9 Most Guaranteed Steps to Write a Love Letter to Your Crush

Love letter for crush

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Love letter preexists the internet and all the communication methods you have in the bucket today.

Forget what they say about love letters being for weak men. They’re actually the ultimate form of communication. A woman can cherish a love letter for a long time, reading it repeatedly with heartfelt meaning.

In this article, I will not only guide you on crafting a love letter that leaves a lasting impression on your crush but also share valuable insights from my own personal mistakes, ensuring your letter yields successful results.

Back in high school, I wrote a heartfelt love letter to my crush, who happened to be our Girl’s Prefect. To my surprise, after reading my love confession, she requested to hear those very words in person.

Fast forward to many years later, when fate brought us together again at a friend’s wedding. As we laughed and reminisced, she jokingly said, “Hey Mic, let’s take our vows right here…”

That, my friend, is the incredible power of a love letter. And guess what? I’m about to reveal all its secrets to you.

Stay tuned!

How to Write a Letter to Your Crush

“In order to express inner feelings to someone special, the most appropriate way one can opt is to write him/her a love letter.”

“It allows the writer to express feelings in an easier and a comfortable manner than in the presence of his/her beloved.” (A Case Study of Love Letter Writing).

1. Begin with a memorable moment from your encounter with your crush

Starting your crush letter with something that she can relate to makes your letter attention-grabbing. She is likely to read on when you light her up with a convincing opening line.

“Are you always this stunning in elevators? Looks like I should start riding lifts more often, hoping to run into you.”

2. Hide your fear and display courage

Writing a letter to your crush can be intimidating, but transferring that fear onto the paper renders your letter void.

You are the man, you should be doing the chasing. Having that at the back of your mind gives you the courage to approach a girl and also write your first love letter.

Throughout history, women have consistently sought out brave men, a concept often depicted in Hollywood movies as “the muscle man winning the beautiful girls.”

The real truth is, a woman wants a man that can protect her and her offspring. Your words can show whether you are a weak man or a brave man.

Think of this, why do the bad boys always win over all the beautiful girls even though they break their hearts?

3. Let your words speak volumes of you

When you confess to your crush through the letter, you are not there in person for her to see your actions.

So, let your words tell her who you are. Bear in mind, using sobber words in your crush letter only makes her think of you as weak e.g., please would you be available? etc.

4. Show that you are fun to be around

Your choice of words can tell a lot about you. When you write a confession letter to your crush, make your words inviting.

Girls love to hang around guys that are fun to be with, so, if you present yourself as a fun person, she will want to hear more of you.

5. Show you are a good listener

As you write your crush a love paragraph, reminisce about a specific topic or conversation that you both shared during your encounter or an event that occurred.

This makes you a good listener and she will be ever ready to have you in her life.

Women want to be heard, if you are willing to prove to be the type that listens, she’s ready to give it a try.

“The night was fun and lovely, and the background music was compelling. Here is a copy of the tape you were singing along tirelessly last night.”

6. Be romantic with your words

Writing a letter to your crush about your feelings should be romantic. It doesn’t mean writing romantic words, but rather carrying a romantic tone.

To remind you, your crush is not your girlfriend. Don’t go beyond your bounds when talking about romance. For example, stay away from discussing sex.

Don’t tell your crush in your love letter that you love her, especially, when you just met. Telling someone you just met you love her seems awkward.

Rachel initially held a disliking towards me merely based on my name. When a mutual friend introduced us, her bitterness arose upon discovering my name was Michael, the same as her ex-boyfriend who had left her.

However, as time went on, our relationship transformed into a genuine friendship. It was the time she asked for my number from Divine who introduced us.

As things took a positive turn, I began sharing my heartfelt romantic poems with her. Unfortunately, during one instance, Rachel expressed her belief that my messages were overly sensitive and insinuated that all I desired from our connection was purely physical.

Trying not to say I love you to your crush to express your love? We’ve all been there. That is why I am giving you this free guide which shows you how to tell a girl I love you without saying it.

7. Write a short love letter to your crush

A love letter to your crush should be short. Make sure your note to your crush contains the relevant message you want to pass. That’s the most important thing.

It is important to be mindful that when expressing your feelings or writing an admiration letter for your crush, it is best to refrain from the excessive use of romantic words. Giving too many details make you hungry for her.

