How to Start a Love Letter to Your Crush

Looking for pickup lines to start a crush letter? Don’t look any further. Here are 8 phrases that will melt your crush.

  1. Your favorite drink is on my table as I reach you with my words. I still remember how you sipped, that was romantic.
  2. I have always been a fan of long dresses, but that red dress for a birthday party just killed it all. I’d like to watch you in it another time.
  3. Seeing that you were nervous meeting a gentleman like me for the first time, I want to grace you with a second chance to meet me with your nerves calmed – lol
  4. Do you look lovely all the time in a lift? Guess I should be taking lifts often with the hope of meeting you.
  5. Hello Beatrice, I looked for you several times to meet you in person, but you are always out on a mission, so, I decided to write you this letter to interrupt your busy schedule, huh
  6. The night was fun and lovely, and the background music was compelling. Here is a copy of the tape you were singing along tirelessly last night.
  7. You are a regularly Neil Storm customer, so I’m I …….. always in with my clients, the reason I never approached for a month now. Yesterday, was my off day, I came to check if the angel would still show up and yes, she did……
  8. Not sure if you love free offers. Well I do, there’s this joint not that far from my place and almost close to your house, which makes it a common ground, they offer free red wine just for taking a sit. I’m free this Saturday, let’s catch up.

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