Selfless Acts of Kindness Examples

Selfless Acts of Kindness Examples

Life presents more trauma than happy moments. Each day is a challenge, how to get up from bed, lay your bed, tidy the compound, meeting a hash manager at work or unfriendly colleague. All of these makes you want to keep your life private.

When you finally decide having someone in your life, you don’t want another depressed person or you don’t want to make your partner’s life a living hell. Many relationships are experiencing difficulties today, and young couples want to call it a quit before the word go. Do you know sometimes your partner does not need the world but little things to be happy?

1. Just a smile. 2. Just a kiss. 3. Give up on the argument. 4. Accompany your partner. 5. Lift the load off your partner’s head. 6. Help sweep the compound. 7. Share books. 8. When his or her item falls, pick it up. 9. Fix your partner’s device. 10. Say something nice. 11. Forgive your partner. 12. Open and close the door.

  1. Just a Smile: A smile will not pay the bill but will brighten up somebody’s day. Not just your partner’s day but when you smile, you feel at peace with yourself as well.
  2. Just a Kiss: Early morning kiss won’t be bad. It makes your partner feel wanted and loved.
  3. Give up on the argument: Don’t try to be the winner in the argument. This is a selfless act no college or textbook will teach you.
  4. Accompany your partner: Take a walk with your partner to the provision shop next door. It doesn’t break a bone. Besides, walking is an exercise.
  5. Lift the load off your partner’s head: When partner is carrying an object on the head, help him or her lift it to the ground.
  6. Help sweep the compound: Don’t leave the task of cleaning the compound on any individual. I am not referring to division of labor or equality. Help clean the compound while your partner attend to the baby or takes care of breakfast.
  7. Share books: If you find a book interesting and informational, share it with your partner. Hand it over to your partner to also read.
  8. When his or her item falls, pick it up: If your partner mistakenly drops an item, pick it up for them. This is an act of kindness.
  9. Fix your partner’s device: Being it phone, computer, or any electronic gadget. Either send it to an expert or try to fix them yourself if you have a little expertise in the field.
  10. Say something nice: We can get so busy with the daily routine and lose focus of ourselves and partners. Once a while, learn to compliment him or her. Say something nice about the outfit, haircut, makeup, the food she prepared, even how she laid the bed.
  11. Forgive your partner: Many at times, inspirational teachers repeat that, forgiveness is for ourselves not the person been forgiven. Forgiving your partner does not only help strengthen your relationship but also lifts the weight off your chest.
  12. Open and close the door: Open the door for your partner to enter or exit the room. If they carry an object, you can hold the door for them.
  13. Buy food home: You can stop by a restaurant or bar to surprise your partner with a package from the restaurant.
  14. Zip their clothe or close the button: Help fix your partner’s buttons or zip up her dress.
  15. Bring your partner a cup of water or coffee: Help your partner with a cup of tea before work. Don’t wait for them to ask. When you are about to drink water, you can fetch your man a cup too.
  16. Pay attention: Learn to listen to be a good listener. Don’t interrupt your partner as they talk. Wait until they make their point.
  17. Say thank you: For every little thing your partner does, remember to say thank you.
  18. Laugh together: The best gift you can give someone is to laugh with them or make them laugh. There’s no price tag on it. It helps you release stress and feel happy as well.
  19. Write your partner a love letter: As old as it may sound, this high school trick is a pretty selfless act of kindness. Write your partner a love letter informing them about how you feel about him or her.
  20. Visit your in-laws: Visit your in-laws to say hello and spend some hours there.
  21. Speak with your partner on phone at work: Calling your partner to check on him or her can brighten up your partner’s day.
  22. A word of encouragement: Encourage your partner in whatever they do. If they are preparing for examination or job interview or trying to start a new business; you should encourage them.
  23. Walk your partner upstairs: Hold your partner’s hand and walk him or her upstairs.
  24. Say sorry: Show remorse. If your spouse is not pleased with something you said, be willing to give up the ego and apologize.



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