How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

The desire to fulfill the dream of a woman in bed is essential to every man. Making this dream come true has not always been real to some men. Frustration of men get higher as lovers demand more moments and go ahead to call their spouses nicknames (2 minutes man etc.)

Average sex length takes 5 to 6 minutes, experts says. Depending on the lover in question, 10 minutes might still be considered 2 minutes.

Why are you 2 Minutes Man?

If you can hit 5 to 6 minutes record then, you are average and you should feel good. There are several reasons why you may not last longer in bed or become a 2 minutes man.

  • Stress: Could possibly be the reason of coming too soon. Facing family problems, financial issues and relationship difficulties may be a cause.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Suffering from erectile dysfunction will cause you to have difficulty in having or maintaining erection during intercourse.
  • Performance anxiety: First timers or those that had sex in a long time are likely to experience this. Having previous experience of coming off too early could create anxiety. This is normal and men shouldn’t worry about it. But it may develop into premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction over time.
  • Premature ejaculation: This is where a man wins the title 2 minutes man for coming within a minute or two of penetration.

When to Define Ejaculation as Premature

The fact that a man comes quickly may not define his situation as premature ejaculation.

  • Finding difficulty in maintaining ejaculation
  • Finding sex frustrating or distressing
  • Ejaculating within a minute of penetration

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

  • Stress: pressure can deter you from having sexual feelings which can cause premature ejaculation
  • Depression: facing life challenges can be a big factor of underperforming in the bedroom
  • Relationship problems: it is easy to lose sexual appetite in your partner if things are not going well between both of you
  • Anxiety about sexual performance: being first time with a partner, having a previous bad sex, staying away from intercourse for long, trying to meet expectation may cause anxiety

How to Increase Sex Time Without Medicine

  • Foreplay: It’s not all about penetration. Explore other aspects of sex, you may be surprised how effective they’ll turnout.
  • Changing sex positions: Process of changing position requires break. Almost resembling edging where you stop and start. The exclusive info is, some positions favor than others when having challenge with lasting longer in bed. This is because some sex positions increase stimulation during vaginal penetration.
  • Masturbate: It helps figure what works best for you. You know your strength and weakness.
  • Condoms: May help increase sex duration as they reduce sensitivity. If raw intercourse makes you cum quicker, try using condom.
  • Stop and start techniques: during intercourse when you feel the urge of ejaculating, stop thrusting for 10 or 20 seconds to subside arousal. Then, start penetrating your partner as the excitement diminishes.
  • Communication: Feel free to inform your partner about what works best for you. An understanding partner will exercise patience. This can reduce performance anxiety.
  • Slow techniques: The faster you penetrate, the likely you are to reach orgasm. To prevent ejaculating before your partner reaches her peak; thrust slowly. Increase gradually, whenever you draw closer, reduce the speed and penetrate slowly to last longer.
  • Pelvic exercise: Strong pelvic floor muscle increases blood flow. Meaning, control over ejaculation and lasting longer in bed naturally. Engage in Kegels exercise to strengthen pelvic floor.
  • Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) exercise: Dr. Barbara Keesling teaches how to contract the PC muscle in her book, how to make love all night (and drive a woman wild).
  • Breathing: If you have read any book on becoming a multi-orgasmic man, one sure thing you are taught is taking charge of your breath. During climax, breathe in deeply and hold your breath for several moments to weaken the excitement. Quick, shallow breathing increases heart rate while slow, deep breathing decreases it. During orgasm, the heart rate increases as you breathe faster. To control orgasm, breathe slowly and deeply.
  • The squeeze method: Place the first two fingers on the base of your penis, place your thumb on penis tip, and squeeze until you lose the arousal.


Consult your physician to determine your health status for best advice and appropriate medications.

Do not delay for too long before visiting a health facility. Trying unprescribed medication may result in complications.

Also eat healthy diets and natural foods.

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