14 Things a Girl Will do for the Guy She Really Loves

Often times, guys misinterpret signs from girls and end up getting hurt after finding out these signs did not mean what they took them for.

Understanding the signs that really means she loves you is very important, that you don’t crush your heart. In this article, I will discuss 14 signs that will help you identify her true affection for you.

Just to let you know, these 14 points are by no means a limit to the signs you should expect.

That is why in my blog post, I listed 101 things a woman will do if she really loves you. I spent time explaining each point.

1. She Asks You to Trim Her Nails

This may not be a point you are expecting, but you should watch out for it. There’s no way she will want to be intimate with you if there’s no emotional connection.

The reason she wants you to cut her nail is to spend time with you and also have physical contact. To take this further, after trimming her nails; ask her to do same for you.

There’ll be a whole lot happening this moment. You’ll both lock eyes, touch each other, smile, have enough time to communicate.

This does not only create romantic moment but bonding. I guess if a woman is not into you, she won’t make this happen.

2. She Washes Your Clothes

You know what time it is? A time where equality is eating deep. A time we share house chores like cake.

Am not of the view that if your woman doesn’t wash your cloth, she is not in love with you. Yet doing so can mean a lot.

While this shows intimacy, it also tells you the type of person you are marrying if you are not already married.

Again, as your relationship gets serious, asking your partner who will be responsible for laundry and other related questions is important.

Check my articles on questions to ask your partner before marriage and financial questions to ask your partner before you do.

3. She Finds Out Who Calls You

I bet, if she doesn’t have your time, she wouldn’t care who in the world you were talking to. You call it jealousy. Too much of it will be unhealthy but you do need it in your relationship.

Try me, if your woman stops showing those little signs of jealousy, you will cut yourself inside, wondering if she’s seeing other man.

4. She Calls or Texts Regularly

Now, I know you receive that special attention until it doesn’t seem special anymore.

But cast your mind back when you started and you were the one calling each day. Reading books and blog post and watching YouTube videos on how to make her call or text you.

Before she’ll call 10 times in 30 minutes to see how you are doing, you were feeling frustrated about how she was not in love with you because she barely replied your text or care less to call.

Whichever way you get this going today, understand she is really in love with you. That is why she keeps calling and texting and also spends time on the phone.

5. Calling Your Relatives in-laws

Does she call your parents or siblings in-laws whenever she asks of them? It’s a good sign she wants more than friendship.

She is looking for marriage, a lasting relationship.

6. Making Friends with Your Immediate Family

Becoming friends with your immediate family is a sign she is really in love with you. This is the reason she’ll call them in-laws. She wants to be part of the family not just friends.

7. She Looks at You When She Talks

One missing key in a distance relationship is eye contact. It is lovely, romantic and it binds you. Before you start pushing in for marriage, look at how she looks at you.

Does she give you any attention at all? This is not only about listening or spending time with you. It is about how she looks at you.

You will notice if she is shy. I’m not talking about that either. If she doesn’t spend some amount of time noticing you, she’s probably not into you.

8. She Lets You in On Her Little Secrets and Daily Activities

Secrets, no matter how small they are, can crush a relationship. If she trusts you enough to share her secrets, she means to stay.

And if she cares enough and respects you to update you on her day to day events, she loves you. She wants you to be in her life.

9. She Wants to Cook for You

There’s a saying, “the way to a man’s heart is the stomach.” If she wants to find the way to your heart, she will cook for you.

This is romantic, but it shows care and concern. You know she is thinking of your wellbeing when she starts cooking for you.

10. She Believes in You

You don’t want to establish any form of relationship with a person who does not believe in you. Being it business or romantic relationship.

It is important who you’ll perhaps spend the rest of your life with believes in you.

11. Respects Your Physical and Emotional Boundaries

You need your physical and emotional space in order to develop and stay active. You don’t want to factor this into the signs of love, but for that love to grow, you need a woman who is willing to respect your bounds.

12. She Doesn’t Compare You to Others

14 Things a Girl Will do for the Guy She Really Loves

When she loves you, she won’t go about comparing you to her ex, uncle, dad, or whoever. She will take you for who you are and help you realize your dream.

13. If She Plays Hard to Get and You Walk Away, She Draws Closer

If you are reaching for her and she keeps pushing you away, give her some space. If she is into you, she’ll draw closer.

14. She Tells Your Relatives to Take Care of You

Have you invited a girl home and she told your sister or brother to take good care of you for her? You are in a safe hand. She really loves you. Your safety, your wellbeing, your security is her concern.

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