a time bomb when you walk by.

There’s a girl I’ve been trying to communicate with, she lived around my formal work place, any time she walked by, she was like a jet on the runway.

If you called her, she dashed in and by the time you’ll speak a word, she was already home preparing dinner.

Finally, I closed her case and sealed the file, dumped it far. Now, when she passed, she will try to greet although she was still speeding like Bugatti.

Recently, I was with a friend to buy bread and she came around to buy too. When she saw us, talking reluctantly, she started flipping her lips in out, fishing her face out like an unsatisfied baby demanding breastmilk.

Protect yourself, but ease the restriction a little if you happen to be around the guy you like.

3. Be Polite

If you are unfriendly, no man will stand you. Even the man you seem friendly with will be scared telling you anything of that sort because he is scared of being bitten.

It is important to set boundary, but when it is found that his papers are absolutely genuine, open the border.

When you look harsh and sack letter is written all over your face, nobody will approach. Who wants to be rejected?

4. Wear Beautiful Face

Oh yeah! There are many girls who are looking extra charming and welcoming. If you are putting on don’t come close facial expression, your dream man may never show up. Especially if your dream man is gentle and doesn’t entertain embarrassment.

5. Dress Neatly

You are not a player. You are only looking for a responsible partner. So, dress responsible. But make it look appealing.

Men are outward based creatures. Wear something so cool, comb your hair neatly, wash your face and look charming.

6. Don’t be too Difficult

Traditionally, as we know, women are trained to say no. Which is not too bad. But if your no becomes consistent and never changing, your dream man may walk away thinking he is not your class or choice.

You may say, if he truly likes me, then, he should stay. If you choose to give him tough time, don’t over do it. Whenever he tries walking away, find a way to bring him back.

7. Don’t Place Demands

Meet her today, she demands tomorrow. Very annoying. Presenting yourself as gold digger only makes men take off to their heel.

8. Be Yourself

If you can be yourself, you don’t need to fight to get what you want. Men will be chasing after you when you are confident. At the same time, you will be able to shield yourself from those that don’t have good intention.

9. Be Eloquent

When you are fluent and well-expressed; men will desire becoming friends with you. Whenever you speak, be well organized and talk with confidence.

10. Use Eye Contact

Easiest way to bring a man on his feet is locking him with your eye. After the eye contact, when he calls you or approaches you, be opened.

11. Use the Catwalk Method

This is so cool. Men are automatically attracted to catwalks. Whenever you walk by your crush, apply this method. If you have buttocks, you can put it in motion. This kills men.

12. Lead the Conversation

If you are close, you can channel the conversation in that direction whenever you talk. You can let him know you are single, though you are not desperate but if you meet the right person it will be ok.

13. Show Your Math Skills

If you are a math genius, don’t hesitate to show off. It doesn’t have to be math, any subject you are good at, raise a topic in that space for discussion.

14. Play Tough

The problem with life is things that come easy are always treated with less respect and given little or no attention.

The very reason as a woman, you were taught to remain strong and always say no even if you are interested.

Humans are funny.

If you are too easy, there’s no value on you. Even though your toughness should have limit, you want to display some level of comportment.

15. Check on Him Frequently

Call him once a while to know how he is doing. Text him happy new month or Father’s Day or wish him a Merry Christmas.

16. Compliment Him

One cool thing you can do is when you work in the same office, you can mess your work and ask him to help fix it. Afterwards, let him know how much you appreciate his help.

17. Avoid Sharing Your Contact on the Street

There are some girls, everywhere you pass, a guy’s cell phone is in their hands, dialing her contact. Very sick I guess, if you are interested in her.

18. Give Emotional and Physical Nourishment

A personality trait possessed by women that can get a guy’s attention is nurturing. Showing compassion and being caring can be a sign of availability.

Read what are female personality traits to learn more female personality traits that can woo a man.

19. Prepare Food for the Guy You Like

Prepare him delicious food and serve him. Bring him food if you work in the same office. Bake cookies if preparing food seem too heavy. Tell him you were only trying it out and you’d like him to be the first to taste it.

Recipes to make him fall in love is a hands-on guide to select the best recipe which may win his heart over quickly.

Also, learn about the aphrodisiac foods that will boost his intimate energy and quicken his sensual motivation.

20. Spend Time with Him

Male-female magnet has stronger attraction. The more you stay together, the easier it gets to fall in love.


  • Break the Rule

I want to say, if he is not getting the sign language and you really want him, break the rule. Ignore females don’t propose love tradition and go all out to tell him how you feel.

  • Don’t be taken for granted

After proposing; don’t allow him to take you cheap because you confess your feelings. Tighten your borders and be yourself.

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