Residence of Ho Bankoe Lament For Not Having Access to Public Toilet

Residence of Ho, Bankoe, are lamenting the closure of the public toilet, while the former assemblyman Hon. Tornyi-Idikoko Daniel has refused to render account to the Assembly.

Ho Bankoe public toilets closed

Bankoe serves as the bustling core of Ho, the capital city of the Volta Region. It attracts residents not only from nearby towns and villages but also from more distant areas within the region.

Moreover, Bankoe welcomes individuals from various parts of the country as well as neighboring nations such as Togo, Nigeria, and Benin.

Its vibrant atmosphere is characterized by a diverse array of businesses, ranging from small-scale traders to well-established enterprises.

Given the sizable population, access to public toilets should ideally not be a challenge for Bankoe residents.

Otherwise, there’s a risk of public outcry, and even more concerning, the practice of open defecation could become prevalent, leading to significant health issues.

Regrettably, this is precisely the issue facing residents of Ho, particularly those in Bankoe.

Residents of Ho, Bankoe, are lamenting about the closure of public toilets in Bankoe. Residence expressed challenges when they need to answer nature’s call.

Speaking with a cushion liner opposite the public toilet, he laments how people are struggling with the new development.

The situation is taking some of his working hours as he has to direct people to different places daily. He shared stories of old men and women who have to go long distances to defecate.

The public toilets in Ho, Bankoe have been closed for weeks now. Rumors suggest that the closure is due to the toilet being full, and there are allegations that the former assembly member requested the new assembly member to use his funds to address the issue.

Consequently, this request has led to the closure of the toilets.

In a conversation with the current assembly member of Bake-Gblefe, Hon Richard Ahiafor, he clarified that his dispute with the former assembly member is not personal.

Instead, it stems from the former assembly member’s reluctance to provide accounts of the facility and to empty the toilet tanks.

“Before the handing over of the toilet by Idikoko (former assembly member) at Assembly, I requested he empty the tanks. They didn’t do that, 3 days after handing it over, the toilet was full, said Richard Ahiafor.”

“I informed the Assembly about the tanks and collected the toilet to see the level. After one week, the tanks were full again.”

The newly elected assembly member expressed concern about the condition of the toilet facility before his tenure and the ongoing issues it faced.

Richard stated that both the Assembly and the Environmental Department had to resort to legal action against Idikoko for linking the toilet facility tank to the main gutter, which he subsequently removed.

“I was informed that the location of the toilet is waterlogged, which causes the soakaway to ooze water from within. This leads to the toilet getting full quickly. So I informed the Assembly and Environmental and we decided to close the toilet.”

Hon. Richard Ahiafor is urging for an audit to be conducted on the toilet facility since it is relatively new. However, he notes that there were incidents of broken taps, toilet seats, and significant damage before he assumed responsibility.

“At PWD down, the former assembly member owes the Ghana Water Company Limited over 30 thousand Ghana cedis and he has not emptied the tanks. Hence I expect the tanks to be full within these days. Because of this, we buy water.”

In the meantime, Hon. Richard Ahiafor will be holding a meeting with the current chief of Bake to discuss resolving the issues.

He mentioned plans to empty the tanks, apply waterproof cement to them, and renovate the facility as part of the way forward.

According to the assembly member’s account, the toilet will only be accessible to residents until he can empty and renovate the facilities.

Based on the assembly member’s statement, the new facility belongs to the Municipal Assembly, whereas the old toilet is owned by the Asorgli State. Consequently, the old facility falls outside of his jurisdiction

For the preexisting toilet that was hosting Bankoe residents before the new one, the reason for not functioning is yet to be known.

In the meanwhile, Torgbe Adu Bobi the Afetorfia of Asogli State, who was recently reinstalled, is putting measures in place to solve the issue that led to the closure of the toilet.

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