12 Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making

Waist beads benefits

When you are looking for a way to attract your man in the bed room, adorning yourself with waist beads can increase your chances for ultimate love making with your partner.

Waist beads come in different colors, shapes and materials, which ornaments women and accentuate their shapes. They help in foreplay, and enhance touching during love making.

1. Waist Beads Attract Men Sexually

Men are sexually aroused on seeing beads on their partner’s waist. They look attractive because of their bright colors, shapes, the materials they are made of (wood, plastic, glass, metal, and stone).

Their beauty accentuates a woman’s shape, hence making her partner sexually active.

Mostly, waist beads are covered with clothes.

Meaning you only see one when a woman gets naked.

When a woman wears plenty beads or beads with bigger sizes, or puts on a light dress, beads may be seen through dresses which could turn men on.

Happy, a married woman in her early 30 “My husband always play with these objects even when I’m in my cloth. Initially, I’m not a huge fun, but my man will want to see it on my waist whenever we engage in sex.”

2. It Plays a Role in Foreplay

During foreplay, the man spends time playing with the beads of his partner. This can help arouse the woman before sexual intercourse and it will help prolong sexual excitement.

Lois, 22, bead maker and nail technician “If I didn’t wear it, trouble. He likes it when I wear it.” “I don’t play with it, but my boyfriend does.”

Courage, “It’s hard to get my girlfriend in the mood, but if you can touch her beads, you good to go.”

3. Increasing Touch During Intercourse

Men who are huge fun of beads will often play with their partner’s beads in the course of sex.

This will increase the libido of the woman and make her reach orgasm quickly.

So, if your partner responds to physical stimulation, ask her to wear waist beads to increase her excitement.

Henry, 37 “When I find beads on my wife’s waist, it turns me on. I do love to play with them.”

4. The Sound of Waist Beads is Romantic

Just as romantic scenes and music, sounds produced by beads when touched can make a man honey.

When the number of waist bead worn is plenty, it may generate romantic sounds as a woman walks, sits, or dress down, put on her garment or takes her bath.

“The sound produced by the beads tickles a man’s heart. You notice in your inner man you are with a woman,” says Divine.

5. They Satisfy Men without Intercourse

Like sexual scenes, listening to waist bead’s sound, passing fingers through them on your partner’s waist, watching them on your wife’s waist, watching a woman have fun with them, seeing them on a shelf, can spark romantic memories and satisfy a man without engaging in sexual intercourse.

“Beads add sensation to a woman, if a man places the hand on the waist of a woman wearing beads, it generates sensual feelings,” says Divine.

6. Serves as Accessories for Special Occasions

Women can keep different types of beads, ranging from color, size, material type etc. for different purposes on occasions to spice up their love life with their partners.

Waist beads can mean different things to people, depending on their culture, understanding and belief.

These accessories may be worn on special occasions to communicate or carry unique message to a man.

Since they are for private decoration, it will inspire great sexual experience between couples.

7. Waist Beads Create Bonding Between Partners

If foreplay can connect couples on deeper level, then, waist beads will even help increase foreplay in sexual relationships, making couples get to connect with each other more.

8. It Makes Men Respect a Woman’s Body

Wearing waist beads can make your partner spend ample time touching your body, this will make him respect and appreciate your body.

Togbe, “A woman without beads looks naked. I don’t get any feelings for such a woman. When a lady dresses down without a bead on her waist, I lose interest in her. She doesn’t look attractive.”

9. It Differentiates Between a Man and a Woman

Depending on your culture, waist beads put emphasis on a woman’s body when she is naked.

It separates the man from the woman. This draws the man closer to his partner in sexual ways.

“I’m not into beads, I don’t really care wearing them until I went to the hospital where I had to get naked and I felt like a man on the hospital bed.” Beatrice.

Bead seller and maker “It has different purposes, I wear it for my husband. As a woman, you can’t help but wear it.”

10. It Serves as Spiritual Connection

Again, depending on your culture or belief, waist beads serve as special connection between a man and a woman.

Some women use waist beads to charm their romantic partners to stay loyal to them.

11. It Can Make Couples Spend Time Together

Waist beads are fixed on strands. At your leisure time, you can spend time with your partner to fix new ones or adjust the old ones that no longer fit her.

This can create awesome romantic moments together with your partner if you are looking for ways to spend time together.

You can as well share fantasies while you work through this together.

12. It Can Determine Body Size

Since waist beads are arranged on threads causing them not to be elastic, a woman will quickly be aware of her body size when her beads tighten her.

When it comes to sex, a woman’s body means so much to men.

While you do not want to stress yourself to death pleasing people’s request, you want to keep your body in shape to attract your man always.

Waist beads inform a woman if she gains or loses weight on daily basis.

Divine, “They are hot and charming. They keep their curves.”

In this article, I discussed 10 importance of beads and all the things you need to know about them.