How to Treat A Woman with Respect

How to Treat A Woman with Respect

Respecting a fellow human cannot be overemphasized. Everybody wants to be valued, seen equal and appreciated. That, my friend, is what you should be doing to the woman in your life. Treat a woman with respect and it all comes back to you. Devalue her and reap the consequences.

Don’t blow her jaw over argument. Don’t scream your frustration on her. See her as your sister. Give her a fair hearing – by that, I mean avoid interrupting her. Apologize when you wrong. Stop cursing whenever you disagree with her. Leave her parents out of your anger business e.g.; you were not raised well! Stop scanning through her cell phone. Are you an antivirus?

1. Do not raise a fist

No matter how your woman makes you feel, do not raise your hand on her. Avoid being abusive.

Also stay away from vulgar words as you communicate?

In every relationship, there will be divergent opinions. Amicably resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.

Badmouthing your wife, girlfriend, co-worker is no way to show respect.

2. Pay attention

Allow her to express her feelings openly. Value her views, give her suggestions and decisions equal degree of attention.

Suppressing a woman’s freedom to communicate in relationship, at work, in friendship is curtailing her freedom of speech.

Relationship is better-off with heads together.

3. Do not force your opinion, likes and dislikes on her

Don’t insist your style, way of life on her.

Your favorite food doesn’t have to be hers. Learn to understand each other.

You should acknowledge her freewill.

4. Stop ignoring her

Women always have something to say every time, all the time. It may be irritating at times to some men, but don’t ignore her. Be present in the conversation.

If you are busy, ask her to hold on while you finish with your task so she can have your full attention.

5. Do not ostracize her in public

Avoid humiliating a woman in public place. When she says or does something you are not pleased with, talk to her about it privately.

Don’t scream or rebuke her in public. It doesn’t make you more of a man as you may think.

6. Speak mild of her family

Things can get out of hand should you invest time speaking ill of your partner’s family. Be mindful of things you say about her parents, siblings, extended family members and friends.

7. Do not make fun of her body or clothing

Recently, I was at a friend’s shop, and a girl stopped by. Her skirt has a tiny hole, instead of my friend informing her privately; he spoke to the hearing of everyone.

Being public about a woman’s weight and clothing is not the right way to treat a woman.

8. Do not insist love affair or marriage on a woman

Having a relationship with a woman of your desire can be fulfilling.

But leaving her zero choice in regards to marriage or sexual relationship is simply disrespectful to the woman.

9. Trust and believe in her

Don’t be suspicious of her. She’s an individual entitled to friends, career and life as a person.

Relationship void of trust and cheering others up is not a healthy relationship.

Stop doubting her ability, rather, support her in all of her endeavors. Advice and encourage her.

How to Treat A Woman Romantically

1. Make her feel desired

There’s nothing fulfilling in relationship to know you are wanted sincerely by your partner.

She should be on top of your priority list. Call in the morning “hey, want to check up on you”.

Call during her launch time or free time at work. Pay visit at work once a while.

Flood your woman with your presence. I am not of the view that you should disrespect her space.

Recently, a lady asked me, do you like attention? What she means by that is, can I call often to check on you? Can we meet frequently? Can I engage you often?

If you are not sure how far you should go, ask her to lead you down the road. It feels great knowing someone is willing to put you on their priority list.

2. Open door for her

Not all of us have equal opportunity to be in such environment to wait on people and open door for them.

So, when we talk about opening door for a woman, it doesn’t seem to resonate with you. It doesn’t have to be opening door literary.

It could be anything which makes her feel revered.

First thing that comes to mind when a man hears of opening a door for a woman is a car door.

What of holding the door as she walks to the room. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

Simple things can put broad smile on your spouse’s face.

3. Make her feel safe

Be willing to protect her from those that try to castigate her. Any time someone publicly try to humiliate her, standup to the person.

Let her rely on the man in you. Rub her back, hug her and whisper gently into her ears.

4. Say I love you

Reaffirm your love for her. Not only in words but in action too.

A married woman told me about how her husband doesn’t give her gifts nor thank her if she buys him gifts. She complained bitterly about the situation.

She went on to say, she wasn’t expecting big things from the husband, just anything he could get to show that she is on his mind.

You may not be able to do it all at one time, but you shouldn’t neither wait for special occasions to make her feel special.

Get a flower for her on your way home. Buy her underwear, ice-cream etc.


Before you dash out to see a counsellor or a divorce lawyer to spend thousands of dollars on professional counselling or divorce, revisit yourself and see which of the aforementioned points you have not given necessary attention.

Give your marriage sometime. Give your friendship another chance.

Perhaps all you missed was saying sorry. Instead of feeding your ego, and playing innocent, acting all flawless, find a way to say sorry.

It could be the missing link. It could be what sparks new life into the relationship you invested so much to start off ground.

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