National Union Of Tricycle Operators Declare Strike in Ho

Pragia ridders on strike as Ho Municipal Assembly imposes unlawful sticker fee (350 Ghana cedis)

Tricycle Operators Declare Strike

The national Union of Tricycle Operators (NUTOG) have declared strike due to an authorized fee that Ho municipal assembly is taking from the riders.

As per Mr. Prince Selorm Gbadago, the public relations officer of the Union, there has been a recent development concerning the sticker fee imposed by the Assembly.

Previously set at 10 cedis, the fee underwent a significant increase two years ago, reaching 350 cedis. However, the Union expressed dissatisfaction with this steep raise, citing the intermittent nature of their work. In a concerted effort to address the issue, a meeting was convened between the Union and the Assembly in April.

Subsequently, it was mutually agreed upon that riders would pay a reduced fee of 150 cedis. Nevertheless, the Assembly highlighted concerns regarding certain riders engaging in misconduct within the town.

Consequently, they proposed that all riders unite under a single union, aiming to mitigate such undesirable behavior.

It has come to light that the decision regarding the sticker fee was made by key figures within the Municipal Assembly.

According to reports, the municipal assembly coordinator, the budget officer, and the municipal director collectively formulated this decision.

This group deliberated on the matter and ultimately reached a consensus regarding the adjustment in the fee structure.

This decision underscores the collaborative effort of these officials in addressing pertinent issues concerning municipal affairs and regulatory measures.

Furthermore, an additional aspect of the situation has emerged, shedding light on the origin of the stickers being distributed to the Can Do riders.

It has been revealed that these stickers originated from the Hohoe Municipal Assembly rather than the Ho Municipal Assembly.

This discrepancy has arisen due to the recent transfer of the accountant from Hohoe to Ho. Consequently, the stickers being issued to the riders in Ho are identical to those used in Hohoe.

According to the public relations officer, a noteworthy incident occurred yesterday involving some riders who failed to pay the requisite fee before being released.

Allegedly, some of these riders are affiliated with the assembly as members or are employed as police officers. Consequently, upon being detained, they promptly contacted authorities within the assembly, leading to their subsequent release.

The can do ridders are saying, the assembly should give them up to the end of this month, they will complied with what they are demanding for.

In a conversation with a passenger today, a concerning sentiment was expressed regarding the current situation.

The passenger conveyed dissatisfaction and highlighted the potential dangers posed by recent events. Recounting an incident from yesterday, the passenger shared a distressing account wherein their “Can Do” almost collided with a car.

This near-miss was attributed to the rider’s attempt to evade harassment by the assembly team, as they lacked the necessary funds to pay the required fee.

This anecdote underscores the precarious circumstances faced by these riders and the urgent need for resolution to prevent further incidents and ensure their safety.

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