How to Write A Love Letter

Writing love letter to your partner

“Moreover, writing one’s strong emotional feelings on paper or some other permanent form is an expression itself of love and desire. It also shows the standing of the beloved and supports the lover’s emotions.” (Fatima Zafar Baig & Naveed Ahmed).

1. Choose quality paper

Dr. Sally Holloway, Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in History & History of Art at Oxford Brookes University shares on Valentine’s Day (2022) how love letter writing was approached in the eighteenth century.

In the olden days, love letter writers sorted after the best quality papers for their letters.

Use the most decorative or appealing paper you could find to make your love letter more attractive and as a special gift to your wife or girlfriend.

“Men and women writing love letters used the best quality paper that they could afford, meaning the thickest and whitest paper available. If they had the means, writers often used special paper that had been gilded around the edges using gold leaf.” (Dr. Sally Holloway).

2. Be authentic in your letter

Be authentic

Jen Adams, an associate professor of communication and theatre who studied 400 love letters written in the 1930s for her doctoral dissertation found that the writers were authentic. (DePauw University).

“You should try to be as authentic in representing yourself and your feelings as you possibly can.”

“We are not all poets, nor can we write Shakespearean prose, and that’s probably not what our loved one wants to hear anyway. They want to hear our voice.”

3. Draw inspiration from your time together

Draw inspiration from play

According to Dr. Holloway, “individuals composing love letters quoted a wide range of literary sources including passages from the Bible, the Book of Common Prayers, poems, novels, and plays.”

Use your imagination to set the mood for your letter writing, or visit places that will remind you of a romantic scene between you and your partner.

Draw inspiration from your past together and communicate it “I think it is a useful way of communicating the love and importance of that person,” Jen Adams.

4. Add meat to your letter and make it rich

Add meat to the letter

Dr. Sally said, “A love letter that is too short might indicate a lack of sincerity or commitment to the recipient. This was especially true in the past, where recipients paid for postage once a letter arrived – hence it had to be worth paying for.”

Although this may not be the case today, it is important you spend time making every word count and passing the essential details in your love letter.

Make the recipient spend a reasonable amount of time on your letter.

This is not necessarily about length but the structure of the letter, choice of words, and so on, point of references (how important she is to you, times you spent together, how she added value to your life).

5. Encourage them to think about the future

Let's grow old together

“If it’s a true love letter, you want to encourage them to also think about your future together. It doesn’t have to be, ‘Let’s get married,’ but, ‘I hope we can continue to have these shared moments.’”

When you write your wife or girlfriend a love letter, you can fly as an eagle with your imagination.

But when you write to your crush, you want to observe certain important rules. In this article, I have covered the 9 most guaranteed steps to write a love letter to your crush.

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