How to make a Girl Fall Deeply in Love with You

How to woo a girl

You can have a crush on a girl, fantasize about her all you want but the step to making her your own needs an effort and commitment beyond sweet dreams. If you want to make a girl fall deeply in love with you, you must make a move.

To make a girl fall in love with you requires passion, boldness, creating awareness (stop being a secret admirer, come out clear), showing that you are reliable and she can count on you; being decisive, generous, among others.

Take a look at this scenario.

Take a look at this scenario.

So, here you are, at a family gathering. Then, your uncle’s friend walked in with one Ms. beautiful, whom you couldn’t take your eyes off until party was over.

Yeah when they left, you were hoping the fever was gone too.

Nope! That wasn’t the case, your dreams are jam-packed with this stranger. You woke up and there she was.

I guess you following where this scenario is going. That usual heavenly cloud which can’t be taken off even if you wish.

A week later, you moved to a new city for your first job and there she is, and would be sharing same desk with you.
Sound easy to carry out your agender right?

The funny thing is you can stay in that desk five years and remain a dreamer.

Here are 11 steps to take things to the next level.

Step #1: Make Her Aware

Tell her your feelings

Once, you create that friends zone, shifting from there becomes difficult. So go ahead and let out your mind as soon as possible. You are the man, you are supposed to be forward with your feelings. She won’t tell you how she feels about you or ask you out.

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Step #2: Ask Plug and Play Questions

Plug and play

Direct questions only return direct replies. To make conversations a lot more fun and spend a lot more time talking, ask open-ended questions instead of manual questions.

A plug and play question is an open-ended question, the type of question that you ask and sit back to watch it do the job for you while a direct or manual question needs your constant effort.

You eventually get fare up and tired with direct questions, because, you must keep accelerating and navigating through each step of the way and that becomes so boring in starting off a relationship or maintaining one.

Don’t start off a chart if you want a long conversation by saying, which college did you go to? What did you study in college? Where did you come from? etc. While there’s nothing wrong with such questions, she may only give you a direct reply.

Such questions only return a straightforward answer, “Boston College”, “Engineering”, “Houston, Texas” but with plug and play questions where you start off by telling her your college, and why you think the environment is perfect for studies and later ask her where she is studying and how her college is, she is left with little choice than flowing with the rhythm.

The more people engage with you, the more closer they get to you. Asking plug and play questions will let her spend more time conversing with you which can lead to developing intimate feelings for you.

Examples of Plug and Play Questions

  • My neighborhood is quiet this Christmas, did I just hear a dog bark at your end? Tell me what you feeding Houston dogs this Christmas.
  • Its scorching here, I guess your place is still buried in snow.
  • My day was full of fun, meeting new business partners, how did you spend your day?
  • I did voluntary service at the hospital last year, this year I’m planning on starting a business. What are yours plans?
  • The politics is getting hotter, I try to stay away, whose side are you?
  • How was your holiday trip to France?
  • Do you think we will get a raise this year?

Step #3: See Her Off

See Her Off

Should she be comfortable with escort; no problem pal, see her off to the parking lot.

If she’s boarding public transport, take her to the bus stop, be nice and open cab door for her. Shut it gently and wave slightly with a quick thick smile.

Let me share a personal story with you. Long time ago, somewhere 2013, I went to an internet café and met a beautiful girl.

Boy, she just fine like fine. And so friendly, I approached her and surprisingly we became friends.

We chatted, she showed me her families and friends on Facebook. Finally, she was ready to go home.

I walked her to the roadside, stopped a taxi, as she boarded the car, I shut the door gently and waved slightly but with a thick smile.

Step #4: Show Kind Gestures

Kind gestures

Yeah! I heard couple of ladies say I don’t like money. I’m not after any man’s wealth. Yes, they right.

But in our world today, where materialism has robotized us, if you can try and show some love by buying couple of stuffs once a while, do it. Depending on your income, buy gifts which will make her smile.

I’m not of the view that we should put money first or spend so much on girls but either way, it counts.

Don’t go borrow to buy stuffs, that may be stupid. Stay in your lane and be happy. Presents do speak out louder at times than any other form of language fluency.

Step #5: Do not be Pushy

Don't be desperate

We are halfway through 11 Bonus Tips Messiah; still it seems nothing is happening. And you are like Michael, it’s not working. Slow your roll, don’t rush it. What you are establishing is not a one-night stand.

It is a friendship which will lead to staying in one home for the rest of your life. Such decision I don’t think we should haste it.

Remember hearts were never meant to race. Do not push her to building interest in you overnight. And do not overstress yourself either.

