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Love letter

Our ears long to listen to good news, when we hear others profess their love to us, it makes our hearts feel funny inside and we feel secure around those that openly confess their inner feelings.

Exchange of Love letter among lovers tighten bond, creates passion and intensifies intimacy. If you want to connect to someone on a deeper level, sending him or her beautiful words can easily communicate your purpose.

Sweet Love Letters to New Catch

When you just started going out with him or her, your affirmation words should make your new love stress free. Your purpose at this stage is to make sure you both enjoy each other.

As said in how can I be more romantic to my girlfriend, life’s too short to stay tense.

Love Letters for Boyfriend

Dear Honey,

The first time I saw you, I was touched.
Wished I could come closer.
But didn’t know you feel same about me.

I tried drawing your attention severally.
Something inside always told me we are meant to be.
But I was too shy to say anything else than watching you and wishing you notice me.

That day you asked me to assist you complete the task at work, I prayed a thousand times it would create something greater between us.
I was disappointed all you wanted was my help.
When you finally confessed your love, I nearly jumped to hit the ceiling.
I was overjoyed.

And till now, I am so happy I said yes to your beautiful heart.
I love you so much than I could express with words.



Dearest Afenyo,

All the words you whispered into my ears first day we met still lingers in my heart.
They sound gentle and soft as first day.
Each night before I sleep, I hear you whisper your undying love.

I cannot imagine having a tender loving guy like you in my arms.
Whenever I think of you, my burdens flee.
My morning twinkles as gold.

The more I know you, the more I want to love you forever.
Just can’t stop laughing among my friends.
Now, they think I am not okay, but it is your gentle touch that makes me giggle all day.

If only they know how it feels having you, they will laugh a thousand times too.
Your love is my go-to when all else fails and the storm does not cease.
Ta ta ta da da daaa your love makes me buzz before bed.


Romantic Letters for Girlfriend

My Love,

Hearts were never meant to race.
And tongues were never meant to rot.
I waited a thousand years to have you in my arms.

I will keep repeating myself each day because what I know is true.
And the truth is what I tell you.
I love you, that is what I know.
And it is true.

We are standing on a solid rock.
We can see through the challenges of life.
What we have is unique.
No one can take it from us.
We don’t need a diamond, silver or gold to shine, all we need is the love we have for each other.

I promise we will grow old together.
You know I love you.
Everything I say is about you.

I will never lie to you.
I will never let you down.
I am your man, I will stand by you forever.

Just remember.
Hearts were never meant to race.
And tongues were never meant to rot.
I will forever be your man.

Thanks for loving me,



How are you feeling today my love?
I received your letter and I want you to know I have not forgotten you.
There are somethings that will never change.

My love for you is as solid as rock.
Stable as the football field.
Hard as metal.

I am your sunrise, the dew that showers over your head at dawn.
The chorus of the bird in your mother’s garden.

I am standing where the dreamers are
Digging the treasure of faith
When it’s all over, I will come for you.
Crown you my queen.
The queen of Joyland.

You are my burning desire, and I will not cast you aside.
My love, there’s nothing more I wish for than loving you forever.


Love Letter Samples

Hi Sarah,

It’s me Michael, I don’t know if you would be able to figure me out. I don’t know if you would care if you do. Ever since you left; my world has been devastated. I have been tortured by my memory.
There’s no escaping from the pain you left behind. Many nights I struggle to sleep, you have not left my mind in peace but turmoil.

I have tried holding back writing you about the torment I find myself in, but I cannot hold back my pen anymore.
If you ever get a hold of this letter and happen to know who is writing or care at all, write me back with speed.

Because, I am in deep despair.

My love

Hi Sarah,

My foolishness established a roadmap for my heart. I always end up hailing you in front of girls who admire me. I fought like a gladiator to free myself from your spell, yet, I suffer again and again.
If I could, I will return to when we have never met but I placed a value on that day I am willing to keep it in the diary of my heart till eternity.

Your Admirer

Hello Love,

I cannot tell how much I love you. I told a friend about how you enslaved my heart and caged me.
I don’t know why you have to go away without looking back. I guess you are not aware it hurts thinking of you.
Will love to hear from you soon if it will be possible. It’s been too long mourning your absence. How is your mom, your younger brother and sister?

Forever in my heart


There’s nothing I would not do for you. I’d give my life for you, change what I look like to suit your taste if I could.
I have given up myself for your sweet love and care. Whatever it is you wish to do with me you can.

If it feels right in your sight and if it pleases you, do what you can with my body. I surrender myself to your enticing love.


Dear Amanda,

I am dying for your undying love. It is nothing compared to what anyone ever gave me. Its jaw dropping. Mind blowing.

Though it’s been ages, I still can feel your tender arms around my shoulders. Come quick love, come quick, I need to see your face.



Life is rollercoaster ride. Nothing is guaranteed. Let us make use of the time we have now for we may not have another.

Time flies as chariots of war, let us become impatient with our love. If you ask me what is on my mind, my answer will be: to hug, to kiss, to make love to you and worry not about tomorrow because you love me.

Your love

Romantic Letters

Dear love,

I am fortunate to have you in my life. Many will desire your kind but life will deny them. I wouldn’t have wished for more.

You mean life to me. You are the rainfall on my dry land, the cloud during hot weather and the pride of my manhood.

Thank you for loving me as you love yourself.

Remember when I used to sneak in to watch you dance salsa with your friends? It was my favorite love seeking adventure.

I am yet to learn a dance move even now, but every move you made plays repeatedly inside my wild young mind.
Before you moved to your current city; two men attacked me on my way to your practice. I was beaten and wounded, then, I was warned to stay away from you.

Anytime I would stop by to say hello, the two men stood by the road and signal me to leave. This was the reason for my strange behavior.

Nevertheless, I had managed to see you every day for I was willing to die for you.
Dear love, I write to know if you are safe and well, but also, I write to be sure if I am still on your mind as I was when we were 10.

Should you ask, I don’t know any other girl. I hold firm to what we had. This is my 5th letter, if it happens to reach you, write back my love.

Your Love

What to Say in Love Letter

Love letter is a channel to broadcast your innermost desire to someone you honestly care about. In a love letter, you are permitted to speak out your feelings in a casual way, intimate manner, as well as being sensual and romantic.

How to Write a Love Letter to a Girl for the First Time

When you write a girl for the first time and you both have not developed any intimate affection yet, don’t use words that portray sexual or explicit connotations.

However, make plain your intention. Tell her how you feel about her. It is important she knows what you want from her.

On the other hand, you can use your letter to arrange a date.

The best practice is, love letter should be written by lovers. But if you don’t have the energy enough you should send a letter.

If you are old school and prefer going for postcard which I think is romantic, its your choice. You can also send love letters through SMS, email, and social media.

Should you be facing difficulties in sending message with your smartphone, I have an article with vivid images to help you in a second: sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a text.

For best love letter writing practices, read, how to write a love letter to your crush.

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