7 Signs a Woman is Attracted to You

Physical Attraction

Identify the possible signs your friend wants more than just a friendship. Or the girl next door is attracted to you.

She touches you frequently when you talk, gives you a quick look or fixes her gaze on you when you talk. Smiles at you, laughs at your jokes and cares about your wellbeing. She shows interest in your ambition and loves to go out with you.

1. She Gives You Glances

Eye Contact

That flirtatious eye contact at a glimpse could be a sign she is into you. Naturally, if the opposite sex likes you, they look your direction often or keep eye contact when they talk to you.

It is like getting to a boutique and appreciating a particular dress on the shelf. This will resonate with girls. When you admire something; you involuntarily keep your eyes glued on it.

2. She is Fond of You

Fond of you

You will admit that, you don’t plan spending your last day on earth with someone you cannot stand for a second. When she likes you bad, she just wants you around all of the time. And if she is down for you, she gets hiccup when you leaving.

3. She is Playful with You


Does the she love kidding with you? This could be a good sign she is into you.

4. She is Showing a Sense of Belonging

Sense of belonging

When the other sex shows more concern about your look, career and wellbeing, that could be a sign of she is into you. For example, if a girl fixes your tie frequently, or picks things from your hair, your shirt, it is her way of telling you she is attracted to you.

5. Not Resisting your Touch

Not resisting your touch

Is she fond of touching you or not disallowing you to play with her body? This could be because she is attracted to you.

6. Laugh Over Things You Say

Laugh over things you say

If the other sex laughs over almost all your jokes, it is a sign she likes you and is physically attracted to you and wants to keep you around as long as it could take.

7. She Smiles to You

Smiles to you

She smiles to you when you talk or touch her. Her glance is accompanied with broad smiles.

Can You Fall in Love with Someone You are not Physically Attracted to?

Physical attraction in a relationship is very important and plays a vital role.

What we must take note of is the goosebumps signal doesn’t always guarantee long lasting relationship or strong companionship. It may for a while, but as time goes, other personality attributes may change how you relate with each other.

Not all relationships began with love at first sight. People end up in marriages where there was completely no love. These feelings are therefore grown along the way. And there’s nothing wrong with it, provided they don’t allow it to wear them down.

To get back to the question, of course you can fall in love. One must understand that, besides physical attraction, there are many factors that influence people to be attracted to others.

Here’s a list of some factors.

Environment or Neighborhoo


Mostly, people pick partners from where they live. Staying around people for a long time may influence choice of partner. For instance: kids living in same neighborhood are likely to become friends.

Your Culture


Culture is a unifying force. Sharing similar believe, food, language, music, education, personality, class, economic background among others can simply bring us together.

Act of Kindness

Act of kindness

You don’t have to be attracted to anyone physically to accept help or for the person to care for you. When people are concern about your wellbeing, it creates attraction.

How to Develop Physical Attraction?

Perhaps you are in a relationship and trying to build physical passion around it, I want to suggest some tips to help you.

Let’s dive in.

Baptizing Bollywood Fantasy:

Baptizing Bollywood Fantasy

It sounds religious, in deed it is. Hollywood had tossed all of its game changing imaginative romantic adventure to Bollywood. And they are just killing it with more fantasies.

These ideas of whom I want to be with, how rich, how tall, sexy, slim, how gentle, number of cars, Goliath type of person had been borrowed from these motion pictures which got many stacked and disappointed in all the people who came their way.

We worship at the feet of these movies and expect real life to flow in same direction. If you happened to find good qualities in someone but can’t get that physical connection, try baptizing your Bollywood fantasy and give it another try.

Create a New Fantasy Calendar:

Create a New Fantasy Calendar

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” they say. As you remove others perspective about what an ideal mate is, create your own fantasies base on things you admire about the person.

Thinking more of the person’s positive side may eventually spark that strong emotion you wish to see.

Sex is not the Answer:

Sex is not the Answer

Avoid sexual intercourse. It could worsen issues. If you never had it, then don’t try. If you did, not again. As people build aggressive chemistry through sex, being intimate sexually in this case may not be appropriate option.

Explore Sense of Humor:

Explore Sense of Humor

Try laughter. Get a comedy movie and watch together. Share funny stories. Gossip about yourselves to yourselves, it’s a crazy trick which makes people bark in fun.

A Little Touch:

A little touch

Play Romeo and Juliet. Although I cautioned against sex, you should engage in physical touch now and then. Touch is sensitive and it can leave you in the opposite sex’s memory.

Be gentle, do not pressure your mate, be romantic with your touch. Most of all, do it at the right time and place.

Try Romantic Clips and Images:

Try Romantic Clips and Images

Share and discuss arousing videos and pictures. And make yourself sexually attractive as you discuss.

Take Care of Each Other:

Take Care of Each Other

If he isn’t the type that gives a heck to what he wears out, do your best to prepare a clean ironed clothe for him. Buy her some new dresses “after Sunday service” outfit.

Go for Fun Trips:

Go for fun trip

Live’s short. Before you say no, am done here, try some outdoor trips to see if it may build chemistry muscle.

Do House Chores Together:

Do House Chores Together

Clean dishes together, prepare dinner and eat together.


Try dating to improve upon your relationship. Whenever you feel cornered in a relationship and it seem you suffocating, it might be best to say good bye. There’s nothing wrong working things out with another person.

While sex may be a lot fun in relationship, it is important to hold off. There are different ways to stay intimately close and remain sexually attracted to your mate without intercourse.

Doing so increases attraction as it generates high interest in both of you.

Explore other channels when physical attraction isn’t glare to work with. A man or woman’s personality, interest, intelligence and education also initiate relationship between opposite sex.

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