Step #6: Keep It Simple

Do great things, but also remember to keep up with the simple things. They do matter. Sending hi, every now and then can keep you in her memory.

Asking of her family, shows care and respect. Speaking with a family member once a while can be appreciative. Helping with assignment, cooking the meal in case she comes over to your place.

Step #7: Believe in Yourself

No matter your look, if you dwell on inferiority-complex, you never going to succeed in anything. If you don’t have anything going on in your life, it is hard to believe in yourself. So even if you don’t have a job, spend your time wisely. This gives you hope for better future.

Step #8: Stop Shaping Her to Your Likeness

Stop Shaping Her to Your Likeness

There are certain characteristics in us that not even “Prince Charming nor Cinderella could change”.

If you do care, and she happens to become yours, you must adjust living with it. It’s a hard truth but knowing such can help you now and tomorrow, as well as your journey in-between making madam beautiful yours.

Cease pressuring her out if she isn’t outing type. Stop pushing her to eat salad if she likes “Akple with Okro Stew”. Respect your crush’s feelings. Don’t shape her to your likeness

Step #9: Make the Lady Laugh When You Are Around Her

Make the Lady Laugh When You Are Around Her

Yeah spice up the friendship with some kind of humor. Start off bit by bit to study what makes her laugh, else you chain yourself in railway.

My point is, getting to know her more gives the advantage of knowing what stimulates her funny side.

I listened to a radio program where the presenter asked 7 beauty pageants whom among the following they’d fall in love with.

  • Rich man
  • Funny guy

The higher number went for the funny guy. Ladies do like the cash flow, if you can make them happy, it can change a whole lot of things.

Step #10: Be Romantic

Save the Date

Yes, I know you’ve been waiting on this. A gentle lover makes the clock stops. Slight kiss on her forehead won’t cause a thing.

Don’t be inquisitive to find out how the lips taste. Begin where it is less sensitive, forehead, hand, even kissing her book before handing it over at times is winning a coupon to ShopRite.

Send lovely text messages every now and then.

Don’t sound too intimate at the beginning until you build a firm romantic foundation. Be Romantic.

Step #11: Appreciate Her

As promised, I have brought you the eleven tips.

Learn to say thank you before hanging the phone even if you were the one who called. She may decide not to answer your call but she did anyway. When she happens to call, appreciate it.

She could be speaking with someone else. Do not be stingy when it comes to appreciation while benevolent in giving presents. They all carry weight.

5 Things Women Look for before Accepting Proposal

Before approaching a woman, you should understand these 5 Block Building Elements (SBBE) women look out for in men. Knowing these will equip you.

Physical Attraction:

Physical Attraction

While women need more than physical attraction in a relationship from their men; it is a basic judgment many will make before accepting your proposal. It may not all boil down to the frame of your body but how you take care of your skin, dress and organize yourself.

You should keep your self clean, put on clean clothe and a pair shoes. If you want her to think of you as dependable and reliable man, spend some time on your body. Your romantic life could be judge based on physical attractiveness.

The Act of Kindness:

Kind gestures

Being kind can draw opposite sex closer. After all who doesn’t like goodies.

Primarily, every heart is moved by present. People don’t have to be in need to accept gifts or be happy with kind gestures exercised towards them. Presenting gift shows commitment, care and concern.



Your attitude is a deciding factor when a lady accepts or rejects your proposal. Your behavior determines how others relate with you. If you are arrogant and narcissistic, you turn others away from you.

The atmosphere created around you should be welcoming.

Personality Trait:

Your thoughts, feelings and behaviors indicate your personality trait. How you respond to situations can lead a person into your life or drive them away.

Let’s look at some of the positive traits that can help woo a woman and win her love.

6 Positive Personality Traits to Woo a Woman

HonestyDon’t dodge the bullet. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t be quick to judge others for your inability.
Drive and determinationBe responsible. You should have strong ambition to achieve successful goals and improve upon life.
SympathyUnderstand her feelings and show kindness
Being patientExercising patience towards her. Be easy on her, give her time.
SelflessnessBe generous. Give her your attention.
LoyaltyShow commitment, be dedicated to her.


There are many things which may inspire others to think of you as intellectually capable. Being it eloquent or good at a subject they regard difficult or being creative etc. Find your potential and maximize it.

What Does Wooing Means


Is the act of a man seeking the affections of a woman, most importantly, with the hope of marriage.
e.g. If a man embarks on the adventure of wooing a woman, he gives a lot of heart-felt attention in an attempt to persuade the woman or girl to feel cared for and loved to marry him. His attention could come in form of gifts; ranging from simple to expensive presents or words.

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