How to Make Corn Dough

How to prepare kenkey
  1. Harvest or buy maize from the market
  2. Soak your preferred amount of grain in water for a day. 3 days recommended for easy milling
  3. Pour the water off the grain after 3 days
  4. Pour fresh water on it for two times at least to remove the fermented scent
  5. Mill grain into smooth dough (it is only milled once, lest it stacks in the mill. So, soak for 3 days for grains to be wet)
  6. Keep in a clean container for two days to ferment before use (nonfermented corn dough will not make your banku thick)
  7. After two to five days, corn dough can be used to prepare banku, kenkey (for porridge it can be used same day)
  8. Now you can mix corn dough with cassava dough for your banku

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