How to Easily Find the Vaginal Opening When Inserting My Penis

Ultimate guide to climaxing together and connecting with your partner deeply. How well do you know her body? What most men call vagina isn’t the vagina.

Are you a first timer or are you finding difficulty in locating where to start from? You are not alone. Finding that spot can be tricky. This lesson will help fix your worries about how to find the vaginal opening when inserting your penis.

How to Find the Vaginal Opening

The vagina receives the penis during sexual intercourse and serves as a conduit for menstrual flow from the uterus and exit for babies from the womb.

The vulva, which is mostly referred to traditionally as the vagina is the external part of the female sex organ. It has an entrance which varies from female to female. While others may have thicker and wider labia likely concealing the passageway; others are likely to be thinner.

The inner labia may stick out or look longer and others may be hidden inside the outer labia.
Whichever the case, first timers could possible fail to locate the vaginal opening.

A common reason is anxiety or tension on the side of the man. Which is why it may not only happen to first timers.
Other reason is the woman is not relaxed. This prevents the male organ from entering through the passageway easily.

  • The solution to this is for both partners to relax and take their time.
  • Use your fingers to spread the inner lips apart – labia minora.
  • Have your partner guide your organ into the opening.
  • Squat to look around.
  • Use lubricant


A solution to wandering in the wilderness trying to find the passageway is foreplay. Spending ample time to know each other’s body, playing with the vulva and other parts of the body will make things easier.

When foreplay, it may not necessarily end up with penile penetration. This is a sexual activity done aforehand, preparing for the ultimate decision “sexual intercourse”.

If this exercise is done well, you may not need to worry about premature ejaculation or multiple orgasm.

Why do I Need Foreplay?

Women don’t have the pressure to maintain erection or think of losing erection. While the man is practicing all the safer methods at the back of a book or online article to keep their erection; the woman can surrender herself to pleasure. For this, you need to get the woman in the right state.

How to Foreplay

  • Start with an intimate kiss: kiss her hands, wrists, feet and ankles
  • Massage her gently
  • Caress her arms, legs, abdomen, spine, neck and ears
  • Gently touch inward parts of the thighs
  • Massage the buttocks
  • Caress the base of the breast slowly
  • Gradually advance towards the upper part of the breast and fondle the nipple
  • Rub the tongue around the nipple
  • Stimulate her inner thighs, mons, and vaginal lips (labia majora, labia minora)
  • Fondle clitoris from the base to the sides
  • Gently touch the hood of the clitoris and roll the clitoris between your thumb and index finger
  • With the tongue, touch the inner lips and the perineum
  • Slowly push a finger or two inside her
  • Thrust the finger or fingers in and out
  • Then, at this point, rub the tip of your penis against the clitoris
  • Slide the penis around the inner lips
  • Now it will be easier to locate the entrance of vagina (vagina opening), in a step by step manner, insert the erect penis. Remember not to go full length at first stage. This should be gradual process.
  • Do you notice how foreplay makes things a lot easier than trying to rush things out?

Physiological and Physical things that Happens in Foreplay

During foreplay, many things happen. The brain and other sex organs respond to sexual inducements.

According to a study by Nummenmaa and his colleagues in 2016, when a sensitive area of a person’s body is touched, it is typically interpreted by the brain in one of three ways: “That tickles!” “That hurts!” or, “That…you need to do again!”

Thus, the more sensitive areas of our bodies have greater potential to evoke pleasure.

During excitement phase:

  • heart rate and breathing accelerates
  • along with increased blood flow to the penis, vaginal walls, clitoris, and nipples
  • vagina gets lubricated reducing friction, allowing easy penetration

During orgasm phase:

  • After reaching its climax, neuromuscular tension is released and the hormone oxytocin floods the bloodstream, facilitating emotional bonding.

Safety Precautions

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  • Get tested for sexual transmitted infections
  • Use contraceptives if you are not planning on making babies
  • Use condom to avoid sexual transmitted infections
  • Use oral sex condom – this is a condom placed on a partner’s organ while the other partner fixes another in the mouth
  • Clean your hands before inserting to vagina

Lost Between Her Thighs

Lost Between Her Thighs

Between her legs, he invests his future
He is a hard worker, sleeps little, eats little

At the end of the day, he pours his sweat between her legs
In the light of day, they go their separate ways;
while he fights to make enough money to please her

She walks the streets in mini skirt, slaying young hearts
His money is not enough, and his sex is never satisfying

He carefully schedules to meet her, leaving the wife and kids
He barks as dog at home, and meow as cat at her door

Early morning, he checks his account balance, and scream,
“Lost Between Her Thighs!”

The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava
Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology by Don Lucas and Jennifer Fox