How to Kiss A Girl for The First Time

How to kiss a girl for the first time

Research shows that women remember their first kiss vividly. I mean every part of it. So, if you’re going for the first kiss, you want to leave a memorable scene and feeling on her mind.

Draw her attention gradually and be on the look for her signal. Establish eye contact. Be convinced she is interested. Make sure she is ready. Be casual. Avoid going with tongue. Take a shot at private site.

1. Hoist a Flag

Now it’s time to prepare the ground and test the waters. Draw her attention gradually, give complement. Tell her how she looks romantic in her outfit.

2. Establish Eye Contact

Look into her eyes and study the response. Smile as you communicate softly.

3. Be Convinced She is Interested and Ready

Be convinced she is interested and ready

If it’s a date, that’s a step ahead. Should it be the first date, then she might be skeptical at the moment. She may not be sure scheduling another date with you or not.

Because of this, you should have a clear conviction it is the right time to act.

Try touching slightly, wait patiently for response, hold the fingers gently for seconds and wait for her reaction.

Pretend to pick something from her hair, or touch the chick within seconds or try getting closer. If the responses turn out positively, then you might be getting somewhere good.

Give it another time when she doesn’t seem to feel comfortable with your exploration.

4. Be Casual on First Date

If you not sure exactly what you doing, remain casual and leave her in suspense. Unless she pushes things far, Kiss smart on first time but do it sweet and soft for her to want more.

5. Avoid Going with Tongue

Don’t haste giving the tongue a chance at first day. Should things work well, there are plenty of times ahead for the tongue.

6. Take a Shot at Private Site:

Take a shot at private site

When first attempt goes bad, it might be last attempt. That isn’t a thing any boyfriend wants. A boyfriend wants to have her girl as long as he can and if kissing is going to be a determining factor; it should work well.

First time kiss should be reserved for private spot.

It could happen at a crossroad, where you parting ways. Perhaps in a lonely dark room or any place where there’s no interference.

How to Kiss Your Girlfriend Romantically

How to Kiss Your Girlfriend Romantically

Do you always end up like this after kissing your partner? Back against each other.

Consider losing a girl for lack of kissing skills? Okay that sounds quite hash. Think of having a girlfriend whom your kisses spike joy out of every time you do it.

Make your love life more romantic with each kiss.

Step by Step Guide to Romantic Kiss

Step by Step Guide to Romantic Kiss

1. Show Her Respect

Kiss her gently at the forehead, lip, hand or neck.

2. Be Protective

Let every kiss reassure her of your full support for her and the relationship by wrapping arms around her.

3. Play with Kiss

Tease her with gentle kiss and walk away. After few seconds get back at it, and leave her wondering. This spike new level of intimate feelings in her.

4. Don’t be Aggressive

Do it slowly, tickly, smooch and kiss other parts apart from the lips.

5. Give Genuine Complement

Tell her how beautiful her lips look and attracts you. Talk about how you find her mouth sexy and can’t keep away from it.

6. Know What She Likes

If it’s your first time at it, it may sound awkward asking but if you both familiar, its fine to ask which other ways she may love to be kissed.

It involves her in the process and also creates learning curve where you both get chance to learn new set of skills. She as well feels safe and respected.

7. Keep Your Lips Wet

Avoid crack lips as they make kissing experiences unpleasant. Keep lips moisturize and soft to maintain memorable moments.

8. Mourn to Turn Her on

When you have deep kiss, try to mour, it will help turn her on.

8 Ways to Turn Expert to Kiss Your Boyfriend

  • Spend time together, create bond.
  • Torch His Sensitive Spots: Focus headlight on attention grabbing areas.
  • Caress the edge of the ear with the tip of your tongue.
  • Lick his hands as lollipop.
  • Suck his nipple. Attending to female nipple turns out to be amazing experience, but boys also feel loved when their girlfriends suck and lick their nipples.
  • Move your tongue to his belly and lick the navel.
  • Kiss his arms, while you are at it, gently pull his hairs with your mouth if he is hairy.
  • Girls get lost in romance when their legs and toes are kissed. So, do men, kiss your boyfriend’s legs and toes, again if he is hairy pass your fingers through it and pull the hair with your mouth.

Body Language for Kiss – [8 Tips to Know Your Girlfriend is Ready for a Kiss]

Body Language for Kiss

1. She twirls her hair

When your partner passes her hand through her hair, twisting the hair as she talks, stares quietly or acting shy, it is a good sign she is in the mood.

