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Microsoft Word

Discover the power of Microsoft Word – essential for every student! Streamline your assignments with professional formatting, efficient document creation, and collaborative features. Mastering Word enhances your productivity, organization, and presentation skills, setting you up for academic success and beyond. Don’t miss out – enroll now and unlock your potential!

Microsoft Excel

Excel isn’t just a spreadsheet program; it’s a game-changer for students. Learn to analyze data, create powerful charts, and streamline calculations. Excel proficiency boosts your efficiency, organization, and problem-solving skills—essential for academic excellence and future careers. Gain a competitive edge—enroll in our Excel course today!

Microsoft PowerPoint

Professionalism: Proficiency in PowerPoint adds a valuable skill to one’s resume, demonstrating professionalism and competence in delivering presentations in academic, professional, and personal settings.

Versatility: PowerPoint skills are applicable across various disciplines and industries, providing students with a versatile toolset that can be utilized in academic projects, professional endeavors, and personal endeavors.

PowerPoint empowers you with the ability to communicate effectively, present ideas persuasively, and showcase your knowledge and expertise with confidence.


Since this course is offered in person, and we are located in Ho, Volta Region, the course is not available outside Ghana.

We do not offer paid courses online. If you still want to build your skills with our valuable assets, turn to our free blog posts.

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20 hours per program. A student decides how to exhaust the 20 hours. You could schedule a program for an hour per day.


The certificate is issued by Emesh Technology Ltd a registered tech company with a reputation in Ho, Volta Region cofounded by Reagan Bruce the IT Administrator at Freedom Hotel, Hotel Stephen, and E.P. Church Headquarters at Ho, Kpodzi, and Ignatius Worgbeyi an accountant at Ghana Revenue Authority.

While the certificate may not guarantee a job on its own, it serves as a valuable addition to your CV, enriching your credentials and showcasing your commitment to professional development.