8 Harsh Facts About Long-Distance Relationships

If you are like me, then, you must be here because you have somehow found yourself in distance relationship. And you are wondering if the odds to success are lower than what is perceived from the jump start.

Actually, I like sharing my heart from a distance than close proximity. But what I don’t prefer is finding a lover across the internet. It’s too new era for my liking.

Before you establish distance relationship with someone, bear in mind these harsh facts about long-distance relationships to avoid disappointment and broken heart.

Wrong Imagination of Partner’s Appearance

More than a year ago, I was introduced to a beautiful lady by my brother’s wife on her smart phone. In my mind’s eye, this seems a little different than skating online for a partner or finding one by accident on social media.

So, what happened? I decided to become friends and it happens our friendship has been in good shape for a year plus months.

Here is a step by step guide to learn how I successfully contacted this beautiful girl and established friendship: what to text a girl whose number I got from someone else.

We’d shared photos. Talk for hours on phone, chat and have fun as in real world.

Recently, I decided to send a video of myself to my friend, even though she knew me for quite a time through my photos, the video gave her more vivid look.

I am a 5′4″ foot man, she’s aware I am not tall. My accent is quite funny, and she love it.

Unfortunately, she created a robot in her head matching my identification based on how I speak, when I finally sent her the video, it discouraged her and she was so disappointed.

It Does Not Replace Real Relationship

Online or distance relationship only mimics real life relationship. And no matter how much you invest in it, being it time or money, it will never replace real world. Majority of things practiced are pushed by phony imaginations.

Lack of Physical Touch

The virtual world is made up of things which almost makes you feel as if you are always together and missing nothing. Truth of the matter is, you are frying inside and dying for real gaze and touch. You want to listen to physical laughter and see your partner smile to you instead of focusing on fabricated sound of technology.

Poor Network Quality and Internet

In my experience, none reliable mobile phone network makes talking on phone ridiculous and tiresome. Delayed chat for lack of good internet access robs you of the smooth communication that exists in physical world.

Failure of Technology

When your phone breaks down, this cuts you off until it is fixed. These small spaces take away the zeal in the relationship.

Potency of Words Demise Over Time

No matter how good you are at playing with words or saying the right thing at the right time, your partner gets fare up of depending on mobile phone or social network to hear from you or read your thoughts. This causes the power of things you say to lose the strength they possess initially. This in return, kills your partner’s interest gradually.

It Entails a Lot

There are many questions left unanswered. Whether your partner cheats, truly loves you, will accept you for who you are when you finally meet, if they are who they claim they are, and their real behavior among others.

These are questions you will not be able to answer and the time you may get the answers; it may be too late.

Truth of the matter is, you cannot really tell if you love someone unless you meet in person. There may be exceptions, but you cannot tell until it happens.

It Gets Lonely

Gradually, things get lonely and boring. You wish for physical touch. You want to talk to a real person, not a ghost created by technology. If possible, you may want real romance but all of these are missing in a long-distance relationship. If you have never met, it is even harder since there’s absolutely nothing to hold on to.

How to Maintain a Long-distance Relationship

If you are in a distance relationship or wants to start one, I have some few things to help you make it work.

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Here are 4 things to do in a long-distance relationship.

Exchange Videos

Make sure you record a video of you and send it to your partner. Take this video from different angles. Also, shoot the video while you sit, stand and walk. When you have poor internet service, this will be helpful.

Make Video Calls

If you have fast internet access, don’t only depend on text messages and phone calls. You should engage in Skype video calls; WhatsApp video calls in your early stages and future to know who exactly you are dealing with in a real time in order to avoid disappointments.

Exchange Real Photos

Once a while, send a photo to your partner. Though Photoshop images will look attractive and romantic, it will be best to send images that are raw or without makeups.

More Romance

No matter what you do, it will never be enough but it can hold you down. Impact the relationship with heavy romantic talk and actions over the phone. Let your words and voice be seductive.

Find quiet times to talk, especially when the weather is calm and cool and you are not occupied with other duties.
Dare to exchange seductive images and videos, they don’t have to be personal contents.

Try becoming more intimate on the phone. Lacking idea on getting honey on phone? These simple steps will help you, how to have phone sex. When you decide sharing sensual audiovisuals, make sure you do with someone you trust.

Make Sure You Pay Visit

Don’t leave your relationship dry without connecting physically. Try as much as you could to meet each other. Though I cannot specify any time duration but for the best interest of the relationship, you meet.

Love is where you find it. And if you found yours online, cherish it. If you found yours on the way to church, protect it.

At the end, where you met may not be the determining factor but how you finished the race. Keep an eye on the beginning though. Also, remember Ed Sheeran “And we found love right where we are”.

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