8. Be decisive and set a date

Why write a love paragraph to your crush if you are not going to ask for a date? This is the opportunity to exercise your masculine power and tell her you want to meet her.

“While I cherish the bond we share as friends, I hope that one day, fate will bring us even closer together. Until then, please know that my heart beats with the hope that someday, you may become my girlfriend or wife.”

The above sentence is pretty romantic and nice but it will never walk past the nice guy phenomenon. All you’ll get is “Aww thanks”

Ask for a date

Previously, I talked about Rachel becoming angry with me. It was more about my failure to ask her out than it was about romantic messages even though she never said that. She loved the romantic words but I failed to ask her out.

Go on and leave a line to let her know you want to meet her.

“I am occupied, this weekend I’ll be free. Meet me at Papa Dubois’s Pizza at 8 pm Saturday, I learned they have great taste. Yet to take a bite, we should do so together.”

Remember points two and three? This is a perfect example. This short sentence tells a lot about you.

It shows that you are decisive and courageous, it also tells her that you have something going on in your life. You are not Jonny come late.

Before moving on, don’t let what people believe about love letters apply to you. Remember the story I shared at the opening of the article about the girl’s perfect?

Her name was Angela. Angela and I (Michael) never went on a date because I was scared to death to ask her out. Not in the letter nor in person even though she wanted me to.

I later heard she got married.

9. Tell your crush what she means to you

This applies to those that have established a reasonable relationship with their crush.

Tell her what she means to you. Let her know her value in your life. If she helped you in any way, express your gratitude.

10. End with a romantic word

End your love letter to your crush with a romantic word or paragraph that iterates your purpose for writing. Write this in a light manner that makes it fun.

The phrases in the topic below should be used sparingly. If you have barely established contact with your crush, stay away from sensitive closing words.

If you have known each other for a while and you are very close you can get a little wild and it breaks nothing. Just know your status.

How to Close a Letter with Love

Closing a love letter

Just as you must start your love letter with love, you should end the letter with love. Closing your love letter with love wins over your partner or crush.

Haven’t found yours yet? Here are 41 phrases more in this article.

  1. Already in my thoughts
  2. Forever appreciate you
  3. Ready to love always
  4. My dearest ever
  5. See you soon
  6. Cannot do without you
  7. My sincere feelings expressed on paper
  8. Show me how to love you more
  9. Always on my mind
  10. To my one and only
  11. I cannot do without you

Heart Touching Love Letter to Her

Sweet love letter

Dear Lovelyn,

How are you feeling today my love?
I received your letter and I want you to know I have not forgotten you.
There are some things that will never change.

My love for you is as solid as rock.
Stable as a football field.
Hard as metal.

I am your sunrise, the dew that showers over your head at dawn.
The chorus of the bird in your mother’s garden.

So glad to have you.

Hi Sarah,

My foolishness established a roadmap for my heart. I always end up hailing you in front of girls who admire me. I fought like a gladiator to free myself from your spell, yet, I suffer again and again.

If I could, I will return to when we have never met but I placed a value on that day I am willing to keep it in the diary of my heart till eternity.

Your Admirer

See more love letter samples in this article.

How to Start a Love Letter to Your Crush

How to start a love letter

Looking for paragraphs to write to your crush? This list covers it all.

  1. Your favorite drink is on my table as I reach you with my words. I still remember how you sipped, that was romantic.
  2. Long dresses have always been a personal favorite of mine, but that particular red dress you wore to the birthday party completely stole the show. It left a lasting impression on me, and I secretly hope to witness you wearing it again sometime in the future.
  3. Seeing that you were nervous meeting a gentleman like me for the first time, I want to grace you with a second chance to meet me with your nerves calmed – lol
  4. Do you always look lovely in a lift? Guess I should be taking lifts often with the hope of meeting you.
  5. Hello Beatrice, I looked for you several times to meet you in person, but you are always out on a mission, so, I decided to write you this letter to interrupt your busy schedule, huh
  6. The night was fun and lovely, and the background music was compelling. Here is a copy of the tape you were singing along tirelessly last night.
  7. You are a regular Neil Storm customer, so I’m…….. always in with my clients, which is the reason I never approached you for a month now. Yesterday, was my off day, I came to check if the angel would still show up and yes, she did……
  8. Not sure if you love free offers. Well I do, there’s this joint not that far from my place and almost close to your house, which makes it common ground, they offer free red wine just for taking a sit. I’m free this Saturday, let’s catch up.

