14 Words to Text Your Guy the Morning After Sex: Cheer Him Up

  1. What a great moment to be in your lover’s arms all night long
  2. Didn’t realize your strength until you grabbed me like a lion gripping his prey
  3. It’s safe being in your arms
  4. Last night, you showed me you are the man of the house
  5. I still feel you inside me
  1. I had a great time with you
  2. It was a beautiful morning
  3. That was a nice starter for the day
  4. Now I know when they say morning sex feels great
  5. You are a bad guy
  1. You were sweeping through styles I couldn’t imagine – one after the other
  2. What a perfect night with a perfect guy
  3. If I never told you you are awesome, I’m sorry – this morning, I want you to know you are
  4. You set my body on fire and I tossed on your bed for minutes without words

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