How to Make Gari: Step by Step

How to make gari

Watch my YouTube video on how to make cassava dough for banku and gari. The videos are simple and easy to learn.

You can start to process your own cassava dough for banku and gari after watching these videos. You will also learn how to make gari for yourself and your household.

  1. Harvest or buy cassava from the market
  2. Peel the cassava
  3. Wash to remove dirt
  4. You can soak for a day if you don’t have time to grate the same day
  5. Pour the water and add fresh water if you couldn’t grind the next day (keeping it for long will cause it to rot and ferment, hence, giving your dough bad scent)
  6. Grate for about 2 times
  7. Pour in a clean sack which can pass liquid
  8. Place on a flat surface e.g., flat stone and cover it with other flat stone to drain the liquid
  9. Keep under the stone for two to three days depending on the temperature
  10. If it is dried, remove and place into a clean container
  11. Now your cassava dough is ready for preparing gari
  12. Put a frying tray or frying pan on fire for 5 – 10 minutes to keep it warm
  13. Fetch a bit by bit into the iron pan or frying pan and use the stirrer to mix the cassava dough
  14. Fry for 30-40 minutes
  15. It will change color to creamy color

Mill cassava the same day you peel it (recommended).


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