How to Know if a Girl Loves You in a Relationship

Why Does She Kiss Me but Holds Off Sex

If you are worried and wants to know if she still loves you, here are 10 signs to know if a girl loves you.

Keep an eye on these 10 signs to know the state of your relationship.

1. She Returns Your Calls

Girls aren’t too good at calling. Should you find one that calls or returns call, then you still in the game.

2. She Sends You Text Message

Is she messaging and asking how your night was? Personally, I enjoy it whenever a female friend asks me about my last night.

When she really loves you, she wants to know how your night was. Did you dream about her or you were thinking of her all night .

3. Rebukes You When You Fail to Call

She will be upset if you failed calling her to ask of how she was doing. Whether it’s only a day or a week, she will rebuke you for not calling.

4. Want to See You

Do you hear her say she wants to see you? I want to come over to discuss something with you. She comes and an hour passed but you can’t really tell what she came to discuss.

All she needs is your presence. She can’t do without you.

5. Laying Head on Lap

Relationship without communication is a circuit breaker. So is the one which lacks touch. What online or distance dating lacks is touch.

When a woman finds your body comfortable to lay her head on your thigh or touch you, then she finds you attractive.

6. Social Media Openness

Today, much is happening online. People displays their affection for others on social media. An example is uploading your image on WhatsApp Status or using it as display picture.

7. Spending Time with You

Is she raising new topics whenever you want to hang-up or trying to go home? When a lady wants more of you, she establishes long conversation.

8. She Cooks for You

Do you still get those surprise recipes at work or home? When she is concern about what you will eat, you are in her heart.

9. She Discuses Future Plans

Talking to you about work. Asking for your thoughts on her long term or short-term plans. This process closes the gap.

10. She Gets Jealous

Whenever a woman is offended for you spending time with other females, they hold you in high esteem.


  • Stop gambling sustainability of dating on sex
  • Do not quit a relationship for lack of sex: remember this is not marriage
  • Be ready to take responsibility
  • Wear condom or take contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancy
  • Seek her concern, do not be pushy
  • Singleness is not a crime
  • Plan your future
  • Date a girl that understand your dream
  • Romance can create intimacy

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