21 Simple Ways to Write Crush Love Paragraphs This Year

Paragraphs to write your crush

Expressing your feelings through a letter is simple than you think. You can attract your crush with simple phrases in a love letter.

Paragraphs to Write to Your Crush

Here are the most romantic paragraphs to write to your crush to make him or her fall in love.

  1. I admire your enthusiasm and courage toward life and your career. This sets you apart from many girls.
  2. You are a dazzling star
  3. Every day is a blessing because I have the opportunity to know me and to meet you.
  4. You are my world, my shining star, and the apple of my eye.
  5. My world evolves around you, how could I live without you?
  6. The most beautiful thing that ever happened to me is getting to know you.
  7. Didn’t know our childhood friendship would last till now. There’s so much joy staying around you.
  8. What makes our friendship special is the position we both assume in each other’s life. You strengthen me in times of my confusion and I encourage you when you are down. This is a gift I want to keep throughout my life.
  9. It is destiny that brought us together, let us maintain this union forever.
  10. I am not looking at you through the eye of perfection, I look at you through the eye of love. Love is gentle, forgiving, love is caring.
  11. I’m not sure what my life will be without you.
  12. Your smile is a spell, smile when you are around me.
  13. Initially, I was not sure what was happening to me, I tried to ignore it but it only burns me and leave me lonely whenever I try to avoid you.
  14. My dream last night was painted with your picture and the last memory we shared together.
  15. I am so lonely and sad because you are not here with me.
  16. Don’t judge me for loving you.
  17. Dear Matilda, this is how I feel every day for the past 3 years. I feel special when you call my name. I feel important when you take my hand to say hello.
  18. I am not your dad’s favorite, nor your mom’s choice, but I am certainly the one that keeps coming back covered in tears asking for your love.
  19. Hey girl, my mom wants you to join us for dinner this Sunday. You should really do your best to come over. The whole family would be glad.
  20. Do you remember us on the dance floor in 4th grade? I keep thinking about how perfect we looked that day. Our colleagues must be jealous.
  21. When you are really hungry, what would be your easy turn to food, and which bar in your neighborhood would be your first pick?

7 Things You Should Write Your Crush to Land a Date

Want to impress your crush and grab their attention? These texts are the key to connecting quickly and leaving a lasting impression.

  1. Tell me something about you not more than 2 people know. Something you’d only share with someone special.
  2. I have a joint I have never taken anyone to, today, I want you to be the first person to accompany me there. It will be fun ……
  3. When the curtain falls, and the theater is empty, all the spectators paired home, the only one I will miss is you, so, let’s stay behind and have a cup of coffee.
  4. If you have someone who loves you now, you should keep him, at least for a few months because I am unavailable for the coming 3 months – smh.
  5. I’m done playing kid, I am writing you to let you know I want something between us than just friendship.
  6. If you hand me your hand, I will hold it forever, if you give me your heart, I will love you forever.
  7. Let’s play daddy and mama for this week, pretend to have 2 kids we have to take care of, and a business to manage. A parenthood test I guess….hahaha!

7 Reasons You Should Write Your Crush a Love Letter

  • Women want to hear how you feel about them and a letter can give a detailed account
  • We highly esteem our crushes, making it difficult to approach them
  • You can express your sincere feelings through a love letter
  • She can read the letter several times to reanalyze your words which can make her fall in love
  • We make goddesses out of our crushes so a letter can help you take your time to express your feelings without stammering
  • Because of the respect we have for our crushes, it is not easy to look them in the eyes and profess our love
  • You have time to think of the right words to use



Crushes are highly esteemed, feared, and respected, making them very tedious to approach. The deepest enthusiastic love affair is the one dedicated to your crush.

Like new love, they’re stars in the skies, the moon over your head, and your heart race fiercely as the dragon of Khaleesi in “A Game of Thrones”.

That is how it feels to have a crush. For this admiration, you can hardly stand before your crush and confess your inner feelings.

But writing a love letter to your crush can save the day.

You must be ready to be ignored or worst have negative feedback. It can take time to woo a woman and win her love so, don’t be discouraged.

If things don’t look positive, move on.

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