2. She remove overcoat

When you are alone in the rain and she removes her jacket instead of having the overcoat on, there’s nothing on her mind other than what I am thinking.

3. She will make eye contact

Actions speak louder than words they say. Sign language speaks a thousand words in a second. Watch out for the eye gate. If she is giving you that kind of wet look, she may be speaking a kissing language.

4. Leaning on opposite sex

Don’t become nervous when she lays her head on your shoulder or on your chest. This is a clear sign and you taking a shot at this very moment will not backfire.

5. Touching

When she touches you a lot when you are alone together, this is nothing but a perfect moment to give it a try. I am of the view that, you will not fail. All you need do is to play nice. Remember to always be a gentleman when it is your first attempt.

6. Drawing hips closer

When she moves closer to your body, you should start drawing closer too to close the gap.

7. How she talks

If she pays rapt attention to you, flip to jerky laugh when you talk, eager to know you on deeper level, and contributing to the conversation effective, it may be a sign she wants a kiss.

8. Stirring at opposite sex’ lips

When your girlfriend stares at your lips closely and pays more attention to your face while sitting alone, it may be the right time to try kissing her.

Types of Kisses

Do you know there are different types of kisses? Well, I was not aware until 2021 when a friend asked me how he could kiss his girlfriend passionately and make her feel all of him.

I paused a while, then I replied ….. hmmmmm “I don’t know”. Sped to the internet. Looking for how to kiss your girlfriend and make her want more of you.

This is what gave birth to this blog post, how to kiss your girl for the first time. I had no idea how to kiss your way out of trouble to know there are different forms of kissing. I started researching on kissing and found couple of blogs talking about types of kisses.

Hell no! Come again? French kiss? Never heard that! So was I new to all other types mentioned on the internet.

  • Butterfly kiss
  • Lizzy kiss
  • American kiss
  • Ice kiss
  • Single lip kiss
  • Lip trace kiss

While I am yet to understand the subject, types of kisses, I have found something more interesting, reading Anne Hooper’s Kama Sutra classic lovemaking techniques reinterpreted for today’s lovers.

Even though these are not the types of kisses, what I learned from Hooper’s love making classic compelled me to claim a spot in the types of kisses for these sensitive actions I’m about to share. As this may not be possible, lets give them the caption Anne dedicated for them.

The Erogenous Zones

This is to talk about some of the most sensitive areas of the female body which when kissed gives high pleasure to both the receiver and the giver.

Warning: This isn’t going to be detailed as it should be or supported with images from left right center. You can search the book online and hear it from the horses own mouth.

  • Lips, neck and throat: touch softly, lick mildly, and kiss these areas from angle to angle to leave her wanting more of you.
  • Breasts and nipples: these are sensitive delicate areas of a woman which you can fondle, squeeze and kiss to produce highly chamber pleasure.
  • Ankles and calves: stimulate and kiss the ankles, calves and toes to put her where you want.
  • Thighs: target the inner thighs, stroke them lightly, lick, and then kiss for erotic pleasure.
  • Buttocks: light strokes, kisses and firm but gentle fondling can generate highly erotic pleasure for both the giver and the one on the receiving end.

Now if I should add these to the list of kisses, I’d name them accordingly. Perhaps I’d say something funny like these “Neck and throat kiss, Breasts and nipples kiss, Ankle kiss, calve kiss, Inner thigh kiss, and Bumbum kiss”.


Don’t Haste for Nipple

Most people run off to nipple sucking too early
  • When I talk nipple sucking, most people run off to it too early. While there mightn’t be any calculated time available for going for the nipple, you must make things simmer.
  • Compare this to preparing stew. That process where stew is left on stove for few minutes to get all ingredients well cooked.
  • While heading for the nipples, approach them with the roundabout and mountain climbing procedure. This, in its state generates sexual energy to them. As the base is fondled well enough, circle around nipple with tongue.
  • Suck, move edge of tongue in forward backwards manner on tip of nipple. Pay attention to length and thickness, should it get hard or erect, your partner may buy you a jeep for a job well done.
  • To answer my friend’s question now; find these pleasure areas of your partner and kiss them fervently and you will break the horse forever.
  1. Lips, neck and throat
  2. Breasts and nipples
  3. Ankles and calves
  4. Thighs
  5. Buttocks

Funny right? Never mind!

If I were a mind reader, I’d say you are eager to practice the erogenous zones method on your partner right away.

Feel free to use any of the methods without describing me to your girlfriend if you feel insecure.

See ya!

For balanced diet – read this – body language for kiss.

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