How to Draw a 3D Heart in CorelDRAW in 1 Minute

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CorelDRAW is a software for editing vector graphic. A vector graphic is comprised of paths, instead of grid of pixels. This makes it easy for designers to use CorelDraw to create line arts, draw simple and complex diagrams. The versatile nature of CorelDraw and its simplicity will help you quickly create a design.

In this quick guide, you will learn how to draw a shiny heart using Ellipse, Polygon and Shape tools.


  • Program: CorelDRAW 2021 – X7
  • Estimated Completion Time: 4 Minutes

Who can learn this: Beginner & Advanced Designer – this tutorial is very basic and made easy so that anyone who can use computer software will get along.

Step 1: Required Tools

All versions of CorelDraw will work just fine. In this tutorial, we will be using X6 on Windows 10.

Step 2: Creating a Worksheet or Work Environment

Straight to the field.

  • Launch CorelDraw
  • Click New Document from Welcome Screen
create new document
  • From the Create New Document Window:
  1. Type a custom name at ‘Name’ field to replace Untitled-1
  2. Leave default document ‘Size’ as A4
  3. Change orientation to landscape
  4. Click ‘Ok’ to create new document

Step 3: Working with Ellipse Tool

Our working environment is now set for work.

Let’s draw the upper sides of the shiny heart.

  • With the ‘Ellipse Tool’ selected, click to create a circle (hold Ctrl on the keyboard to draw the shape proportionally)
draw a circle
  • Click on object and change outline to 4.0 pt
increase the outline to 4.0pt

Step 4: Working with Shape Tool

  • Right click on the circle to ‘Convert to Curves’. We convert to be able to use the ‘Shape Tool’
convert shape to curves
  • Now, shape the circle using the ‘Shape Tool’. This is the second tool after the ‘Select tool’, upper left corner (Shortcut: F10)
using the shape tool
  • Click on the node at the right (center)
  • Drag the node towards left side to shape the object
  • Select object and color it (Red)
  • Color the outline (dark red)
  • Copy and paste shape
  • Move the duplicate to left side (as in picture)
separate the objects
  • Flip the second object from left to right
flip the duplicate object
  • Select both objects and ‘Weld’ them
select both objects and weld
  • Pick the ‘Polygon Tool’
  • Decrease ‘Points or sides’ to 3
decrease to 3
  • Flip it from top to bottom
flip from top to bottom
  • Increase outline width to 4 pt
  • Add color (Red)
  • Border color (Dark Red)
  • Position triangle (as shown in picture)
place triangle on top of previous object
  • Select both objects and ‘Weld’
  • Select object and pick ‘Shape tool’
  • Double click on the ‘node’ (left) that joined the triangle and ellipse to delete it
delete nodes
after removing nodes

Step 5: Time to Use Fill Tool

  • Select the heart
  • Press F11 on the keyboard to access ‘Fountain Fill Tool’
fountain fill tool usage
  • Select radial
  • Add color slider in the middle and adjust the sliders to achieve same result above
  • Click Ok

Step 6: Drawing Background

  • Click the ‘Rectangle tool’ and draw a rectangle to fill work area (F6) or double click on rectangle
working with rectangle tool
  • Select rectangle and choose the ‘Interactive Fill tool’
  • Drag it from left to right
  • Click on the square shape of the Interactive Fill tool on the left and add color of choice (default colors: black & white)
  • Adjust the slider to replicate color mixture of the picture that follows this point
using the interactive tool

Step 7: Adding Text

  • Pick ‘Text tool’
  • Click on background you just designed and type a unique text that will move the heart of your loved one
  • Highlight and choose desired font (in this case ‘Blacksword’)
  • Give it color red
adding text

Final Stage

Now you are done with your design. All you need to do is export, share on social media or print it, package nicely, add to a love letter and send to a loved one.

Exporting Design in CorelDRAW

  • Click on ‘File menu’
  • Select Export
select export from file menu
  • Give the file a name in ‘File name’ field
type file name
  • Drop down ‘Save as type’ panel and choose JPG
choose file type
  • Click ‘Export’ to export the JPG file
export file
  • Connect smartphone
  • Locate image and copy it to phone

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