12 Characteristics of a Good Man – Traits to Attract a Girl You Like

8 Positive Personality Traits to Woo a Woman

You need this quick guide to liberate yourself if all you know about female’s preference for guys is owning flashy cars, working at Bank of America or getting tall at age five.

Majority of guys are hopeless in the quest to attract the girl of their dream because they were thought ladies only fall in love with 6-foot handsome men, guys who own sport cars, and celebrities. There is no doubt about this, nevertheless, sparkling women can also fall in love with guys with humble beginning, no sign of affording 5-star hotel, and a guy with regular body.

Here is how to work your way to her heart!

1. Everyday Positive Energy Towards Life

You cannot approach a girl in the first place if you lack the energy and enthusiasm to speak with people. When you are dull and tired, fed up with life, you will always miss opportunities because you will never try. 

This is true about getting a job, going about your daily activities and it is true about attracting a beautiful girl. Wear positive energy as you walk to work, talk to people and when you sit by yourself. 

Instead of seeing the pessimistic side of life, be optimistic, say positive things about people and situations. 

This is what you should do to keep the everyday positive energy:

  • Schedule to go to bed early to have enough sleep
  • Exercise each morning when you are up to prevent fatigue  
  • Eat on time to gain energy 
  • Listen to motivational messages
  • Wear clean cloths
  • Inspire yourself each time you are down

2. Arrogance Repels a Girl Quickly Self-confidence Attracts

Learn to face your fear. Make yourself able and self-assured. Being confident doesn’t mean you should be pretentious, but become bold. 

Self-confidence means respecting others and speaking politely to colleagues and strangers. Being nice to the waiter at the restaurant, admitting your faults and standing up for yourself.  

Being arrogant may look charming through the window but it doesn’t make anyone wants to spend their live with you. 

3. Be Naturally Likable by People Around 

Interestingly, tall guys, rich people, and handsome men are captivating because they do think it is their birthright. They act so without noticing, all they need is putting their weight on their height or money.

Find something interesting about you that you can throw your weight on. This will give you the energy to become bold and socialize. Become amusing, make new friends, talk to people easily then people will find you interesting and likable. 

4. When You are Eloquent 

When you know what to say and when to say it, you don’t have to be tall or rich to turn on a beautiful woman. In fact, these folks get scared whenever you show up around their girls.

Girls are moved by words, in fact, everybody wants to make friends with intelligent people. People get standing ovation all the time over delivering great speech.

My friend, who happens to be six foot and tough muscle gentleman, said to me “if I like a girl, and she comes around, I don’t want you speaking with her. I feel insecure when you talk.” 

Well, I laughed and called him crazy.

5. When You are Funny 

I bet you also like jokes that is why you still watch Chale Chaplain in 2022. Create jokes with her. Make her laugh her heart out and she never forgets you.

This is not to say you should make jokes out of everything or treat everything lightly. 

6. Drive and Determination Towards Your Projects 

Women love guys who are eagerly pushing to reach higher goals in life. And if she finds out you got passion to succeed to switch your story around; no matter the condition she’s in with you.

You must be something. If you don’t have a job, start a small business in a corner, go back to college. Always keep that positive energy around you. 

7. Sensual and Sultry

Many at times, decent gentle guys don’t make it past friends zone. In our world today, you got to be hot in your talking and actions. Be laudable with your body, it will help turn her on so quickly. Get sexy, be proactive or lose her.

8. She Wants a Man Who can Protect Her

From the beginning of romance, mate selection has always been based on the man with the ability to protect his wife and children. 

The stories talk about knight in a shining amour, who comes to save the princess. Hollywood scenes talk about a man with a big chest who fights everyone else to save a beautiful girl.  

One reason you are struggling and biting fingers is because you think you are not masculine enough for the girl you are admiring. You might not possess the body of a super model but build your inward muscle.

Convince her with your inner man’s ability to fight on her behalf. Question people who try to suppress your right and she gets her sexy eyes fixed on you.

9. Showing Appreciation 

Celebrate her for her achievements. Scoring good marks in class assignment, making it for a job interview, earning a promotion at job, preparing food for you etc.

A girl likes the man who appreciates her for her efforts. 

10. Accepting Her Family and Friends

When you are willing to become friends with her friends, and make one with her family, she knows you are ready for her and you love her. 

11. A Man that Listens and Respects Her Opinion

In relationship, we all want to be heard. You must also learn to listen to your partner as well. Your girl wants you to hear her. 

Not just listening without paying close attention to what she says. She wants you to remember everything she is telling you. She wants to know you take what she says serious. 

Don’t condemn her opinion even if you disagree, rather suggest what you also think about the situation. 

12. Supporting Her in Her Career

Showing interest in her dream and offering your best support. It doesn’t have to be investing money, but your time is also important. 

Making job inquires for her, taking her to interview, assisting her in any small way you can. 


You cannot possess all the qualities in the world, and every woman is different. Just be the best of you, do what you can and do it well. 

Motivate yourself, socialize, go out there and make an effort to talk to a woman, don’t wait till you meet your dream girl to propose. You will never know!

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