5 Ways to Impress a Guy on WhatsApp

Your chances of getting to the heart of a man shouldn’t be limited to meeting in person or just sending static messages through SMS and wondering if the recipient did view the message or not.

WhatsApp speeds up your flirting process by allowing you to set custom attractive display photo, send audiovisual, add text, photo and video status and monitor views and reactions in real time.

I think if you are like me, you want to know if your recipient saw your message or not, then, you will know your next move.

That is one thing online applications can help with. With WhatsApp, if a person views your message, it indicates by changing the 2 light gray checked marks into light blue unless they turned off their Read Receipts.

All of these can help step up your game in real time since you will identify what is really working and what is not.

1. Sending Text Message on WhatsApp

1.Access the app from home screen if sent to desktop

access app from desktop

Slide screen up to access main menu to select WhatsApp if you can’t find it on desktop

2. After launching, click on the WhatsApp message logo or symbol at the bottom right corner

press WhatsApp message button

3. Scroll through your contact to find your boyfriend’s number or name

If your WhatsApp contacts are many, to save yourself time, press the search button located at the top right corner before the 3 vertical dots

press the search button

Search for the name used to save his contact

4. Select the contact

Like SMS, you will find a blinking cursor in the message field

the cursor shows where to input text

5. If you don’t already have a message on mind, I’ve taken the trouble to gather 150 romantic things to say to your boyfriend. Open the link in your favorite browser.

6. Copy the message you want to use to charm your boyfriend

7. Long press the WhatsApp textbox

A paste command will appear above the textbox at the top left corner

the WhatsApp paste command

8. Select it to paste the message

You can add emojis by choosing the emoji icon found at the left corner inside the textbox

To add image or video, tap the office pin symbol

From the new window, select “Gallery” to add a pretty photo of yours or choose “Camera” to add video or snap new photo

choose gallery to add image

9. Press send symbol to send message to your love

tap arrow to send message

2. Impressing a Guy with WhatsApp Status Message

1. Launch the application

2. Tap on “STATUS”

select status

3. Tap the pencil icon at the right corner before the camera icon

press pencil icon to create status text

Start typing or copy and paste any of the romantic messages in this article 100 personal questions to ask I a relationship to start easy conversation.

creating status text

5. To change the font, press the “T”

6. To change background, press icon after font

7. Add emojis to communicate in sign language by pressing the emoji icon at the left corner

8. Tap the keypad sign which replaced the emoji to switch from emoji option

9. Read through the text

10. Tap the arrow to set your lovely message as status for 24 hours

Note that, per your settings, anyone who has your contact will see your status. So be careful what you send out there.

Finally, to check if the one the status message is targeted at was able to view it:

1. Open the app

2. Head over to “STATUS”

3. Press “My status” to open it

4. Slide up the screen or tap the eye icon which shows the count of views

5. On the “Viewed by window, you can do the following:

  • View the number of views
  • The viewers of your status
  • Delete the status

Also, you can forward the status to a particular contact in your WhatsApp contacts list. In this case, if your boyfriend or the man you want to impress was unable to view your status and it is about to expire (24 hours).

3. Impress with WhatsApp Video Status

Launch the application

Click on “STATUS”

Press the camera icon at the right corner after the pencil icon

Hold down the video button until you finish recording video

To upload a recorded video, swipe up for more videos in the gallery

4. Use WhatsApp Status Photo

  1. Launch the application
  2. Click on “STATUS”
  3. Tap the camera icon at the right corner after the pencil icon
  4. Select an image from the list or swipe up for more images in the gallery
select image

After selecting the photo, you can caption it

caption your status image

Press arrow to add status

5. Upload Attractive WhatsApp DP

1. Launch the application

2. Press the 3 vertical dots

press vertical dots to go to settings

3. Select “Settings” from the shortcut menu

choose settings

4. From the new window, tap your photo or select the avatar adjacent your name

tap avatar to set new image

5. Tap one of the following:

select gallery
  • Choose “Gallery” and select the most attractive photo that can draw his attention
  • Select “Camera” if you decide to snap new picture

6. After selecting or taking your preferred photo, crop it if bigger than predefined size

crop image

7. Press done to apply


With this under your belt; you should be ready to take your relationship to the next level. You can explore other online platforms as well to see which is more result oriented.

Be willingly to express how you feel about your man in his presence not just on the phone or internet. It will help build a stronger relationship. If you are having challenge attracting the man of your dream, read this article: 8 ways to attract a man emotionally.

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