How to Send a New Text Message on Android Phone – Texting Your Boyfriend

Are you in a distance relationship or feeling lonely on the bed in the middle of the night or you are having a hangover from last night’s romance and want to send a cute text to your boyfriend but finding it hard to operate your new Android phone? This is a step-by-step guide with pictures to help you go in a minute.

Unlock your phone to access main menu. If you are new to Android phone, slide the screen up to gain access to main menu. Select Messages and press start chat, find contact, type text and press SMS arrow to send text message.

1. Select Messages from Main Menu

select messages from main menu

Select Messages from main menu: The icon differs on smartphones but always labelled “Messages” under it.

2. Create a New Message

create new message

Create a new message: After launching the app, on some devices, the new message button resembles a + sign. On others, you will see “Start chat” at the right bottom of the screen with paper icon on blue background.

3. Type Name, Phone Number or Email to Locate Contact

type the name of your boyfriend
  • Type your boyfriend’s name, phone number, or email in the “To” field
  • Your boyfriend’s number will pop up from the list as you begin to type
  • Select the name
  • You can also select it from the “TOP CONTACTS” if the application displays recently dialed numbers
  • If the number is not in the contacts list, type it into the “To” field using the A-Z keypad or toggle the keypad to access the number keypad for easy typing
toggle the keypad

Toggle keypad for easy typing of numbers.

4. Press Previous Message to Select Contact

open previous chat
  • If you have a previous conversation, it displays immediately after launching the application. Locate the previous chat to open it to select recipient.

5. Type Message in Text Field

after selecting name a blinking cursor displays

Write message: After choosing your boyfriend or husband’s number, a blinking cursor displays in the text field, ready for input.

6. Copy and Paste Message from Other Source

highlight the text to select in the browser

If you already have a message you like to send from another source,

  • Highlight the text
  • Press copy

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7. Press to Paste Message

select paste
  • Long press the message field
  • A paste command will be displayed
  • Choose paste
  • Select the service provider you are sending from if your phone supports 2 sim cards

8. Add Emojis to Spice up Message

Insert emojis
  • You can also add emojis to spice message up
  • Press the emoji symbol to access emojis

9. Press Arrow to Send Message

press sms button to send text
  • Press the arrow labelled (Short Message Service) SMS to send message

3 Alternatives to Launch Message App

Method 1 of 3

On the home screen of your mobile device, locate shortcut icon of “Messages” symbol

locate message icon on desktop

Follow the previous procedures systematically

Method 2 of 3

1. Locate “Contacts” icon from home screen or main menu

2. Scroll through the names in your contacts list

3. Press to select your sweetheart’s name

press to select the number

4. At the right side of the contact, press the message icon to launch the application

locate message icon at the right side

5. The contact of the recipient in this case is already selected by default

6. Follow step 5 in the previous topic to message your friend

Method 3 of 3

1. Locate “Phone” icon on home screen or main menu

2. From the list of “Incoming” and “Outgoing” calls, select your boyfriend’s name

messaging from incoming and outgoing calls panel

3. Choose send a message

4. Similar to method 2, the recipient’s contact is selected by default as the app opens

5. Follow the step 5 in typing message

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How to Send a New Text Message on Android Phone – Texting Your Boyfriend